Darkside Fairytale & One Tale
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M / Closer Than You T...
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Summary: The story revolves around a boy name Hidoyoshi, he's a orphan who was adopted by a wise, old-timer named Itsuki. Itsuki teaches Hidoyoshi magic and helps him become a mage, but Hidoyoshi is not alone, because Itsuki teaches 3 other students.
Tifa, a beautiful, young girl who learned ice magic and is a mage as well. Junko, a carefree and reckless person who learned fire magic and is a close-combat fighter who uses gaunlets, and Yumi, a serene young girl who know wind magic and is a archer who uses arrows.
But Itsuki taught Hidoyoshi, dark magic. Dark magic is a creation-like magic which he can make anything or absorb anything and become his own power.

As time passed on, Hidoyoshi dreams of become one of the 10 Warlocks(Strongest Magic-User in the 10 Grand Countries), but what he really wants is to find an ambition to follow with his friends.

~ Chapter 1~ "An Amazing Reunion, well kinda."~

The 3-man team is in Creatoria (Where they once traveled and so one of the Grand Contries) and they
are walking to a staduim, where all the top young teams battle. Hidoyoshi, Junko, and Yumi go in the beautiful staduim filled with the top teams everywhere in the world.

Hidoyoshi, "Too bad, we are not well knowned in the world.

Yumi, "It's alright, we'll make it in the Coronta Tournament one day, we just need to do amazing things happens dring these 4 years."

Junko, "I can't believe they didn't pay attention all the destruction I caused."

Yumi, " It sure cause Itsuki trouble, right?

Hido, *nods.*


Hido, "The tournament takes every 4 years and the winner of the tournament get at least 1,000,000 gil and also the leader of the team has a good chance making it in the Warlock position, since one of the Warlocks grow old and end up retiring.

Yumi, "Itsuki was told to be the best Warlock in history of the Warlock Council."

Hido, "Pretty much, he knows well over 100 different kinds of magic."

Junko, "Whatcha' guys talkin' about."

Hido, "ehhhh....Nothing. hehe."

Announcer, "Now, lets' introduce the teams who will be duking it out! First are the Crypto Dreigners and the Light Mares."

~Crypto Dreigners Enter the scence~
Cyrus, the leader of the team and is a psychic magic-user and is strong in close combat also.
Anko, a guy who usesIllusionist who can also mess with your mind.
Rarey, a girl who is a fire-user and is a archer.
Topu, a boy who wears a brown raccoon suit and uses earth-magic and uses close-combat.
Hora, a girl who uses poison as her element and use a vine as a weapon.

~Light Mares Enter the scence~
Noctis, The leader of the team and is a dark user who wields a sword.
Tifa, a ice user and is a mage and is a beautiful attractice girl.
Stella, a girl who uses lighting and uses a staff.
Leaf, a guy who uses the environment as his weapon and poison as well.
Auron, a guys who is a water user who uses a trident as his weapon.

Announcer, "The Light Mare has a 2 to 1 chance of winning this year's Coronta Tournament and is famous around the globe."


Cyrus," tsk! We are going to win and change the minds of the people who diss us."

*back to Hido and his companions"

Junko, "ISN'T THAT TIFA."?!

Hido, "Yeah."


Hido, "I am kinda suprised, but I don't like showing too much emotion."

Junko, "That's always like you Hido."

Yumi, " I remember when it used to the 4 of us battling neiborhood kids in Unkkoa."

Hido, "Please don't reminisce the past."

Yumi, "Dont worry."

Junko, "Tifa has sure grown a lot! *smiling wickedly*"

*Hido makes adark hammer and knocks out Junko*


*Hido ignores Junko, by walking away."

Junko, "Don't ignore be like that!"

Yumi, "Where are you going?"

Hido, "Going to find a better view."

Announcer, " Let me go over the rules for the other team to win."

Rules: "The players on both teams pick on who they want to fight and first one to 3 wins automatically wins."

Tifa, "Leader, this will be an easy win."


Tifa, "Leader?"

Noctis, "Sorry, I was distracted, I saw the greatest opponent in the stands, but he is not well known yet.

*Tifa looked at where Noctis just looked.*

Tifa, "HIKO!"

Leaf, "What happened?"

Tifa, "Nothing, just someone I thought i met before."

Auron, "Nakaro Hidoyoshi? ehh?"

Tifa, "SHUT UP!

Stella, "Don't worry, they're just messing around."

Tifa, *nods*

*Noctis stares at Hiko as Hiko stares back*

Hiki, "We'll battle in 4 years, dont worry."

Noctis, "Looks away and stands up and gets ready for battle."

Leaf, "Noctis, never seen you this hyped up."

Noctis, "I have business to tend to."

*Chapter End*


~ Chapter 2~ "The Coronta Tournament End in an Awe!"

Tifa, “Leader who will be the first person to fight?

Noctis, “It will be me”

Tifa, “Are you sure? You can take out everyone in that weak team”

Noctis, “Yes, but I can’t take down everyone. Cyrus has a high spirit and the tendency to never give.”

Cyrus, “tsk. I see he thinks he can take down all of us!?”

Rarey, “Good luck, master.”

Cyrus, “huh? Ohhh thanks!”

Anko, “This’ll be one heck of a match!”

Topu, “Vranghh!”

Hora, “Good luck!”

*first time that Cyrus felt so much comfort in his heart that he smiled”

Cyrus, nods and smiles

As Noctis and Cyrus enter the battlefield, they get ready for the horrific match.

Noctis goes straight at Cyrus and hits him with his ultimate move, “Dark Spiral”, a move that hits the enemy repeatedly for 10 seconds.

Cyrus falls down a shouts in pain

Anko, “CYRUS!”

*reminisce of the past*

Cyrus, “ANKO! Let’s become the number one team in the globe!

Anko, “Isn’t that too much?”

Cyrus, “What are you talking about, we can do it if we never give up!”

Anko, pauses in awe and agress with him

*back to the present”

Cyrus falls down and is believed to be defeated as Noctis looks down at him

*Cyrus went back up and in surprise that no one ever got up from the Dark Spiral
then Cyrus tried to hit Noctic in the face with a “Psycho Cut”, but he failed to do so and fell in defeat.”

The rest of the Crypto Dreigners didn’t use the lost of their master as an excuse that they lose and they had the same will as Cyrus, and lose in a noble fashion


Junko, “Wow, they’re strong!”

Yumi, “Yep! *amazed in awe too”

Hido, “When he make it to the Coronta Tournament, let’s go to finals against them and win.”

Yumi, “But, we need 5 people to enter and how can we beat them?”

Hido, “The will to never give up.”

Junko, “ O I see, so the only we win is just hit them hard, right?”

Yumi, “Don’t be such an idiot we have to get strong and have a dying will”

Hido smiles and nods

As days passed on. The FINALS CAME and the Light Mares Won as the Lunar Eclipse as runner-ups

Junko, “the Light Mares actually almost lost!”

Hido, “There is always someone better or as strong as you.”

Junko, “Stop acting cool and wisdomess”

Yumi, “You can’t change how a person act Junko, but we’re lucky that he’s not always crueland reckless.”

Hido, “Wanna go meet Tifa?”


Junko, YEAH?!

Hido, “because we did’nt see her for 4 years and we’re 18 now we should be okay with this*

Yumi and Junko pass out in awe


Tifa, “Master get up!”

Noctis, “I’m okay, but that is not nothing compared to him.”

Tifa, Stares at Hido in shyness

Leaf, “What’re you looking at?”

Tida, “Ohhh. Nothing!!!”

Auron, “It’s obvious, you like him!”

Tifa, “I DO NOT!”

Stella, “Guys, please stop!”

Leaf, “Alright.”

Auron, “Sorry”

Noctis, “Let’s go and Tifa do you want to meet them?”

Tifa, “Well…”

Leaf, “see do like him!”

Tifa, “I DO NOT!”

Noctic, “Don’t worry, it’ll be over in 10 minutes”
Tifa, nods

in a park filled with kids playing and adults having parties

Junko, “Where is Hido? Yumi?

Yumi, “I don’t know? He left us in the ground passed out.”

The Light Mares come in the scene and stop

Junko, “Hey, you’re the Light Mares, nice battle!

Leaf, “Ehhh? Just pipsqueaks, leave them alone.

Tifa, “Their not pipsqueaks, there old friends and strong opponents.”

Leaf, “O Really? I don’t see it”

Junko, “If you don’t see it, then let’s a battle!”

Leaf, “Alright, This will be over in seconds!*

Noctis, “You’re part of Hidoyoshi’s team?”

Yumi, “Yes”

Leaf, “These pipsqueaks are in the Hidoyoshi’s team?” Pathetic, he must be weak too.”

Junko, Hits Leaf with a fiery fist and Leaf spits out blood in the process

Yumi, “JUNKO!”

Everyone in the scene is shocked except Noctis who is silent and just looking at the scene


Leaf, “That was not a bad punch, haha I guess your team is not that weak.”

Stella, “LEAF, STOP IT!”

Yumi, “Calm down Junko.”

Both Leaf and Junko calmed down

Noctis, “Where’s Hidoyoshi?”

Yumi, “We don’t know”

Junko, “Yeah, we were looking for him. He is usually like this, getting information around the area.”

Noctis, *smiles and says “Tell him, we’ll battle in 4 years in the Coronta Tournament”

Yumi, “We will”

Leaf, “And you’re going to lose!”

*Hido comes in and hits Leaf with a dark hammer”


Noctis, “Hidoyoshi..ehh?”

Leaf, “That’s Hidoyoshi?”

Junko, “Yeah, and we made a promise we will win the Coronta Tournament!

Noctis, “smiles and says let’s battle someday”

Hido, nods

Leaf, “What? You can’t talk retarded shit”

Hido, “I don’t show that much emotion and lawn-head, at least I’m not a total-pain in the ass.”

Leaf, “WHY YOU!”

Noctis, “Leaf stop, we’re going”

*Hido stress at Tifa and says “Long time no see”

Tifa, nods “Yeah”

*Rest Of Light Mares already 2 sidewalks away and Tifa says shyly, “Bye!”

Hido, Yumi, and Junko, nods

in the dark traveling in a desert

Leaf, “ You like him. “


Noctic, “It’s true”

Stella, “Yep.”


~Chapter End~


~ Chapter 3~ "To A New Adventure.”

doors opens

Yumi, “Itsuki! We just came back from Creatoria!”

Junko, “ITSUKI?!”

Hido, “Junko be quiet…almost broke my eardrum.”

Junko runs to Itsuki office

Itsuki, “Welcome back. Haha.”

Yumi, “Yes.”

Hido, “Why did you call us for?”

Itsuki, “A preparation for your adventure.”

Hido, “Hm?”

Itsuki, “I’ll give all 3 of you kinda like power-ups.”


Yumi, “Thank you master”

Hido, “Yeah.”

Itsuki, “All threee of you will get these pets.”

Yumi, “Pets?”

Junko, “Mine better be kickass”


*A cat came in through the door*

Itsuki, “That’s your pet, a fire cat, it utilizes in power and close combat”


Itsuki, “And you Yumi, you get a…*Itsuki hold a raccoon wind-type pet*
Yumi, “Isssss that mine?”

Itsuki, “Yes”

Yumi, “Thank you master! I’m very grateful! hugs Itsuki

Itsuki, “It’s common for aprent to care for their child.”

Hido, “Yep.”

Itsuki, “Hido.”

Hido, “Yes, master.”

everyone hears a big noise and a gengar-like monster comes down. It looks like gegar but is black and its mouth and eyes are fully white and look like a real-life painting demon thing

Itsuki, “This is Nakaro, the dark demon. I used him in battle when I was your age and he’s a great help.”

Nakaro, “What’s Up?”

Junko, “What Up.” *as the fire cat is on his face licking him.”

Junko, “Liki, stop. Haha”

Nakaro, No your wrong up is…..

Hido, “a direction”

Itsuki, “I guess you guys are perfect for each other.”

Nakaro and Hido, “Yosh”

Yumi, “Why did you give us these cute pets?”

Nakaro, “Who’s cute?”

Itsuki, “Nakaro be quiet. And also the answer to your question Yumi is that so you guys can win battles and hopefully win the Coronta Tournament. You’’ll train with these for 3 days and you’ll set off.”

Yumi, “Are you sure, master.”

Itsuki, “Yes.”
3 days past as the 3-man team train

Yumi, “Bye Master!

Itsuki, “See ya.”

Hido, “We’ll win the Coronta Tournament.”

Junko, “It’ll be easy, haha.”

walking in a sidewalk of a town

Nakaro, “Where are we going anyways?”

Yumi, “Litini, where the world largest dock is, because for the biggest lighthouse in the world.”

Hido, “500 feet high.”

Junko, “DAMN, im even scared In that height.”

Liki, “Meow.”

Yumi, “haha”

Hido, “There it is, what a beautiful sight.”

Yumi, “Yeah”

Nakaro, “I’m more beautiful!”

Hido, “Whatever.”

~Chapter End~


~ Chapter 4~ "Help in Litni!, well only from a bakery owner.”

Yumi, “Haaa. I’m hungry.”

Hido, “There’s a bakery place just right in the corner.”

Junko, “Let’s go there.”

Nakaro, “Time to chow!”

opens door

Hido, “Hello anyone here.”

random guy gets through curtains, sorry we are closed

Hido, “Why?”

…Hi my name is Victor Dawn

Victor, “We are closed, sorry!”

…Hido, “Hi, my name is Nakaro Hidoyoshi.”

Nakaro, “That’s why Itsuki named me Nakaro, because he thinks this kid will surprise him.”

Junko, “Whatya’ say?”

Nakaro, “Nothing.”

lady comes in

Hi my name is Lana Dawn and sorry we are closed

Hido, “May you please tell us a very specific reason why you are closed? When the sign says open 8:00 A.M. to 7 P.M.?

Victor, “…”

*as silence went through the room, nothing could be heard except the heavy breaths the Dawn’s are taking.”

Hido, “Please.”

Victor, “I can’t help it! PLEASE HELP ME!

Junko, “What wrong?”

Nakaro, “Yo brah’, what’s wrong.”

Lana, “Our daughter was kidnapped by a Wanted criminal.”

Victor, “And his name is Sol who is a fire user and his bounty is 40,000.”

Yumi, “44444-0000,00000?”

Lana, nods

Hido, “Want us to help?”

Victor, “But how’ll you know where they are?”

Yumi, “When was she kidnapped?”

Victor, “Only 2 days ago.”

Junko, “He’s a fire user sooooo.”

Victor, “O Yeah, our daughter’s name is Litini and uses Light powers and healing powers and she was taken because Sol is interested in her and used his charm magic to get her.”

Hido, “How would you know?”

Lana, “We saw everything. Also he took us out in a blur after taking our daughter.”

Junko, “I know where there are.”

Hido, “Hm?”

Yumi, “How?”

Hido, “Instinct.”

Yumi, “What?”

Hido, *opens door and say “Let’s get her.”

Yumi, “What?”
Nakaro, “This’ll be easy.”

Junko, “Let’s go”

Victor, “Young lady, please watch over them and thank you.”

Yumi, nods

walking in the sidewalk

Hido, “Where are they?”

Junko, “In the lighthouse.”

Hido, “Everyone hang on to me.”

Yumi, “Are you going to use shadow walk?”

Hido, “Yeah”

Nakaro, “You can control shadows?”

Hido, “And use dark, shadow is my subdivision.”

-subdivision in this context means the extra lessons/powers for the element for example healing is a subdivision of light-

Junko, “Kidding me? Can we just run?”

Hido, “Why?”

Junko, “Cause it feels like we are in roller coaster going 5000 miles per seconds.”

Hido, *makes a dark arm and puts it on everyone’s shoulder and says “you’ll get used
To it”

near a second, they teleport to a dark area (behind the lighthouse)

Hido, “We can only teleport to dark places with the shadow walk.”

Junko, *coughing like hell*

Yumi, “My head hurts”

Nakaro, “I’m okay.”

Yumi, “Because you too have the element dark!”

Hido, “Haha. Well here it is.”

Yumi, “Yeah”

Junko, “I’m afraid we’ll break the largest lighthouse today.”

Hido, “True.”

~Chapter End~


The first 4 chapters of Darkside Fairytale and One Tale has been released by AnimeElementLink to check out One Tale! Thank you for reading!

Title: One Tale

Summary: It begins with a kid named Daichi, (meaning: Wisdom and Great) merely 13 of age when it began. The beginning of the great adventure to save the second world: One Tale. From the hands of the Dark Clans from conquering One Tale or will Fate have this child develop his powers and save the world.




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M / Closer Than You T...
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Here's Darkside Fairytale Chapter 5!

~ Chapter 5~ "Fire King Sol and his disciples cause trouble…and us too.”

Junko, “Let’s do this quick.”

Hido, “I need to eat, forgot to eat breakfast back at Itsuki’s.”

Junko, “Me too, that’s what we get for oversleeping.”

Yumi, “Let’s go now.”

Junko flies as fire comes out of feet and makes a giant fire hand and destroys the top of the lighthouse

Hido puts his hand on Yumi and uses Shadow Walk to the top of the lighthouse

Junko falls in frustration and everyone else sees one of the Great Warlords, Fire King Sol!

Hido, “I was afraid of this.”

Yumi, “He’s one the warlords!”

Junko, “Doesn’t matter. WE WILL WIN!!!!!”

*Sol laughs and says “You’re not strong enough to even fight me, fools. You’ll be worthy of fighting me if you beat my disciples.”

*A big gust comes in and throws everyone to the other side, but not Yumi.”

Yumi, “I’ll take on this one.”

*The mysterious girl comes in and says “Fool, you’ll never defeat us!”

Yumi took out her bow and shot a arrow at her, but the mysterious girl blew it away.

Sol, “Aertha,, you got this one?”

Aertha, “Yes, master. This’ll be easy.

Yumi, grins and shot another arrow, but the arrow was just a diversion and Yumi disappeared during the process*

Aertha, “Where is she?”

Yumi appeared in front of her, but Aertha hit her. But that Yumi was just an illusion and Yumi was really in the dark side of the top floor getting ready to shoot her ultimate technique, “Tempesto”, it is a large arrow which is barely visible that feels like getting hit by 1000 arrows per second

Aertha had barely time to dodge, but a shadow took her away.

Aertha, “Ace!”

Ace, “You okay *stares at Yumi and says “how dare you hurt my comrade!?”

Ace disappeared getting ready to hit him with a giant ice hand, but Junko came in and hit Ace’s head with a giant fire head

Junko, “Not manly to hit a woman.”

Ace, “Aertha, I’ll take on this guy.”

Aertha, nods

Ace and Junko disappeared and met at the middle of the fllor and his each other’s face with a grazing punch, but both still got up

As both went to hit each other, Junko made a fire clone and hit Ace with a fire sword, but it was an ice clone

Junko made fire in his feet to speed up and evade his attack and made a fire tornado from his mouth as Ace made a giant ice wall

But, Yumi made a giant wind and made Aertha go to Ace as the ice wall gets broken. Then Junko came In and knocked out Ace with a single punch.

Aertha, “ACE!”

Sol, “Aertha bring Ace to other room and both of you rest.”

*Aertha took hold of Ace and disappeared.”


Yumi, “Calm down, we have bigger problems.”

Junko, “Yeah, where’s Hido anyways?”

Yumi, “And Nakaro.”

Sol, *laughed and said “You guys are dead!!!!”

Sol made a giant fire hand, but that was a distraction and then Sol came in and punched Junko cold

Yumi, “JUNKO!”

Sol, “You are going to be one of my dolls just like the other girl of those wasteful bakers!!!”

Hido, “What did you say?”


Sol, grins and goes to his battle stance

*Hido jumps down from the statue and say “Get ready.”

~Chapter End~

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23 / M / Close Very Close
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One Tale

Chapter 1: The New Powers and Teamates

Morning Time: Daichi wakes up to a annoying sound. The village was under attack by the Dark Clan. By the looks of it it has

seem they had sent there weakest team. Daichi was so angry that he rushed out to fight them. Surprised he found wizards

fighting as well. He was feeling power overflowing. In a way Daichi said "Element Blast: Water," then water came out of his

hands and the enemies flew to the wall knocked out, except for one "The Leader A.K.A.: Sanctum." His power was fire.

Then the raging battle begins Water (Other elements notavailable)V.S Fire. As they both moved to attack each other (both skilled in martial arts other

stuff). Daichi chanted "Double Water Sword," while Sanctum chanted "Great Fire Axe." Then they ran passing each other

Daichi received a cut on the cheek while Sanctum received a big cut on the chest and fainted leaving Daichi victorious, but then a mysterious

figure picked up Sanctum and left.
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27 / F
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LOOOOOVE IT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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M / Closer Than You T...
Posted 5/19/10 , edited 5/20/10
@AnimeElementLink, I didn't think that you'll gain that much progress after 3 hours! Then I asked you to edit and you just add 2 lines!
Well at least, you did your job. Thought you'll do a long-ass one like mines.

@MiracleMoon124, Thank you!

Side Note - ElementLink & I are kinda working on Darkside Fairytale, so One Tale will have slow updates,chapter,etc.
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M / Closer Than You T...
Posted 5/20/10 , edited 5/21/10
~ Chapter 6~ "What, this was a Set-Up!?”

Sol, “So ya think’ you can beat me?”

Hido, “What do you think?”

Sol, “Idiot, I’m the strongest out of the Warlords!”

Hido, “Well, we’ll see about it.”

*Hido shadow walk’d in front of Sol and tries to hit his head with his hand, but Sol grabbed him and threw him away*

Hido took out a sniper, but it was a specialized weapon which he can store his power and shoot

Hido shoot the wall behind him and went through the wall, then place a dark nail on the very bottom of the hole then used a dark rope to hang on

Hido got up and took our 2 dark pistols and threw them to Sol like a boomerang, but Sol deflected it while Hido shadow walk’d in the top of the statue

Nakaro came in and threw a can of apple juice at Sol’s face while Sol was distracted

Sol then tried chasing Nakaro



Yumi used last of her strength for “Tempesto” and his Sol’s armor

Sol’s armor nearly broke

Sol then turned to Yumi

Nakaro, “TAKE THIS” Nakaro threw a opened water bottle at him, then most of the water hit his head, then eventually hit his armor

Sol’s armor broke

Nakaro, “WHAT?! You’re truly a demon. You made your body one with fire!”

Yumi, “What’s that supposed to mean.”

Sol, “I’m not really one of the Warlords, I’m just a servant of the real Sol.”

Hido then shot the sniper at his head, so the fake sol fell down


Hido, “He’s still alive, it’s just that I made him out cold.”

*Hido took our the fake Sol’s helment and asked “Why did you do this?”

*A mysterious girl came in and said “Watch Out!”

???. “Get out of the lighthouse, this is a set-up!”

Hido, “What?”

Yumi, “LET’S GO!”

Hido, “I’ll get Junko and the fake Sol, Yumi get the other two.”

???,” Don’t worry.”

Hido, “Alright.” *mind – “Can we trust her, but this is our only choice.”

Hido used the “Shadow Walk” to get out. While Yumi used the wind of the collapsion of the lighthouse to evacuate.*

Hido, “Where is she?”

???, “Hi my name is Lunar! You have passed!

Yumi, “What?!”

Lunar, “This was really a set-up. Itsuki asked our family to help you in your training.”

Hido, “What about the fake Sol and his disciples?”

Lunar, “That was a set-up too and three of them are real disciples of Sol.”

Junko woke up, then Hido told him what happened


Lunar, “Haha, Why not?
Yumi, “Thanks”

Hido, *nods*

The team came in and started eating and asking questions and they got to sleep in the bakery shop in that night

Lunar, “Ahhh. That was a great sleep!” Lunar walks outside

Hido, “Good morning, Lunar!”

Lunar, “Good morning!” “Hidoyoshi, the other 3 people reported back to Sol just in case you’re worried.”

Hido, “Thanks, and also just call me Hido, haha.”

Lunar, “Haha, yeah I act like that when I’m shy.”

Hido, “Shy?”

Lunar, “Yeah, haha.”

Yumi, “What are you guys doing?”

Lunar, “Nothing.” * says hesitantly*

Hido, “Yeah, nothing…haha.”

Yumi, “Do you guys want to go to get groceries?”

Lunar, “Ehhh.”

Hido, “Sure”

Lunar, “Is it okay with my parents?”

Yumi, “Yeah, they said they’re going to take a long break.”

Lunar, “…Okay, SURE!

~Chapter End~
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M / Closer Than You T...
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/22/10
Here's Chapter 7!

~ Chapter 7~ "A Talk In A Grocery Store”

Yumi, “I can’t pick what I want!”

Hido, “Pick what’s really needed.”

Yumi, “Easy for you to say.”

Hido, “Hey, Lunar how did your parents even start a bakery shop?”

Lunar, “O. They really don’t own the shop.”

Hido, “WHAT?! What about the food?”

Lunar, “Illusions.”

Hido, “What!?”

Lunar, “The fake Sol and his disciples were Illusion too.”

Hido, “Seriously?”

Lunar, “Yeah, Itsuki told me to use my Illusions to give you guys some experience before you start your real journey and my light magic to help make the Illusions realistic.”

Hido, “So everything was fake?”

Yumi, “We took down your Illusions?”

Lunar, nods

Hido, “They were pretty strong.”

Lunar, “Yeah, I was a student of Itsuki and Lana and Victor in the bakery shop taught me too!”

Hido, “You’re a student of Itsuki?”

Lunar, “Yeah, then he sent me here to learn light magic.”

Yumi, “Amazing.”

Lunar, “Sorry for not telling you guys. Thought Victor or Lana would’ve told you already.”

Hido, “It’s alright…haha.”

Yumi, “Yeah.”

Lunar, smiles

Yumi, “I’ll go ahead, I’ll leave you guys alone.”

Hido “Aight.”

Hido, “Lunar, wanna walk around?”

Lunar, “Sure.”

Hido, “Lunar, so who are you’re real parents?”

Lunar, “My mom is one of the warlords, Hina, Pleasant Light and my dad is Sol, Fire King.”


Lunar, “Yep, they left me with Itsuki to train and he taught me Illusion while Victor helped me with light magic.”

Lunar, “Hido, who are your parents?”

Hido, “Well, they died in an invasion from Omrion, the Shadow Knight, one of the Warlords in the village I lived, Herde’ in Creatoria.

Lunar, “I heard of the invasion, but how do you know it’s Omrion’s doing?”

Hido “When Itsuki taught me dark magic, the more I realized that the shadow demon I saw was him. The aura was the same too.”

Lunar, Just listened and nodded

Hido , “What’s your dream?”

Lunar, “To be great as my mother or even greater.”

Lunar, “You?”

Hido, “It’ll be great if I was promoted to a Warlord, but I don’t really have anything in my mind.”


Hido, “Aight, let’s go.”

enters shop

Lunar, “We’re home!”

Victor, “Welcome back!

Hido, “Where’s Yumi?”

Hido, “Going to get her.”

Victor, “Alright, and Junko can you go to the basement and help Lana with carrying things?

Junko, “Aight.”

Victor, “Lunar, tomorrow they’re leaving.”

Lunar, “Yeah, we had fun during these 2 days.”

Victor, “Do you want to join them in their adventures?”

Lunar, “Well…Yeah, but will they let me?”

Victor, “How did they react to your Illusions?”

Lunar, “Amazed.”

Victor, “Do you like the feeling of someone complimenting you?”

Lunar, “Yes.”

Victor, “I heard that you want to be great as you’re mother.”

Lunar, “How?”

Victor, “Do you want to be as great your mother, that’s the question.”

Lunar, “Yes, and I want to Hiko and his companions.”

Hido comes in with Yumi lying on the floor

Yumi, “Don’t use the “Shadow Walk” again.” said weakly and couldn’t be understand

Hido, “Where’s Junko?”

Junko, “Right here! *about more well than over 10 boxes in his arms.”

Hido, “Don’t carry that much.”

Junko slipped and Hido managed to get ths boxes by making dark arms to cath them

Hido, “Careful, next time.”

Junko, “I know, haha.”

Lana, “Well time to eat.” Having a giant pot of soup in her arms

Lana, “Dig in!”

Nakaro came out of the box Hido locked him in for annoying him too much

Hido, “Crap.”

Nakaro & Junko, “TIME TO EAT!”

Lunar, laughs

Hido, stares and smiles

~Chapter End~

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~ Chapter 8~ "Thousand Dreams”

Hido, “Hey guys, it’s time to go now!”

Junko, “Alright!”

Yumi, “Coming!”

Hido, “Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Tsukiko!”

Lana, “Visit us next time!”

Victor makes a bye sign, while Lunar comes from the door

Lunar, “Uncle Victor, I have chosen to follow my dream.”

Victor, “Don’t blame ya.”

Lana, “You better get going, we don’t have that much time.

flashback, Yumi, “They said they’re taking a long break.

*Lunar hugs both of them and says and cries “Thank you for everything and I owe you my life!!!!!”

Victor, “Calm down and get going. You’re behind.”

Lana, “Goodbye, my daughter.”

Lunar runs to the crew while crying.

Hido, “So you finally came?”

Junko, “Alright, we just need one more awesome member and we can enter the Coronta tournament!”

*Lunar smiles and walks with the team to…


Junko, “I can’t…

Hido, “believe that


Junko, “It’s alright.”

Hido, “At least we can explore more places.”

Yumi, “Yep.”

*Lunar smiles and says “Thank you guys!”

Nakaro, “Tsk.”

Hido, “Be quiet Nakaro.”

Lunar, “Where did you guys get these cute animals?”

Yumi, “From Itsuki!”

Lunar, “I was trained by him before, he taught me many stuff!”

Yumi, “Go figure, he teaches a lot of people magic.”

Lunar, “Wow, so persistent.”

Hido ignores everyone and remembers the past

Yumi, “My name is Cuzimoto Yumi and I want to learn wind magic, Uncle Itsuki!”

Junko, “My name is Honaruku Junko and I want to learn destructive magic like…like…

Tifa, “My name is Leon Tifa and may I learn ice magic?!”

Hido, “My name is Hidoyoshi and I want to learn…

Itsuki, “Dark magic.”

Hido, “Hm?”

Itsuki, “My name is Nakaro Itsuki and I think that you Hido have no family?”

Hido, “Yes.”

Itsuki, “From now on, all of us are family and we will never have conflict with anyone In our family.”

Tifa, “I’m so excited! Thank you, master!”

Junko, “YEAH!”

Yumi, “Let’s get to know each other!”

*Hido smiles and says “Yes, sir.”


Junko, “Hey Hido, are you there?”

Yumi, “Of course he is, he’s just thinking.”

Junko, “I hate it when he’s like this.”

Hido, “Want make future plans? Like who we are going to battle in the Coronta Tournament?

Lunar, “How are you so persistent and sure that you’ll make it the Finals with them?

Hido, “Because we made a promise.”

Lunar turns stun

Yumi, “Yep and I have a bone to pick with Tifa.”

Junko, “AWWW! I want Hido vs. Tifa.”

Hido punches Junko down

Hido, “You got Leaf Sakiyoura. I get Shutokami Noctis. Yumi you get Tifa.”

Lunar, “Can I battle Yumanami Stella? I want to better than her in healing and light magic and I heard she’s popular.”

Hido, “Sure and we just need to get someone man enough to battle Shutokami Auron and we’re done.”

Yumi, “Yep.”

Hido, “Here we are! Nerga!

Junko, “This place better be ready for the new improve Darkside Fairtale!”
Lunar, “Why did you know your team Darkside Fairytale?”

Hido, “Because our adventures are like fairytales and the dark side of that fairytale will never win against us. Then we end up becoming called the “Darkside of the Fairytale.”

Yumi, “Yup, and that’s why we have the ambition to never lose and to keep moving forward.”

Junko, “And because it sounds cool.”

Nakaro, “RAWR~”

Lunar, “Yepp.”

~Chapter End~

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~ Chapter 9~ "Nerga and the Troublemaker”

Junko, “Where is Nerga?!”

Hido, “In that small house.”

Junko, “I thought you said it was a city?”

Junko vigorously pulls the giant double door away.

The crew saw a Giant city underground

Yumi, “Such a beautiful city.”

Hido, “Yeah.”

The city looked like a Asian city, and looks like a place where gangs and drug lords hang out in.

Junko jumped down about 20 feet instead of taking the stairs then yelled “Get your asses down here!”

Hido used “Shadow Walk” and got in front of Junko

Yumi, “Lunar, want to just walk?”

Lunar, “It will be alright.”

Yumi, “Want to go to grab a bite?”

Lunar, “Gladly!”

Hido, “Junko, they’re going to grab a bite, you should follow them.”

Junko, “Sure? Who will be with ya?”

Hido, “Nakaro.”

Junko, “Where is he?”

Hido turned his body to his element, dark and took Nakaro out.

Hido, “I can store stuff in my body if I cover it with my dark magic.”

Junko, “Anything?”

Hido, “Yes, but only stuff until about 2 ½ feet. I usually cover the item with a dark box. So which I call it “Darkboxing”.

Junko, “Sounds dumb.”

Hido, “At least I don’t name my attacks “Super Ultimate Fire Punch K.O.”

Junko, “Hey, that’s a cool name and I’m going to Lunar and Yumi, now.”

Hido, “Alright.”

Hido, “Hey fatass demon, wake up.”


Hido, “I don’t care.”

Nakaro, “Whatever. Where are the others?

Hido, “Getting something to eat.”

Nakaro, “Let’s go to the ramen shop, over there.”

Hido, “Eh? Why not?”

As Nakaro and Hido enter they see someone running there way and an old man chasing the person.

The person was about Hido’s height and had white hair. He had to guess he was trouble maker.

???, “Hey get out my way!”


Hido tripped the white haired kid

Old Man, “Hotaru! WHY DID I SAY?!”

Hotaru, “Old man, I was just messing with ya’”

Hido, “That’s not how you’re supposed to treat your elders.”
Old Man, “He’s right and now Hotaru go and start getting your lazy butt working.”

Hotaru, “Yeah, yeah.”

Hotaru went to the nearby closet

Old Man, “I’m sorry for causing you guys trouble.”

Hido, “It’s okay. We just want to grab a bite.”

Old Man, “Gladly, for what he have done and you’ll get a free serving of 2 bowls of large sized soup. It will be even our main attraction, “s’Picy Hikin O’noodle.”

Hido, “Sure! Thank you.”

After 30 minutes, Nakaro was laying on his back on the table full and tired, while Hido was in a position of sleeping.”

Hido, “Ahhh. Nakaro let’s go n…..

Hido, “Sleeping...Eh?

Hido used “Darkboxing” on Nakaro, then went up to the old man.

Hido, “Thank you for everything, we’ll be going now.”

Old Man, “Wait, can I ask you a favor?”

Hido, “Yeah, anything.”

Old Man, “See him, that’s my delinquent troublemaker child, Hotaru. Can you persuade him to walk with you around the city?”

Hido, “Hmmm. Alright. I need to pay you back for the delicious noodles.”

Old Man, “Thank you.”

Hido went up to Hotaru and said “Hey! Your father said He wants you to hang out with me.”

Hotaru, “Tsk. If you beat me in a fight, then I’ll follow your orders.”

Hido, “Alright, then let’s go.”

Hotaru, “Get ready to get your ass kicked.”

Hido, “We’ll see.”

~Chapter End~

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