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F / My Gallery
Posted 5/9/10 , edited 5/9/10
Hello you can write here all about you :3
I will beginn

Name: Lin
CR Name: Bluepurplesky
D.o.B: 13th October
Nationality: Filipino
Hobbies: Web Design, Drawing, Singing
Likes/loves: My BF, fruits, Anime manga
Dislikes/Hates: liar, copy cats...

Now its your turn :3
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/11/10
Name: Yuuki
CR Name: AngelKitty365
D.o.B: 29th of March
Nationality: Vietnamese (also korean and japanese)
Hobbies: Web Design, Drawing, skateboarding, guitar, drums
Likes/loves: STRAWBERRIES<3, best friends, CR, good-tasting foods, skateboards, ect.
Dislikes/Hates: liar, gay pplz, girly pplz, idiots, ect.
click here for more information about me.
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F / with carmen sandiego
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/11/10
Name: Kelly
CR Name: hop_step_jump_shugoshugo
D.o.B: 7/8/99
Nationality: American (Ah-meh-ree-kah-jeen-des-kah lol)
Hobbies: drawing, singing, gfx making, eating{im not fat}
Likes/loves: bffls, cr, POCKY, doodling in math =3=
Dislikes/Hates: perverted people, bakas, stealers, lier, thing of that sort
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21 / F
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/12/10
Name: Mizuki
CR Name: Mermaid-Rina
D.o.B: September 15th
Nationality: vietnamese
Hobbies: Surfing teh web, skateboarding, sing/dance and more
Likes/loves: SHINee's Key, strawberry pocky, music etc.
Dislikes/Hates: Disgusting food, backstabbers etc.
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Between reality a...
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/12/10
Name: Juppie (this is just a nickname)
CR Name: InnocentJuppie
D.O.B.: August 5th
Nationality: Chinese American
Hobbies: Taking photos, reading, drawing, playing the piano, being outdoors, people watching
Likes/loves: Food, stuffed animals, the sky, the ocean, anything shiny, flowers, interior design
Dislikes/hates: Bad smells, being sick, people who always have a bad attitude, people who judge others without really getting to know them
.::Artist Mod::.
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Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/17/10

Name: Angie / Yui
CR Name: AngelGoddess1997
D.o.B: July 9th
Nationality: Asian Canadian
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, photography, music, soccer, gymnastics, dance...
Likes/loves: Stuffed animawwws, drawing, nerds (<3), my tablet, soccer, sports, dance, sports, drawing, sports, flowers, butterflies, animals, graphic designing..
Dislikes/Hates: Betches, clowns, copy-cats not that many things..
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F / wonderland XD
Posted 5/24/10 , edited 5/24/10
CR NAME:yuko911
D.O.B:january 26th
LIKES/LOVES:nice people's,anime/manga
DISLIKES/HATES:copy cats,oversmart people,people who brag about them selfs
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21 / F / In the anime worl...
Posted 6/23/10 , edited 6/24/10
Name: APL
CR Name:Awesomenesses
D.o.B: 1998 15 July
Nationality: Hmong
Hobbies: Conversations with my mind
Likes/loves: Awesome things
Dislikes/Hates: Unawesome things
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