Your biggest achivment, brag about what you have?
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Posted 5/3/10 , edited 5/4/10
So little threads here! Surely there must be more than only a few playing wow! :)

I myself play on European wow (do have a US account but not playing it).

My biggest achivment done in world of warcraft would be to open the Ahn'Qiraji gates in classic wow and obtaining the legendary weapon Thunderfury :)

Here's a video too of me opening the gates on my server;

Made by a nice guildy back in the days.

Also to brag i managed to obtain the Ashes of Al'ar on my toon ! \o/
Brag movie;

Im still playing and obtaining new stuff each month \o/
103 mounts i have
89 vanity pets

Now im going to work on getting "insane in the membrane" Feat of Strength achivment :)

And here's my armory link;

for those interested =)
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