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Posted 5/12/10 , edited 5/13/10

Hello everyone, this is my Shop here at S and X Graphics. Before you request, you should know that I'm still not very good at making graphics. Though I will try my best so I hope you like them. But before you do anything, I need to follow some Rules and Fomats. Well other than that, please enjoy here at my Shop and here at S and X Graphics.

Shop's Rules

HQ Pictures Only!
Use what I made you at least a day.
I will accept yaoi/yuri images but please keep it T.
Invites your buddies. [Ignore this if you have already]
Please be patient with your requests.
I know my skills aren't pro enough but please no flames or cussing
Please do not use spoilers in your request.
Membership Card required for all requests and evetually I will require a Thread Pass.

Shop's Fomat

Graphic: Avatar, Banner, Icon, Userbar, Render, etc
Picture: Not in Spoiler
Membership Card: You may get a STAMP :)
Thread Pass: Coming Soon







Avatars w/ Banners



~More Freebies Coming Soon!
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