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Which Manga Couple That You Won't Accept Forever??

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24 / F / Wisconsin
Posted 6/7/10 , edited 6/7/10
Light x Misa

Misa is just annoying and no one likes her. (Debatable, I know)

And Light is a demonic killing machine.

...I don't feel it. Then again, I don't think you're supposed to.. >___>
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24 / F
Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/12/10
kaname and yuuki
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25 / F / at my place..
Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/12/10
hmmm....... i don't like zero to be with yuki...........hehe......i don't like kaname so i guess its better for them to be
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25 / F / world behind my wall
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
Kaname and Yuuki..

i prefer Yuuki with Zero.. heheh...><
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24 / F / behind you. don't...
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
Utau x Ikuto from Shugo Chara. I know she gives up and all, but it's like..... creepy.

Again, Kaname and Yuuki. Zero's the one that's always been there for her.

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22 / F / YA MUM! nah jokes...
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
OMG I know like millions of people will hate me for this but this is the first one I throught of




Kill me now

I pefer her with Yuki, cos I guess HE'S COOL LIKE THAT!

and I could rant on and on about ya know OroSasu and SasuSaku and GAASAKU ew and GaiSaku BLAH!
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28 / F / USA
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
i DEFINITELY hate ichigo x orihime pairing...
orihime is so annoying like hell..
ichigo is better off with RUKIA!!!!
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Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10

hanna17 wrote:

ichigo x orihime
kallen/shirley x lelouch [he's supposed to be with CC in my opinion...]

THIS!! there are others I hate just as much but meh...

Edit: Sasuke and Sakura should BOTH die. That is all.
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25 / F
Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/16/10
Ichigo x Orihime
Conan x Ai
Harima x Tenma
Len x Kaho [it's becoming canon...]
Junpei x Tsukasa [fortunately the only canon pairing of the list] (Junpei deserves to be alone !!!)
Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/16/10
I lyk him with Rukia better
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32 / F / USA
Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/30/10
Er...sometimes, I would dislike a pairing for the essence of the interaction between the two characters, though sometimes I dislike it just because it doesn't work for long in my perspective.

Nurarihyon no Mago: Rikuo/Kana--the girl may like him, and there is a bit of puppy love he has for her. However, the two of them tend not to understand each other as well, especially in the changing years when Rikuo embraces his youkai side. I can go on and on about how this pairing won't work, even though I actually find Kana alright in her potential.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Tsuna/Kyoko--Tsuna idolizes her to the skies, and this makes the pairing completely ruined for me due to the fact that Tsuna doesn't realize how Kyoko is just as human as everyone else. The girl isn't perfect, even if he wants her to be, and it will show with time when he finds out how Kyoko can have a dark side to her personality and make mistakes as well. (Don't get me wrong, though...I like both characters, but I hate this pairing to all hell).

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Mukuro/Haru--unless this pairing is written as dark and tragic and utterly horrible, I will not like it. I hate pairings that are written as perfect and fluffy when they aren't, especially ones like this type. What's more, Haru is the kind of girl who will not want to be in a pairing with Mukuro, because she is not that stupid or crazy.

Naruto: Sasuke/Sakura--I admit, I hate Sasuke to all hell, and I find Sakura annoying even in her post-timeskip self (acting cool as though she thinks impressing others is key to everything is not going to get the desired effect). However, even if I had liked these two, I know that it is a big trainwreck like Tsuna/Kyoko...and will end absolutely tragically unless Sakura finally destroys her unreasonable and fanatical idolization of Sasuke once and for all and sees him as a human.

So far, those are on my list, but that's only what I can recall off the top of my mind.
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Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/7/11
I will forever HATE:

EichixMitsuki. I'm a Takuto fanatic. Nuff said. XD Actually there are SO many reasons why I hate this couple, regardless of who else Mitsuki should be with. >_>

MerokoxTakuto In just the manga, really....for being a selfish bitch.

ChikanexHimeko. IT'S RAPE.

KanamexYuuki. GAG ME. I'm glad so many people here hate it too. XD

IchigoxOrihime I just hate it. >_>

RenjixRukia I don't like Renji....e_o

IchigoxMasaya Bleeeeeh. BORRRRING. XD

TadasexAmu Shallow couple is SHALLOW. XD

KallenxLelouch Hate....>____> Don't have a good reason....just hate.

UtauxKuukai. RANDOM. REALLY RANDOM. O______________o; And he's not good enough for her.....>_>

AkiraxYukina From Watashi Ni XX Shinsai! Ewww YUCK. Thank God, she's not interested in him whatsoever. XD

Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/7/11

usherpa1 wrote:

Kaname and Yuki
Am not trying to be a hater but Yuki and Kaname are brother and sister because of there love for each other they eventually became a couple but i wanted her to ended up with Zero.

They're not blood brother and sister (they were only raised as siblings). The manga recently revealed Kaname's true identity. But even if they were, they're vampires, not humans and therefore incest does not really matter.

I have so many couples I will never accept and that I hate. Most of this has to do with one of the people being horrible and not deserving of love. Sorry, but I hate when girls pick the bad boy. These are spoilers, so you probably should not read my comments unless you have read these series

Shigure and Akito from Fruits Basket. This is just so WRONG. That evil disgusting bitch gets Shigure? No way in hell! She should have died

Tohru and Kyo from Fruits Basket. Yes yes, the fangirls are going to flame me but I hate this couple because I hate Kyo. He sort of caused her mother's death and yet she still loves him? She only chose him because he needed her the most. Pathetic. Tohru should have ended up with Yuki or Momiji.

Yuki and Machi from Fruits Basket. This dull, depressive girl gets Yuki? NO. If he couldn't be with Tohru, he should have been with Hanajima who was a very cool girl.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa from Boys over Flowers. Lets see... he's obsessive, selfish/spoiled, controlling, and has a bad temper. Why not Rui, why??

Hatsumi and Ryoki from Hot Gimmick. See my comments above, but add sexual harrasser and attempted rapist to the list. Poor Shinogu, it was heart breaking.

Mikan and Natsume from Gakuen Alice. Yet another lovely example of girls falling for jerks. Natsume only took her underwear off the first time he ever met her, not to mention lifting up her shirt and commenting on how flat she was. He's a real charmer isn't he? I don't feel sorry for that mean little perv in the least. I will forever pair Ruka and Mikan together.

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26 / F / UK
Posted 1/7/11 , edited 1/7/11
Nana & Takumi

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Posted 1/7/11 , edited 1/7/11
Kaname x Yuuki - Vampire Knight

Manaka x Nishino - Ichigo 100% - I'll remember that one forever. Only time I read 140+ chapters of a manga and felt like I wasted my time.
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