Should Arts programs receive a letter?
Posted 5/18/10 , edited 5/19/10
In my school newspaper, one of the varsity baseball players wrote an article called "Join A club and Get a Letter" this kid basically called out debate, speech, drama, orchestra and band kids.

(for those of you in other countries a letter, is a jacket given to those in sports that is recognized as a symbol of excellence.)

The points he made were

1. Students who participate in these "clubs" don't get hurt and therefore aren't putting as much "on the line".

2.Baseball, Basketball, football ect. require more time. He said that if an orchestra or debate kid didn't practice for a month it wouldn't affect their performance. But if he didn't practice for a month, then he would be screwed.

3.The last point he made is that in baseball and other sports, people have to try-out to get on the team and then they get a letter, however with a club you can just join.

Personally I am a debater, I take my sport very seriously and its annoying to see someone completely diss my sport. Because If I don't practice for a month I will suck. As for not putting as much on the line, I'm awake everyday till 4 before a tournament. And another point is that my "season" is all year long. Not just spring and summer. I have just as many if not more tournaments. Also, kids who aren't any good stay at novice or JV levels.

As for the other activities.

Orchestra-More competitive than baseball, w/o a doubt . Honestly, the skill it takes to even play well.

Band- Marching band runs around for three hours everyday. Some even have instruments that weigh 85 pounds. Thats a little person.

Drama- acting is one of the HARDEST things to do, the competitvness is just as high most sports out there.

Speech-Some of the hardest working kids out there. And its a lot more than just talking there are tons pf categories. and its just as hard as baseball.


So crunchyrollers what do you think??
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Posted 5/18/10 , edited 5/19/10
In my high school, only those of us who played football and members of the... uhg... "leadership club" got letterman jackets. It would piss us the hell off too. I guess old traditions slowly come to an end so people could fell more inclusive.
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Posted 5/19/10 , edited 5/19/10
I think the the third point made by the player is the one that says it all. The reason for receiving a letter is because you were good enough to make the team. Is one required to make the team for the non-stick and ball activities listed? If so, then yes, I feel those individuals should be able to get a letter.
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Posted 5/19/10 , edited 5/19/10
to say that orchestra is more competitive than baseball is shortsighted. Just as there are people who take their musical instrument seriously, there are those that take sports very seriously. It's for that reason that there are high school students who are willing to risk their health to take roids for a better competitive edge.

there's also another thing. there's no way you can "train" so hard in debating that could debilitate your capacity as a debater. with sports there's always the risk of a life filled with a myriad of physical maladies.. anyone who's trained seriously in any physical sport will know what I'm talking about.

i don't know about your school, but when i was in high school the varsity teams had practices at 6AM for certain sports six days a week. it sucked ass, waking up at 5:30am to run three miles before school and on saturday mornings.

i'm not knocking the passive club activities at all, but the physical aspect of sports makes all the difference.

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