The next generation of the Hidden Leaf
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Posted 5/7/10 , edited 5/7/10
I have watch Naruto , Naruto Shippuden and read the manga. There are a lot of skilled Ninja and some even can come up with good strategies. However, the next generation does not seem as skilled or has as much promise as the 1st-5th Hokages or their pupils after them. I understand many have experience in real war do you think that is what is lacking in the next generatio?. Naruto and the next generation I notice are fighting off the grudges of war that happened years before they were born or thought of becoming serious Ninja. Don't ger me wrong I love the Naruto Shippuden serious however very few stick out constantly. Naruto has the will but still lacks maturity. Neji has the strategy, control, and some power but does not seem to be able to battle as many foes or protect against really strong ninja that often. Would they really survive if they faced another foe like PAIN in another passage of 3 years?
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