[SCO]: Forum Rules
Posted 5/12/10 , edited 5/13/10
SCO Forum Rules:

1: Be polite to everybody you talk to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so don't shut others out. It just isn't nice at all~
2: Keep the language at a PG-13 level. There are minors present, so save the cursing and above PG-13 content/pictures off of Crunchyroll.
3: Absolutely no bashing or trolling of any kind for any reason whatsoever. I don't care how angry you are or for what reason, don't take it out on others, and don't force us to share your anger by posting angry comments.
4: Do not post spam. By spam I mean those dreaded one word replies, advertisements, or comments completely off topic. When posting in a thread, try to post something meaningful that others might want to read rather than just trying rack up CR points with meaningless responses. Or else you will be reported and/or banned~
5: Try not to double post. Although this isn't as important, it is quite annoying and takes up a lot of space. It can also get you reported and/or banned as well. If you forgot to mention something, don't post another reply, just edit it. It's simple and easy.
6: PG-13 Pictures please. If we see that you break this rule more than once, you WILL be reported and banned from this group.
7: Spoilers on the comments/wall section MUST be marked 'spoiler'. Just because you are up-to-date with Shugo Chara manga and episodes, does not mean that everyone else is as well. Please just go into a forum topic that is already created for such a purpose, or if it doesn't exist, create one yourself.
8: Duplicates. They're annoying and once again, take up space. Please browse the groups existing forums to make sure that the one you want to create is not already present. It will be Locked and Closed if you fail to do so.
9: We really wish you to have fun. Even if there are rules, they're not that bad to keep you from having fun.
10: Break these rules and you'll get banned out of this group !!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the group, click here or PM any of the Mods.

Rules copied from Shugo Chara! My Guardian Characters Party @ Crunchyroll
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