Matsumoto Jun & Shibasaki Kou dating?
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Posted 5/15/10 , edited 5/15/10
Matsumoto Jun

Shibasaki Kou

Secret meeting placed of Jun Matsumoto (26) and Kou Shibasaki (28) was captured by “Josei Seven”. According to this magazine. A weekend of mid April, 2 met secretly at VIP room of dinning bar in Tokyo that entertainment people often go. And this is VIP room that charges the fee for weekend costs 70K yen. They enjoy with a common friend. They left at 4:30. they have gone to Matsumoto’s home with separated taxi. Matsumoto and Shibasaki co-star as sister brother role at “The history of our family” get closed. And she appeared as guest at Himitsu no Arashi-chan too. She talked at show. “She talked she is naive and unsophisticated about love. She can't declare her love.” But she says ideal type is Matsumoto. Shibasaki appeared in pink dress, they left there and went to convenience store around Matsumoto’s house. After she burned away time for while, she takes another cab to go to Matsumoto’s house… The photo taken was they came out restaurant separately. They’d have no conclusive photo.

Matsujun has rumored with Emi Suzuki, Mao Inoue and other, also rumor he must have dated Keiko Kitagawa who currently date with Tomohisa Yamashita. But never reported “take out” (to bring a girl back home). This is strange that Josei Seven that is good relationship with Johnny’s report this.

If you say Shibasaki. she was gossiped date sights with Toru Tsumabuki, Issa, Takuya of Uverworld. She has strong image of woman of affairs. She has just broken off cohabitation with Takuya this January.

Saa,,minna san..what do you think? I think the media is exaggerating things again.
Rather, that's what I like to think Perhaps they are just friends who hang out together..
But still i am curious what they do at jun-kun house if this article is true
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Posted 5/15/10 , edited 5/15/10
I could careless on this.

- Lack of discussion (your point?)
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Posted 5/15/10 , edited 5/15/10
They make a cute couple : )
Posted 5/15/10 , edited 5/15/10
As long as this whore stay away from Tayuka i am good. Forgot about the subject but i hate him and i hate her so good couple.

She looks old as hell. Ugly succubus vampire skank needs plastic surgery bad.
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Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/20/10

Um, please, If I can talk to her face-to-face, I will say "PLEASE TAKE CARE HIM!! DON'T TREAT MATSUJUN AS SAME AS TAKUYA AND TSUMABUKI !!! DON'T MAKE HIM DOWN !!!"

I've been hating her because of she abandoned TAKUYA's pure love *shot* and made Tsumabuki very angry then mocked TAKUYA (he said he was very angry and don't want to see TAKUYA's face again because of seized his Kou. ==") POOR TAKUYA!

BUT, I'M HAPPY SHE DON'T COME BACK WITH TAKUYA (because I heard a rumour from somewhere that Kou and Takuya will come back as couple again.) YEAH~~~~~~ I just want to stalk her and Matsujun relationship If I can, but that Impossible because I'm not in Japan... U___U

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