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Copernicus City is a city on the moon in the Cosmic Era timeline. Copernicus City is the first city built on the Moon. The construction began in CE 10 and two years later it was opened for civil inhabitants. The also served as a provider for the raw materials for the space colony program.

Athrun Zala and Kira Yamato both attended a preparatory school in this city and they met here in CE 61. In CE 68, but Athrun and his mother left the city due to Patrick Zala calling them back. In the same year, the Yamato family also left the city and moved to the Orb Union-controlled space colony Heliopolis.

In CE 70 Copernicus city was chosen by the United Nations as the site of a final round of peace negotiations between Earth and PLANT. However a terror bombing on February 5 killed the senior leadership of the UN and PLANT representative Siegel Clyne only survived because his shuttle had a malfunction. PLANT was blamed for this incident and a full scale war followed.
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