[JMovie-2010] Ghost
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* Movie: Ghost / Love and Soul
* Romaji:
* Japanese: ゴースト
* Korean: 사랑과 영혼 (Sarangkwa Yeonghon)
* Director: Taro Otani
* Writer:
* Producer:
* Cinematographer:
* Release Date: November 13, 2010
* Runtime:
* Language: Japanese
* Country: Japan

1. "Ghost" is a remake of the 1990 U.S. film "Ghost" which starred Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore.
2. Filming is expected to begin in June, 2010 with a target release date of Autumm, 2010.


* Song Seung-Heon

* Nanako Matsushima


Nanako Matsushima to star in "Ghost" remake

Jerry Zucker's hit 1990 film "Ghost," starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, is reportedly getting an Asian remake. Swayze and Moore are being replaced by Korean actor Song Seung Hun (33) and Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima (36), with the story taking place in Japan.

In the original "Ghost," Swayze played an investment banker who is killed but remains on Earth as a ghost. He learns that his death was planned, and he must contact his lover (Moore) in order to warn her of further danger.

The remake has been assigned to NTV director Taro Otani ("Gokusen," "Zeni Geba"). Paramount Pictures Japan and Shochiku will jointly distribute the film, which is scheduled to start shooting in June. Release is planned for this fall.


Ghost remake trailer :

Japan Ghost Remake 2010 - Making :

Ghost (2010) - Teaser - Nanako Matsushima, Seung-heon Song :

Ghost (2010) Teaser 2 - Nanako Matsushima, Seung-heon Song:
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Posted 8/12/10 , edited 8/13/10
NO One Updates!!!

Ghost Stills & Trailer


030810 Ghost Production Press Conference

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Posted 8/13/10 , edited 8/13/10

i wonder how they made they pot making scene

and who will play as Whoopi Goldberg?

ooohhh my love my darling ...
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Posted 9/1/10 , edited 9/1/10
Ken Hirai sings for "Ghost" remake

Singer Ken Hirai (38) will be providing the theme song for the upcoming movie "Ghost: Mou Ichido Dakishimetai," set for release on November 13. This will be Hirai's fifth time doing a theme for a romance film, and the song is expected to be a hit like his previous ones.

"Ghost: Mou Ichido Dakishimetai" was announced earlier this year as an Asian remake of the famous 1990 movie "Ghost," which starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The remake, however, has the roles of the couple reversed, with Nanako Matsushima (36) playing a woman who dies in an accident but revisits her lover, played by Korean actor Song Seung Hun (33). The full cast was revealed a few weeks ago, including Kirin Kiki (67) as the counterpart to Whoopi Goldberg's role in the original.

Hirai's song is titled "Aishiteru" and will be released as his 33rd single on November 10.
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Posted 11/18/10 , edited 11/18/10
Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima to visit Korea next week

Top Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima will visit Korea next week to promote her new film "Ghost : In Your Arms Again", the Asian remake of the U.S. mega-hit film "Ghost".

An official related to the film announced today that actress will visit Korea for a day on November 23 to promote the film in which she co-stars with actor Song Seung-heon, a well-established actor in Korea who is famous for his numerous lead roles in romantic dramas.

The original film from 1990, about love that even death could not do apart, starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

The new version was produced jointly by Korea's CJ Entertainment, Paramount Pictures Japan and Shochiku Co., Ltd, one of the largest film and theater companies in Japan.

Nanako Matsushima is a top actress in Japan who has won the award for best female actress at the Japanese Academy Awards twice with her roles in the horror film "Ring" and action thriller "Whiteout".

"Ghost : In Your Arms Again" will premiere in local theaters on November 25.
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Posted 11/26/10 , edited 11/27/10
I heard about the remake. But this isn't the last time we see Asian remake of American/Western film. I remember reading a Newsweek article that we're going to see more Asian remake of American/non-Asian film:

-2 years ago, Cellular was remade into Connected in Hong Kong.

-Zhang Yimou remade Coen Brothers' Blood Simple into A Simple Noodle Story.

-China remade High School Musical for their countries.

-Now it's been reported that China and Hong Kong will remake What Women want

-South Korea sort of remade The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I would love to see a Japanese remake of that film (change gunslingers to Samurai, and American Civil Wars to Sengoku Jidai period)

-Japan will remake An Affair to Remember. I remember reading a interesting passage from a article that first mention about Japan's remake of Ghost

Ghost isn’t the only movie getting this treatment. Fox is prepping a Japanese remake of the Cary Grant classic An Affair to Remember, and we’re likely to hear about other Japenese remakes of proven American films in the remainder of this year.

Japan remade Sideways last year, and I found out that Japan is going to remake Working Girl. I also recalled Japan is going to remake a French film.

So yeah it looks like Asia is sort of now going to be on the same level as US thanks to these remakes. You know I'm happy to see Japan and rest of Asia working with US to remake American film. I've seen US showcasing their remake of Asian film, so why not let Asia remake American film? To me it balance out the film remake and I like to see Asia take on American film.

Tell you the truth I would like to ask the people on this topic which American film should get a Asian remake? As soon I get enough credit, I could make a topic on that.

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The one who dies and revisits the lover is the woman, not the man

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