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Will Bleach End with Aizen's defeat?

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Posted 5/12/10 , edited 5/12/10
Flat out is the battle with Aizen going to be the end of the series?

Lets face it all the loose ends are getting tied up, the big questions are being answered and the final confrontations are happening.

Once Aizen if beaten where do we go? are we done? is that it?

Maybe, but I think there is potential for at least 1 more arc.

When the series began we were introduced to 3 worlds.
We've seen Earth
We've seen Soul Society
Hecto Mundo was added in
and a "Realm of God" has been implied

But there is still that 3rd world who's nature remains completely unexplored. The Place where those souls who were Evil and Corrupt before they became Hollows are sent.
A Realm for which all we have seen is a big nasty looking door and a Giant sword that impails the souls to be sent through it.

I think we still have room for a Hell Arc.

after all where do you think Aizen is going to get sent when they kill him
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Posted 5/12/10 , edited 5/13/10
It would have been nice to have a underworld/hell arc, but the way the dragonball syndrome is affecting this anime is starting to irritate me enough as it is. If the hell arc syndrome was introduced, i only hope they could make it more tactical like how ishida fights
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Posted 5/14/10 , edited 5/14/10
probably not. these arcs we are watching seem to look like they occur after the major battle with Aizen or whatever LoL....but it is possible that there is a new threat to the soul society after aizens defeat .
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Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/21/10
no, bleach is too popular atm to end with aizen's defeat. do you really think they will let all the money go uncollected? they can come up with new enemies and new threats quite easily. for instance, keep an eye on mayuri.
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Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/27/10
I predict Aizen will get into the god realm and that is where the final battle will take place between Ichigo and Aizen. It's hard to say what else may happen. I have a feeling there will be a few major character deaths, maybe Inoue because she has the power to bring back people from near death or dead. I doubt Kubo will kill off Isshin and leave Ichigo to take care of his sisters. Urahara or Rangiku maybe a possibility, Yoruichi might die. Kubo will probably kill off at least one person Ichigo cares about. I doubt it will be Rukia, but she might be a possibility too. All I know is, there has to be something that sets Ichigo off because I doubt we've seen the end of his Vasto Lorde/Hollow form. That might be too repetitive though.
Kubo also said he may at one point do a part showing why Isshin left Soul Society. That could be interesting. So there is a lot more to go.
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Posted 5/31/10 , edited 6/1/10
I'll try finding the interview, but it was stated,
that there were 1 - 2 more arcs left after this one
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
I have questions I hope they cover before it all ends.

1. Is ichigo related to kaian shiba ? almost twins to look at...
2. who's is the missing house ? (as in, clan)
3. Ichigo is a sub shinigami, but what if he is something worse and is only adapting to that world ?
4. who is the missing 13th captain from the history arc ? ichigos mum or dad maybe ?
5. will it end well, japanese things don't always end well... (memories of nobody, fade to black)
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
I heard that the series still has a long way to go, it should end with Aizen but it will most likely continue.
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Posted 6/2/10 , edited 6/2/10
I hope Aizen kills everyone and becomes a god.
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Posted 6/9/10 , edited 6/9/10
In an interview with Kubo he stated that the Arrancar arc is supposed to end mid this year. (Perhaps this month?)

After the current arc he has a mini and then full arc planned. Hope the next one won't take four years to complete like this one. :blink:

Note that this is for the manga. The anime as of yesterday's episode is around 75 chapters behind the manga.
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Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/15/10
I think it would be interesting to maybe introduce some new Quincy that have been living underground for years, even though they were all thought to be extinct, and they finally decide to take up arms against the shinigami.
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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/16/10
maybe somethin like theturn back the pendulum arc but a diferent topic
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Posted 6/19/10 , edited 6/19/10
i personally think that after aizens death bleach may be close to an end ... but i don't think aizens death is anywhere close by. if bleach were to end right now there would be so many things unanswered and it would seem uncomplete.

and besides........wait! i have a question.....when was the plot of bleach introduced anyways? was it always to defeat aizen? ( no ) i mean if the plot was to kill aizen then wouldn't they have talked about the realm of god sooner and the thing put inside rukia. (i forgot how its spelled )

ohh and to those who have read the manga.........doesn't the back usually say the main theme and then whats happening in the volume? ( k all of a sudden i forgot where i'm getting at. )
Posted 6/26/10 , edited 6/27/10
Well, there is one more mini arc and after that there would be a really long arc. The mini arc should start, like.. Now. Because the fake karakura arc was supposed to end mid June. Maybe bleach would be extended. Bleach was never even planned to go on after the soul society arc, but it did because of it's popularity. (I read this somewhere, I could be wrong though)
Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/13/10
i think it will end with aizen's defeat....
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