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If You All Dont Know Each Other,
Introduce You Self Here!





About Your Self:

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Name: Luna025/Julia
Age: 14

Likes: Pokemon, Zelda, Linkn Park, Paramore, and a bunch More.

Dislikes: People That Act Like Gods, Just Plan People. My Brother. =_=

About Your Self: Iam Julia. A 14 Year-Old, that Lives in Minnesota. One thing I mostly Never Tell Other is that,
I'am Deaf In My Left Ear. I was born with it. So What ever.
=_= If Any Of You Hurt My Friends Your Going Down.
Other than that, I love making Friends. ^_^ another thing is i love to Rp. Dark is the one i normaly go Rping with. If you dont know what rping is, go ask some one. XD

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Name: Brian

Age: 21 sense Feb

Likes: Music, outdoors, chicks and playing guitar

Dislikes: Drama

About Me: White male, decent looking, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Enjoy friends and, computers, audio equipment and playing guitar.

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27 / F / mexico
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Likes:chocolate, anime, books,videogames,manga,music,writting,sports.

Dislikes:people who are self-centred,

About Your Self:im kind of white, brown hair, tall, brown eyes, mmm sometimes im kind of tomboyish but in true im kind of sweet

Profill Pic:(sorry its big )
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Name:Giovanni or gio


Likes: ummm alot

Dislikes:ummm alot

About Your Self:ask

Profill Pic:unknow

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Name: Loki

Age: I won't say

Likes: Anime, Manga, Reading, and ect.

Dislikes: A lot of things

About Your Self: I'm BIG Otaku

Profill Pic: don't copy please
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F / Wouldn'tUlike2kno...
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Name: MoonStar18 or Tin

Age: Secret.. sorry!

Likes: Anime, manga, books, computers, animals, running, music, and water.

Dislikes: Drama, rude people, and pain.

About Your Self: I'm someone who would rather listen than talk.. but I do tend to talk to myself a lot. I joined this site in '07, but didn't become active until '09. I have a puppy and two cats.

Profill Pic: Eh, it changes.
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Age:i dont tell

Likes:manga,anime,naruto,bleach,music,tv,cp,alot more things

Dislikes:very long list +it doesnt matter really does it?

About Your Self:im smart but i act dumb silent and very imagenative in track and crosscountry i have one dog lazy sometimes i watch alot of fan made anime but NO YAOI OR YURI

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27 / F / USA
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Name: Haru-no-Ichigo But my friends call me Haru!

Age: 18

Likes: Anime, Manga, Music, Books, The Internet, FanFic, and many many other things.

Dislikes: That could take a while so lets just go with alot!

About Your Self: Im smart but act really childish sometimes and i have an over-active imagenation! I have a very dirty mind hope you dont mind. Love theatre and acting on stage. Was student trainer for the football team. In the last year of high school and loving it! Red hair and blue eyes and very tomboyish.

Profile Pic.: um well it's never the same so...
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24 / F / Florida
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Name: Ebony, Berri, or Gaara :)

Age: 16

Likes: Awesome people, friends, family, pokemon, anime, manga, games, writing stories, reading stories and music. Etc.

Dislikes: Bastards, snakes, tornadoes, and more

About Your Self: I'm a 16 year old girl living in Florida. I can get along with anyone if they can get along with me. I love music and my friends and family. I also enjoy writing stories.

Profile Pic:
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Age: 13

Likes: ZaneKrenshaw (my cr husband), my friends, colours, anime and CR

Dislikes: People who don't give others a chance, somtimes life its self, and PEOPLE WHO HURT OTHERS.

AboutME!!!: I come from the UK and i am a orphan along with my 2 sisters Kisa (my twin) and Ryu (oldest sister). Well i change all the time so talking about me is hard because it changes.. Most the time i'm on CL if u want 2 talk 2 me!!!

MY PROFILE PIC: [the pic changes dependong my mood so take a look now and again]
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25 / F / TankRank, on Eart...
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Name: ti-chan

Age: 17 years old

Likes: Anime! Naruto(Shippuden)! Japan! Game! Manga! INDONESIA!!!!

Dislikes: Something that not properly.. somehow it's disturbing!

About Your Self: Tehehe Childish and love to spacing out butI I'm not lazy

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22 / F / Los Angeles
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Name: Kitten


Likes: anime, manga books, peace, hanging with friends, music, and the rest of that good stuff

Dislikes: a few too many things. mostly old people

About Your Self: i am filled with spirit and loves meeting new people. and im usually kind but get me angry and you might just have a problem.

Profile Pic:

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F / i live at ??? in...
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Likes: Pokemon, Zelda,cats and more
dislikes:bullys, ppl that are mean to my friends,haters
About Your Self:is full of beans,loves to play with friends
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Name: Tyler

Age: 14

Likes: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, anime, manga, Super Smash Bros Brawl, music, ramen.

Dislikes: Dramas =P

About Your Self: I'm asian xD I live in virginia and i'm usually nice to everyone

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