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Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/18/10
This thread is for people posting their made-up anime!

Okay, I'll start off.

Title: Not Sure

Summary: The story revolves around a boy name Hidoyoshi, he's a orphan who was adopted by a wise, old-timer named Itsuki. Itsuki teaches Hidoyoshi magic and helps him become a mage, but Hidoyoshi is not alone, because Itsuki teaches 3 other students.
Tifa, a beautiful, young girl who learned ice magic and is a mage as well. Junko, a carefree and reckless person who learned fire magic and is a close-combat fighter who uses gaunlets, and Yumi, a serene young girl who know wind magic and is a archer who uses arrows.
But Itsuki taught Hidoyoshi, dark magic. Dark magic is a creation-like magic which he can make anything or absorb anything and become his own power.

As time passed on, Hidoyoshi dreams of become one of the 10 Warlocks(Strongest Magic-User in the 10 Grand Countries), but what he really wants is to find an ambition to follow with his friends.

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