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Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/8/10
Ryoushi set up a hideout that was hidden from any peering eyes. It had an elaborate system to defend it. With machine gun turrets, cameras, laser trip wires, and a whole lot of pit falls. Even with all of that Ryoushi felt the need to cloak it. Nobody should be able to find a way in even if they were close enough to see it.
Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/5/10

ShadowKurama wrote:

Isaak: *in the suite where he is currently staying, he goes to the desk by the window and looks at the city lights below, grins knowingly and sits on the chair, opens this laptop and types. moments later, he watches again the scene wherein the Spectre was hovering above the Empress' castle* hmmm... impressive... very impressive. i wonder if he would be interested in joining the Orden...

rp mode off: i used this forum so that there would be a thread on it ^_^
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