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Posted 5/18/10 , edited 5/19/10
Attention gothic public!

We are now re-opening this group, and we need more moderators.

The coolest thing about being a moderator is that u have all control! So basically, you're sorta like the creator (me) of this group.

However there are conditions:
-u have to participate with others
-u may have to do some editing (for avi contests, and others...)
-u need to have a positive attitude (if u'r feeling moody, try laughing with me *fun*) I'm not asking you to be perky and hyper!
-u may have some undefined responsibilities at some time during this year
-it's possible that i ask for your advice (on i don't know what)....depends....
-and there are other stuff, that i'll need your opinion on, so you'll have to be available (don't worry, i'll talk 2 u by mail)

If you think you have what it takes to be a moderator please fill this form!
a) can u participate with others? *yes or no*
b)can u do editing? *yes or no*
c) can u be positive? *yes or no*
d) do u feel free with giving me your opinion? *yes or no*

and if possible, could you please put a sample of a gothic picture edited by you?

Thank you to all of the peoples that will audition! U'r work is greatly appreciated!
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