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"Good night, Yujin."
"Night, Onee - chan."
After an exhausting day, I can finally get some deep sleep. I'm Okazaki Tama by the way. I live only with my younger brother, Yuji (nicknamed Yujin by me) while my parents are off in a business trip. While they're not around, me & Yuji are always in charge. They act like they never care how much we want them to spend time with us, their very own children. But I guess, it will take a long time for them to realize it. Sometimes we like to go to our grandparents' house, where our family dojo & shrine located.
We enjoyed our visit because we can't have enough fun with them also with our twin cousins, Shiro nii - kun & Kuro nii - kun. As you can see, we're closer to our grandparents than our own parents with an obvious reason. Besides I need to train my swordship with my grandfather because I'm the clan's 100th heir of the clan; a position which should be owned by my dad but he refused. Yeah, my family was a samurai clan in the past so the tradition still goes on until today. And another thing why I always visit my grandparents. I have a great force in my body known as spiritual energy as my grandmother said. I have to learn to control it or it will be unstable & endangers my life. Well it's enough of my introduction, I'll close my eyes till' morning comes...
"Otou - san... Okaa - san... Um?" I wake up as the sunray casts on me. Wait, sunray?! I'm late! Let me tell you why, I always get up at 5.30 & it's still dark! Does my alarm break?! "Darn, I'm so late! This is not happening! Yujin will be late as well! Eh?" I'm surprised that my pajamas turn into a white yukata. When did I change anyway? And how the hell my room turns into a tatami room?! Could it be I sleepwalked to Ojii - sama's house? No way, it's too ridiculous. Then what is this place? In the middle of confusion, someone steps in front of the room.
"Hey, are you awake?" it's a man's voice, I can tell. A second later, the sliding door is open. I'm surprisement, I widened my eyes.
Date Masamune?? Wait, am I dreaming?
"Oy, don't tell me that you're mute."
"I can't say anything because this all doesn't seem real to me." Let me introduce you this guy, Date Masamune is a once noble samurai from a clan named Date clan in Japan. According to the history, he lost one of his eye because of small pox & gouge it out because an elder said it's a weak spot. Don't know for sure is it him or his loyal retainer Kojuuro who did it. That made him earned the nickname "Dokuganryuu" or "One Eyed Dragon". And about the once noble samurai thing it means HE LIVED ABOUT 1.000 YEARS AGO, PEOPLE!!
Meanwhile the man looks at me curiously & seems in the middle of confusion as well, "Doesn't seem real? Tell me now, am I look unreal to you?"
"Let get this straight, in my time you're supposed to be dead about 1.000 years ago & if I see you now that means I'm dreaming or in some illusion. Good night." I'm just about to lay down again when he grabbed my arm.
"What do you mean by 1.000 years ago?"
I look at him with an awkward expression, his grab feels real. What the heck is going on around here? I dare myself to ask, "What is the date today?"
"25 January 1568." he replied. It's quite shocking.
"1... 5... 6... 8...?!" how could it be?! Don't tell me I'm accidentally teleported or time - slipped into 1.000 years ago. Or maybe it's just a dream? Oh, shut up my logical mind! There's no way this is a dream! Then I look at Masamune, who's still having my arm on his grip. I have to explain everything to him, "I'm from the year of 2010 so I thought this is all a dream. I'm sorry I've spoken in rude words to you, Masamune - sama." I bowed, as a tradition of polite manner.
Unbelievable, Masamune - sama chuckles as he releases my arm, "Alright, that's okay kid. I just mentioned something odd." That's releaving to hear it. "Since you have known my name, what's yours?"
"Okazaki Tama, 13 years old. Born in 1997, 411 years later. I live in Shibuya district of Shibuya ward in Tokyo city." well there's no problem if you add some details, right?
He smirks then says, "Seems you really are from the future. By the way your clothes are on the corner as well as your sword. It's very muddy when you wear it so I commanded my maids to clean it so it's all clean now." Clothes, he means my pajamas? And what does he mean about my sword. Well, I do have a sword but I didn't bring it when I was asleep.
"Thanks a lot, Masamune - sama." After that he leaves. I quickly walk towards my pajamas... Pajamas? It's not my pajamas, but my school uniform's t - shirt, my black sweater, & my jeans!! When did I change into this anyway?! Well, never mind at least I got clothes than stuck in this girly yukata. I put them on immediately then sit in the room for a moment. I need to get this all straight. I just need answers on these 2 questions; when did I get teleported & how do I get back. Aw man, these are all too confusing! I decide to walk out from the room, I grab my sword & stand up with a hope I'll find the answers. Once I appear from inside the room, some maids greet me in which I greet back.
"How do you feel, Okazaki - sama?" asked one of the maids.
"I'm just fine, but please don't call me "Okazaki - sama". "Okazaki - san will be just fine enough." I really don't like the honorific "sama". It's not like I'm from a noble! I talked to them for a while before I explore the manor further. I see some European style buildings here, maybe used for mass. As for you to know, Masamune - sama was said to be secretly Catholic while in that time Catholic isn't allowed in Japan. He's the only one who has tolerance for it & even became the first person in Japan who was able to get contact with the Pope! It's just very amazing... I can't get my sight off from the buildings. Until someone pats my shoulder. I turn my head & murmurs, "Yakuza?"
The man startled a bit but smiles, "I don't know if the one named Yakuza looks like me but my name is Katakura Kojuuro." Guys, this is the one I told you he maybe the one who gouged out Masamune - sama's right eye, of course under his master's order since then he became his right eye with the alias "Ryuu no Migime" or "The Dragon's Right Eye".
"Ah, it's nothing! Sorry to have mistaken you! I need to go, later!" I run very fast after that.
"Wait, Okazaki! That kid really can run. Maybe she really is from the future."
I ran until I reach what seems to be a storage room. I swear I can hear some lightning streaks from the inside. Curious, I peek inside to see it. It's Masamune - sama, training with 6 swords & blasts lightning from it. Probably he finally notices my presence & stops his training. Maybe because I'm disturbing him so without any words I lift my feet to walk away.
"Who said you may leave after disturbed my training?" okay, I'm dead kid. "Lucky me, I was hopping for a sparring partner & you appear, Tama."
I turn my body, "You want me as your sparring partner?" I think for a while then gives my signature grin, "alright, give me all you got..."
Hi, guys! Do you enjoy the story? Yeah, as you can see this is an action fanfic & it's from the last year;s anime titled Sengoku BASARA. It's a action & adventure anime from a very famous game. It's based on the true Japanese war history but appears to be veeerrry loose from the truth so it won't be boring, but I warn you if you would like to watch it it contains blood & violence. Okay that's from me! See you next time!
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cool!!! +O+ I love the story!!! its reeeealy,reeealy interesting!! and thank you for posting something!!!!
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Shizuka-SAKURA wrote:

cool!!! +O+ I love the story!!! its reeeealy,reeealy interesting!! and thank you for posting something!!!!

Thx, but it's just the first chapter... If want to see my other fanfic, you can go to The story title is Konoha no Mizu no Ryuu, at crossover category of Naruto & Anime X-over
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"Well, well, Masamune - sama. I warn you I'm not a type you can take easily." I unwrap my sword, a katana with a very pointy edge.
He whistles like my warning is nothing just as I thought, "That freaks me out, now show me what you got," he drops 3 of his 6 swords. "This is for starter. Death Fang!!"
"Akaizakura no Bakuhatsu Zen!!" my sword clashes with his. I don't count how many times I slash & my sword clashes. I feel very excited somehow, for myself is quite hotblooded. I can help but grin all the time when I get in this situation. Time passes, I think it's already 3 hours. It's more than my usual training time which is about 2 hours only.
He blows one more attack, "Hell Dragon!!"
"Ryuu no Dai Rasen!!" after I shouted, the storage wall breaks off & startles some of the soldiers including Kojuuro - sama. They begin to gather around the storage & start to watch them.
"You're good enough, kid! The party starts now!!" he picks his other 3 swords after he talked in 'Engrish'.
"Get your soul fired up!!" this one is real English, Big Guy! Blue aura starts to cover his body while mine covered in greyish one. It's my spiritual energy & it starts to flow into every edge of my body.
"Alright!! Jet X!!"
"Mizukami, rise up!!"
It ends up tied, much to Masamune - sama's chagrin. And in which I don't care, so I just walk out back to my temporary room. It seems the soldiers are staring at me & I start to accelerate my steps.
Back in the room, I have myself againts the futon. Battling with Masamune - sama sure worn me out, he really made me used all of my strenght. I start to think about Yujin, my parents, my grandparents, my cousins, also my friends. Back in school some of my friends are my childhood friends I knew since preschool. Ha~h, I have such good things in my life. I wonder how they are now...
"Hey, Tama! You're in?" it's Masamune - sama, again.
"Ugh, aw man..." guess now I know how Kojuuro - sama feels to take care such a troublesome man. I crawl out from the futon to reach the sliding door, "what now?"
"I'd like to talk with you for a while."
"Is it about the training earlier?"
"Of course not, talking about what happened recently is wasting time, you see?"
I sigh, "Okay, where do you wish to talk?"
"Follow me," he commands. I have no choice but to follow him then. He walks to the side of Yonezawa castle where the sky seems very clear. It's sunset & the sky's color looks really amazing for me.
"Whew, it's really cool."
"You think?"
"Yeah, back in my house I can only see this kind of few clearly from the Tokyo Bay Aqualine... Man, how I want to go there with my parents, not only with my friends."
There's a silence for a while, "Tell me what's your world look like."
"I'm warning you nothing will make sense." I'm waiting for his answer.
"That's okay for me, come on just tell it." he begged like he really wants to know about the future.
"Where do I start?" I sit beside him with my left leg againts my chest & the other one on the floor. I told him many things & he seems impressed, especially the Tokyo Bay Aqualine. That's the 21st century for ya', Big Guy.
"It must be fun for you to live in such a world without war & violence, also a world that has many things which make your life easy."
"Ya' think?"
"It's not really violence free, Big Guy. Things such as violence, crimes, & evil can only be minimized. There's no such thing as absolute on Earth or it will be a total chaos. Everything must be equal, fare & square, or else."
Next thing I hear is his chuckles, "Yeah, you're right... It'll be very naïve to hope something absolute. By the way, can you sing one of the songs you know during your time?"
"Seriously? Which one do you want?"
"Everything is just fine."
I think for a while & the sunset gives me an idea.

kureteku yuubae ni
senaka osarete
kage ga shimesu hou e
taenai ikutsu mono
deai to wakare wo
doko e mukau no ka
hito wa daremo
tsumi to iu na no
sadame wo seotte
sore demo nao
ikiru imi wo
shiru darou?
bokura wa
So day by day
ashita e
tsuzuku michi no tochuu de
Now say it again
kimi to futari no mama
irareta nara
ii no ni na...

That's the best song for time like this. Now I'm reminded to my bands, PanicXParty, Night's Starry Sky, & Fifth. Much for my musical career, but hey it's just my way to express my hobby.
"What's the title?" Masamune - sama asks.
"From Dusk Till Dawn, one of my favorites."
After a while, I go back to my room as he proceeds. On the way, I feel someone's watching me from far. At the same time, it doesn't feel like a threat to me but it feels familiar. I turn my head around to find the person but I can only find a black cat, sitting across to me & totally staring at me with its 2 slited eyes.
Okay, this is so creepy... First, I experienced Time - Slip to 16th century. Second I found my pajamas changed to this clothes. Third, my sword came out from nowhere. And now I have a cat staring at me like it found something interesting on me. "Uh, what are you looking at, kitty cat? Want me to pat you?"
"No, I'm not asking for a pat, Tama." it freaks me out!! Suddenly the cat talks!! I jump backwards as the respone. Cats don't talk, there are no talking animals, more importantly how the heck this cat knows my name?!
"Relax, Tama! It's me, Rika!" Rika? My classmate as well as my childhood friend & my duo? You gotta' be kidding me, she can turn into a cat? It must be such an imagination of mine because I miss her so.
"It's just a dream, I fainted because of fatigue & now I'm in the middle of dream where I meet a black cat that can talk like Alice in Wonderland. That's it."
"Snap out of it, will you? If you don't believe me, take me to your room & I'll show you I'm not lying." at first I hesitated, that voice & that speech pattern both belong to Rika. Is this really her, but how?
"So? Are you going to take me or what?" I immediately grab the cat & run to my room. There I gently put her on my futon.
"Alright, show me that you're really Rika."
A purple light suddenly wraps the cat & turns it into a human with black boots, black pants with with lining, & a kind of black uniform with white lining as well also a badge that shaped like a silver clock. But I'm more surprised to see the face, it's really Rika!
"Wa, Rika - chan! Oh, thank goodness it's really you!" I hug her as tight as I miss her.
"Told you it's really me!" she hugs me back.
"What happened, Rika? Why are you here? You time - slipped too?"
"Not exactly, more like I time - travelled." Time - travelled? She can travel through time? "It's a long story but the truth is I'm a special agent of government organization called Time Travel Department. It's a top secret organization that no one in the society knows it. My family, the Tylore family is the part of the organization as we supervise the Sorcerer section in the organization because in fact we are sorcerers. Now I'm in training to be the organization's 2nd grade special agent."
"Riku is a special agent in training too?" Riku is Rika's twin brother.
"Exactly & I'm here for your case. You were forced into time - slip, Tama."
Forced? By who? "So when I was asleep someone teleported me here?"
"Yeah, we tried to send you back but something prevents us from doing that."
"And what about my sudden change of clothes & my sword appearance?"
"The person or the thing who sent you did that," what the hell? "I know it's kinda' perverted but that's true."
But it's been a day since I time - slipped, isn't everybody worries about me? "Don't worry, we decided that if someone time - slipped, we'll stop the time of the person's time origin." she read my mind!
"More importantly, what prevents me from going back?"
"I'm not really sure but," the word but made me think something is wrong with this place, "I bet this has connection with that newcomers..."
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I woke up early in the morning, as usual. When I turn my head aside, Rika is sitting on the corner of the room with an injured bird in her hands. “Rika? What happened to that bird?”
“A young bird, it hit the door & injured. So I took him in.” then I do notice her eyes turn purple & a light purple star appear on each of them. “The pains, they shall be gone... Heal.” she chanted & the bird’s wings glow. After a while, it starts flying up. “Seems she’s perfectly healed now.”
“Yep, she is. Time to take her to the open air & report to Masamune - sama for the first thing in the morning.” I’ve introduced Rika last night to Masamune - sama as she appeared so suddenly. She explained everything about her appearance & my situation. Fortunately the whole army accept her, & somehow I felt some perverted eyes directed towards her last night... Whoever they are, I’m gonna’ kill them if they show it again.
Rika tilts her head aside, “Tama - chii, what’s wrong? Something bothered you? You got those evil glints on your eyes.”
“Huh? Am I?”
“Yeah, I can see it clearly.”
“Never mind about that," I open the sliding door, "now off you go, little birdy.”
The bird then flies up high to the sky as we watch her from behind, “Hope she finds her family.”
“Hmm, I hope so." I replied her,“Now let’s off to the office of the Big Boss.”
“Tama - chii, since when do you have the Yankee style of language?”
“Ne? Well, I met a Yankee a year ago.” I bet she’s confused about how I met a Yankee from the first place. As I kneel in front off the sliding door, I notice a shadow of a spike haired man with 2 spears on his back. I think I recognize this guy. “Masamune - sama, Okazaki Tamaki reporting in.”
“Date - hittou, Rika Tylore reporting in, Sir.” I admit I’m quite amazed with Rika’s short speech, she talked like a military - born!
“Proceeded,” said Masamune - sama from the inside. And after I open the sliding door, Sanada Yukimura, just as I thought...
“I am Sanada Genjiro Yukimura from Kai army, one of Takeda Shingen’s retainer. I’m honoured to meet you.” he said in a super polite manner.
“Good morning, Sanada - sama. I’m Okazaki Tamaki of Okazaki clan, nice to meet you.”
“I’m Special Agent Rika Tylore of Dark Monochrome a.k.a Time - Travel Department, Sergeant of Amestrian State Military under the lead of Colonel Roy Mustang, former temporary Exorcist of Black Order, & the first daughter of Tylore family. Pleased to meet you.” sergeant of... AMESTRIS?!
“Wha- You never told me you are Colonel Roy Mustang’s sergeant!”
“Sorry, I gotta’ keep it a secret since it’s a top secret matter.”
“No wonder you speak in such a manner...”
He is a little confused by all those titles, "My apologies, I don't really familiar of you titles. Which army do you belong?"
"We don't belong to any forces, but temporarily we stay in Oshu." I explained.
"I don't really understand the reason but my superior agent, Hazuki Kaito - san has chosen Oshu to be the central base for this mission." so Rika has 3 leaders overall.
"Hazuki Kaito?" asked Masamune - sama.
"Do you happen to know Kaito - san, Date - hittou?" asked Rika.
"Maybe. Well, Sanada Yukimura, tell Old Man Takeda this. I will join the alliance, but don't wish for me to follow every strategies made by the alliance. I move alone." an expected answer from a one man show type.
"Understood. I, Sanada Yukimura will report this to Oyakata - sama. I take my leave now, Masamune - dono."
"Sanada Yukimura."
"Masamune - dono?"
"After all of this settled down, we'll meet once again in one - on - one battle."
"Of course!" after he left, it's our turn to face the Dokuganryuu.
"Let me guess… There's a new army whose leader is a dictator type & he might lead this country into a total chaos. Isn't it?"
"No kidding, you know that much?" he said in impression.
"Rika told me. And they're the probable cause of me being here."
"About 5 days ago our satellites which we put between the pathway of every time & space's entrance receive strange transmissions of a certain energy which affects the void of Time - Space. I didn't tell last night but if this energy comes from the new army & keeps on growing even greater, I assume it's not only the present will be endangered, the future of Japan & even the world as well."
I can see those blue eyes squint, "What's this army called?”
“Kiba army led by Kiba Okami. His central base is located on Sagami province.” replied Rika.
“But it’s a secret base since the province is under the rule of Uesugi clan, he tends to operate secretly.” I added.
“And strange enough, this person never existed here until 3 years ago. We assume he was a Time - Space criminal who ran away from the prison.” said my brunette friend.
“So, Masamune - sama. What should we do now?”
He doesn’t reply for a moment until he smirks, “Call Kojuuro to arrange a troop of 300 soldiers. We’ll head towards Sagami.”
“Wait, without reporting to the alliance?”
He then smirks at me before saying, “Didn’t you hear what I say, Tamaki? I move alone, you see?”
I glance at Rika & finds her smirking, “It’s just like working for Colonel Mustang all over again, I’m pleased...”
“So, are you ready, guys?” he asked, in Engrish.
“Yeah, roger that anyway.”
“Are you ready, guys?!” the whole army answered loudly. “Let’s heat this party!” a loud shouts again.
“And set your soul beyond the limit!!” I yelled & raised a hand in the air, nobody answers. I just felt like a fool... -.-“
Suddenly Rika yells, “Set your souls beyond the limit!!” This time, everyone answers with a loud screams.
“Alright! Here we go!” and we head to Sagami.
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