Alice Type
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Latent Type- Most students at the school are in this class. Alices here are the most traditional, or better known as super powers. It's the most normal class and students here are of the serious type. An example would be the Illusion Alice.

Technical Type- Just like its name, any experiment can create an Alice level. The Alices in this type are based on technology and research fields. Most students are involved in their individual works, so it's the quietest class. An example would be the Chemistry Alice.

Somatic Type- This type is not filled with inventions or practice unlike other classes. The Somatic Alices are based on the body of humans, animals, and other living things. An example would be the Animal Pheromone Alice.

Special Ability- Basically, this class is for students with Alices that don't exactly fit in any of the other three classes. Their powers are different and the class is mixed. The specialty of the class can be described as chaotic or peculiar. Some of the rarest Alices belong to this class. Some examples include the Doppelganger Alice, Shadow Manipulation Alice, and Nullification Alice.

Dangerous Ability- This is considered to be an extra type. The Alices in this category may be classified under one of the above types, but some characteristics make them dangerous to the school. This class is very different from all the others and could also be described as an occult.

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