[KDrama-2010] Drama Special
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* Title: 드라마 스페셜 / Drama Special
* Broadcast network: KBS2
* Broadcast period: 2010-May-15 to TBA
* Air time: Saturday 23:15

Drama Special is an anthology series that features different stories, cast members and production teams each week, and is presented either in a single episode or short series. The format is based on Drama City and Best Theater.


The first installment : Red Candy
Romance, melodrama

Jae Bak is a man who is weary of his work and family, finding solace only in secretly watching Yoo Hee, a woman who takes the same train as he does every morning. He becomes mesmerized by the red lollipop that she always has in hand, as well as her evident cheerfulness and energy. After 100 days of silent observation, he follows her home, and the two begin an affair.

Lee Jae Ryong

Park Si Yeon

Kim Yeo Jin

The second installment : The Scary One, The Ghost and I
Comedy, horror

A comedic story of a gangster who hires the services of a detective agency to get rid of the ghost of a female student. Kang Doo Sub is a legendary gangster boss whose ugly face alone is enough to frighten off opponents. When a female ghost begins following his gang, however, he is forced to go to desperate measures to get rid of her and avoid becoming a laughing stock.

Park Ki Woong

Lee Won Jong

Kim Min Ji

The third installment : Hot Coffee

Oh Jong is a single mother of three children, all from different fathers. She has a talent for coffee roasting, and her bright personality and desire to share happiness and stories through her coffee makes her a popular sight at Ji Suk's coffee shop. Choi Chang, a straightlaced and no-nonsense businessman, disagrees with Oh Jong's methods and believes that coffee-making is a mathematical science that uses exact measures. Despite their clash of personalities, Choi Chang finds himself opening up to Oh Jong's warmth, discovering a love as exciting and flavoured as the coffee she serves.

Jo Yeon Woo

Yoon Hae Young

The fourth installment : Our Slightly Risque Relationship
Romance, comedy

Dong Chan is a prickly broadcasting director at MBS who meets and immediately clashes with Nam Hee, a reporter he meets at a wedding reception. Through their constant bickering, they end up falling in love despite their initial dislike of each other. His passiveness in love results in a comedic struggle as the two tries to deal with their physical attraction.

Lee Sun Gyun

Hwang Woo Seul Hye

The fifth installment : The Woman Next Door

Sun Woo Sun

Lee Tae Sung

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park ki woong! i saw a drama of him before!!
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Red Candy Press COnference

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