MMORPG that is Actually Based on Role-Playing?
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Posted 5/19/10 , edited 5/19/10

In my history of MMORPG gameplay, I have found some that had RolePlay Only servers, but even these ended up not quite catching on the right all.

So what would be a good way, format, layout, or whatever... to make a multi-player RPG work for a Roleplay purpose??

I don't have a solid answer, but I do have a few suggestions...

Y'know how some games make you choose a side before creating a character, and thus your game is going only in that direction no matter how many chars you make? Perhaps two different base storylines could be chosen from, both eventually leading to one set purpose for the whole MMORPG, and all characters create their own part into that history and have a hand in heading things toward the game's goal. Of course, there could/would be battling, puzzle solving, dungeons and some minor grinding to throw into the main storyline, but certain goals would also have to be met in order to get to the "next level"... type... thing.

That is just my raw, rambling cloud of ideas there, but I don't see why a game of this kind wouldn't be good or successful, given the right engine, art and format.

What do you think would make a Role-Play only MMORPG work?
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Posted 5/20/10 , edited 5/20/10
unfortunately, there is no MMORPG like that that i know of. but there's stuff like the Fable series and Mass Effect that work somewhat like that

that is a really cool i dea though and i know I'd love to play something like that
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Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/9/10
Eh Lotr online has a pretty good and very in depth storyline if you want to try it. Sometime this year I believe it will be f2p
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Posted 8/8/10 , edited 8/8/10
i think they should make a massive online mmorpg were you start from the begining of the universe or planet and be able to play as what ever type of character you created till the end, like the spore game, but more like anime versions or something like that... i hear there soon to have a pokemon universe up and running soon, but their not sure when it will be ready yet, so i've been waiting for them to finish doing what their doing so i can play it, i've seen their snap shot and it looks like it'll have good graphics and some good game play.... oh yea and did you know their coming out with a new pokemon game, it's called pokemon black and white... it's already been released in japan it just hasn't made it to the US, yet, and instead of a double battle their probably going to have a tripple battle thing going on, like instead of 2-on-2 it'll be 3-on-3 cool huh? and they have even better pokemon to catch, and a thing you can go online and visit, battle, and trade with friends, it will be a whole new set up for pokemon
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Posted 11/2/10 , edited 11/2/10
Although is a nice idea it may not be very popular as often only at most 10% of a game population enjoys full Roleplaying their characters.

But well if u looks some fun mmorpg with it and be enjoyable, i recomend go for Dungeons & Dragons Online, and look for roleplay only guilds or groups in it forum, you surely will found enough people with same likes than you to have a wonderful gamming experience.
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Posted 11/15/10 , edited 11/16/10
RP only MMO will never work.
True RP only exists in table top games and other gatherings of nerds and geeks.

To make RP work and be truly immersive, you need to allow the player to affect the world around them. Let me use an example to explain it:

Let's just say you're making a dungeon in a game. You set up the layout, choose your encounters and choose the rewards. So then you unleash the players into the dungeon. The players clear the dungeon, defeating every enemy, clearing every trap and collecting as much loot as they can carry.
Now what happens to any OTHER players wishing to experience something? You can't have them fight the same villains, right? After all, the first group just killed everyone. So now you have to create a new encounter. Once that's cleared, you have to create a new one. For every group of players, you would need to create a new encounter.
If you don't do this, you'll be breaking the immersion. Since the encounter would otherwise never truly be beaten.

In order to serve as many players as possible, the encounters need to be replayable.

Simply put, in order to allow for the most enjoyment to come out of your game, you need to give every player that can possibly show up a chance to experience content. If you don't, you'd only be pleasing the very first group of players that goes through anything.

That's a trap a lot of players fall into when thinking about what they want from a game. For example, in games like WoW, you'd think something like: Wouldn't it be cool if I could attack Stormwind with my Horde Guild and take it over?
It would be cool. FOR YOU. What about every other player that wants to play the game? Now the newbie alliance players can't step foot into SW because it is now Horde territory. So where do Humans go to use the auction house? How do they get to other cities in the game? Stormwind was a major hub for the Alliance. Without it, lower level players are simply unable to access the lower areas of the Eastern Kingdoms. So low level humans would need to be moved to a different starting zone. Which would end up putting a LOT of work on a group of people who already have their hands full.

You're going to have to come to terms with the fact that you will need to stick to single player or table top games to really experience any kind of roleplay that is even close to what you want.

I hope what I said wasn't too convoluted. Even though this thread is old, if there is anything I need to clarify, feel free to let me know.
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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
I can't really say anything without getting tortured and legally decapitated by a lawyer in a court room but I would just keep your eyes on R.A. Salvatore (creative director) & Todd McFarlane (executive art director) are involved.
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Posted 3/7/11 , edited 3/7/11
Closest mmorpg that i can think of is City of Heroes

You get to choose to be either a Hero or a Villian, and from there to get to pick the various classes.
Overall, the storyline isn't that bad,
but i just love the fact that as a villian, i get to rob banks. lolol
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Posted 3/9/11 , edited 3/10/11
The only MMO game I have ever found that succeeded in providing a wonderful RP environment even to this day. Is Ultima Online.. and not the OSI, im speaking free server. Though the graphics don't match up to current 3d games now a day the RP environment is still unmatched..
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Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/4/11
There's Mabinogi a mmorpg that have you make your own character and play in a role in a play from Shakespeare. There's some rp dungeons as well.
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Posted 6/6/11 , edited 6/6/11
well i playd mabinogi be4 and it is like a fantasy life. and the slogan is "Fantasy Life" lol so probably good for rp
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Posted 1/11/12 , edited 1/12/12
Try Planeshift, it's main server is dedicated to role play and it's 100% free, no Item mall or any thing.
Posted 1/26/12 , edited 1/26/12

bangladeath wrote:

Try Planeshift, it's main server is dedicated to role play and it's 100% free, no Item mall or any thing.

Look at the site before you DL, A lot of people have trouble with it.
Im currently addicted atm though.
Very few people play it, So we could use another player. The game is still in development, so bare with the glitches, and its pretty good with friends.
Posted 1/26/12 , edited 1/26/12
Dungeons and Dragons Online is great
it sounds really dorky, but it is good fun
There are a ton of groups who simply play to enjoy the role playing aspect of the game
some people play to level and such,
but it is fun if you feel like going on and being someone new too!
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Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/4/12
It's a bit sad that there has been no real answer xD Feel bad for the OP, BUT!

For people who are like the OP, there is a game, called Illarion... and I'll basically copy+paste my description of it on another forum (it doesn't have a really large player base but it has a small active one) since I try to spread the word of illarion whenever because its really a game that deserves more quality players:

"I know of an amazing game that's been going for 10ish years, player base is large on the forums, not so much online though. Average people online for most of the day is 20+ (Topping up at 60 or more during events), but you always find someone. It's not like in Haven and Hearth, where the online list says there's a little over a thousand people online, but you never find anyone. ._. The community is split between English speakers (the "new" language in game) and German speakers (the "old" language), with people of all nationalities in between. I've seen spanish speakers too, and I know a French person who plays too ;P.

It's called Illarion:

The forum community is great. It is an extremely RP based MMO, though, you're in character all the time online, which is fun. You do NOT need to be a combat class to have fun. I found them the least fun (For me), and I've been playing with a hobbit cook who's mastered the art, and have been having amazing amounts of fun with him.

You can be a fighter, a scholarly mage, a wise craftsman, a chubby cook, or even a leader of a settlement.

You can be a hobbit, a human, a dwarf, a lizard, an elf, orc (Male or female) etc, etc, and choose a variety of jobs:

TL;DR approaching.

Cook/Baker (My hobbit char )
Priest (Priest magic is going to be developed eventually, once the really big update comes by this year )
Thief (Can be combat too.)
Mage (Can be combat, as well. Mostly focuses on healing, and illusion magic.)
Druid (AKA, alchemist. Can make potions, all from healing potions, potions that changes how the drinker looks like, etc. Collects herbs as well, for the potions.)

And others. You can be, quite literally, anything. I had an amazing time befriending a char who had a lizard bartender, whom my old barbarian character (Who died, cliche-like in that heroic style in an in-game war defending the "main" city. Poor Olaf ]: ) and, surprisingly, an elf, visited every other day and had the most hilarious or interesting conversations, and stumbling out of the tavern drunk. I've met playwrights, singers, musicians, scholars, a barber (I think he was a thief, though. xD), so on.

Battle Mage (Heavily damage based magic spells.)
Druid (Mostly non-combat, though. Does potions.)

The most popular choice is usually to be a swordsman, however some of the "most skilled" fighters in the game at times went with staves, or axes. A key note on being an archer- you will need a LOT of arrows if you plan to train with a bow and arrow (Which most people use when they're fighting, not for training; slings with stones are used to practice ranged attacks due to cheap ammo), although the ammunition does not cost a lot. There are many different types of weapons, as said before- swords (short, long, broadswords, rapiers, etc), daggers, axes, staves, and throwing weapons (Ninja stars and spears ). An important notice, though- becoming a mage, whether it be a battle mage or normal mage, takes EXTREMELY LONG (A few months or so after getting a teacher to learn all spells). Magic IS the strongest fighting type class, and as such, magic teachers do not give magic lessons (That's how you learn magic, through lessons with real in-game teachers) to anyone. They want to make sure you won't burn half the island once you get your magical powers.

As said before, the community is pretty great, laid-back and relaxed (Although sometimes the in-game atmosphere can be pretty... scary xD). The 'story' is that your character has shipped to the island called Gobiath, where other people (Outcasts, people who seek opportunity, and even a prince with an army before) live. You arrive in the harbor and plan to move to a nearby city- there is Troll's Bane, the 'capital' of Gobiath, where you can meet a member of every race there, of any job. There is a halfling town south, orcs and dwarf settlements north-east, a lizard-settlement east, a small island next door where the elves live, and the mysterious, dreaded place near the halfling town, Hellbriar.

As said before, you are to be IN-CHARACTER all time, this is an RP MMO. I've been playing this game for... 4 years, joined the forum 3 years ago. I've went through I think 5+ characters now: two DIY yourself characters, a barbaric (but honorable) warrior who died in war, the barbarian's brother, a druid/scholar, and presently, a hobbit cook.

More information!

The game's graphics are, honestly, worse than Runescape. That is probably the only draw back of the game, besides the sometimes weird combat system (Mostly the magic system). Everyone's avatars look the same (Though gender/race differences are shown, along with size/weight/height.), and the combat/crafting system is basically full of descriptive quotes, and floating swords floating above one's head to show that you are fighting.

The staff KNOWS this. They've been working on the infamous/extremely wanted VBU, or very big update. Once this update comes into play, there will be paperdolling- you will be able to dress up your char and not look like all the other male dwarves in your guild. The combat system will be improved, and I think live actions will be displayed. The magic system will be improved, and the long-awaited priest magic system will be put in afterwards. You can look up a thread in the forums with a sneak peak. This update will, 99% sure, come out this year.

Long post is long. It's worth it, though. This game is awesome. "

That was me describing it a few months ago... so now I have 5 years under my belt, and the VBU is still close to come (small admin group- it's hard to revamp the entire game fast). And I retired my hobbit chef and now go about with my hobbit professor/teacher around.

And the actual link:
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