whos your loli idol read the 1st post
Posted 5/20/10 , edited 5/20/10
1.your loli idol
2.the cutest loli you`ve ever seen
3.the sexiest loli
4.the cute loli eyes
5.the pretiest loli costume
6.the cute reaction of a loli
7.the coolest loli
8.the kindest loli
9.the wierdest loli
10.the funniest loli
11.the most annoying loli
12.maid loli
13.cute twin loli
14.cute yuri loli
15.ecchi loli
16.blushy loli
17.shiest loli
18.sleepiest loli
19.tsundere loli
20.laziest loli
21.gifted loli
22.crazy loli
23.matured loli
24.cute hairstyle loli
25.cute emo loli
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