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If you have no idea how to make your character, I have pre-made characters here. You can get some ideas off them, or just take the whole character.

Name: Theodor Dust
Based on: White Rabbit
Age: 20
Appearance: He has really blond, almost white messy hair and bright blue eyes. His skin is whiter as normally and people ought to think of it as a bit scary, but he can't do anything about it since his skin won't even tan in the sun. He's a bit shorter as average height. He always carries an old fashioned watch.
Personality: Theodor is always late and in a hurry. He becomes nervous pretty fast. He often gets confused but he still is pretty confident. He is pretty clumsy. He also likes helping people.
Background: Theodor was working for a rich family, but finally got fired because he was always late at work and always dropped things if he tripped over his own feet again. He wandered around and ended up in Wonderland.

Name: Ethel and Emma
Based on: Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Age: 14
Appearance: Etthel has a short pigtail on the left that reaches her elbow. The hair in back of her flows down to her shoulders. Emma has the same but with the pigtail on the right. The pigtails are held to the side by red bows. Both wear dresses reaching a little further than their waist. Ethel has a moon and stars on her dress whereas Emma has a sun and clouds on hers.
Personality: Ethel and Emma are both usually sad and sensitive. The only times they are happy is when they are allowed to see Alice for almost 5 minutes a week. They are constantly working for Heart Lewis which makes them even more sad.
Background: Both twins were brought into Wonderland by someone and forced to be slaves. They spend their days helping Heart Lewis with her duties and getting her whatever she wants.

Name: Blair Dame
Based on: White Queen
Age: 18
Appearance: She has long platinum blonde hair. She has fair skin, and icy blue eyes. Most people say she resembles a porcelain doll. She often wears revealing Victorian cabaret clothes
Personality: She's absent minded, lazy, and bossy. Once you get to know her she's actually pretty pleasant, she just acts bossy so no one makes her do any work. She often flirts with all the males in the estate, no matter their age.
Background: One day she just breezed into the Estate with luggage and ended up staying.

Name: Theodosia (also called Theo)
Based on: The caterpillar
Age: 20
Appearance: Long blue hair, a small pipe, and wears a simple white dress with no shoes.
Personality: She is mysterious, but very kind. She can get really grumpy when she can't find her pipe.
Background: She was born into a poor family and was outcasted by her mysterious blue hair and was called a witch. Now she lives on the outskirts of the town in the forest. She is very smart for her age and can somehow predict the future.

Name: Heart Lewis
Based on: Queen of Hearts
Age: 23
Appearance: She has bright red hair and cold blue eyes. He hair is extremely curly and falls down her shoulders. She always wears dresses with red hearts on it and much things that aren't needed on a dress. She has a pretty white skin.
Personality: She is easy to be pleased, and she wants all of her commands was easily made. She really loves red, and hates white. She is very moody, she sometimes want to see her sister(Blair Dame), or even not. Childish, but serious, smart, but easy to be tricked.
Background: Like Alice, she was a normal outsider that has been invited by one of the Wonderland's people. She replaces the previous red queen because of her beauty.

Name: Francois D'Ormouse
Based on: The dormouse
Age: 24
Appearance: Young handsome face, short brown hair, green eyes
Personality: Francois is polite and gentlemanly, though he has a tendency to tell boring stories. Hewill fall down asleep at random times. He is often picked on Mr. Hatta and his companions but remains a loyal friend. Very popular amongst the maids at Wonderland for being handsome, French, and a huge push over.
Background: Francois comes from the north of France and moved to England when he was 21 to get married. The young woman died 2 months before their wedding of a mysterious fever. He now stays in Wonderland as he considers Hatta a friend even if Mr. Hatta occasionally will try to stuff his head into a tea pot.

Name: Bill
Based on: Bill the lizard
Age: 17
Appearance: He has dark brown hair which look green-ish when the sun shines upon it. He has deep green eyes and a tanned skin. He is a bit taller as normal and loves wearing tuxedo's.
Personality: He loves judging people by their appearance. He thinks very highly of himself and often is seen flirting with the maids, although they just ignore him.
Background: No one knows where Bill came from, but they assume he has been in Wonderland Estate for a real long time.

Name: Duchi Shirewood
Based on: The Duchess
Age: 43
Appearance: She has light grey hair tied together in a small knot. She has teal eyes and wears glasses. Her face is still pretty smooth, with only few wrinkles.
Personality: (Can't think of any for her....)
Background: She came into Wonderland Estate as a young woman and got almost married to a man who lived there, but he left her for someone else. Duchi did get a child, Chende, but barely talks to him. She doesn't see him as her son at all.

Name: Stanley Lewis
Based on: King of Hearts
Age: 26
Appearance: Short dark red wavy hair and sparkling blue eyes. He has a pretty white skin.
Personality: He obeys people pretty fastly, especially Heart. He doesn't really have a free will and barely speaks up for himself. But he is very kind to everyone.
Background: He has lived in Wonderland Estate for as long as he can remember. He has fallen madly in love with Heart, although she only thinks of him as a toy.

Name: Finch
Based on: White King
Age: 20
Appearance: He has ash blonde hair up to his shoulder. He has grass green eyes and a normal coloured skin. He is a bit smaller as average height.
Personality: Hates obeying people and speaks up for himself whenever it's needed. He's not scared of saying his opinion and that's why he sometimes really hurts someone's feelings.
Background: He has lived in Wonderland Estate for as long as he can remember. He has fallen madly in love with Blair, but she thinks he's better suited for someone else.

Name: Fiddle Fossilheart
Based on: Mock Turtle
Age: 21
Appearance: -right now too lazy, but it's only an example...-
Personality: Is very sad most of the time. He sobs and complains about alot of things.
Background:---Check appearance ----
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