Smallville Season 9 Finale and Season 10
Posted 5/20/10 , edited 5/21/10
In the season finale, here are questions that we are wondering about what might happen in Season 10.

Is Tess Mercer really dead? The mystery woman was seen knitting and later went to the room where Tess died.

Who is the mystery woman? I'm thinking Granny Goodness.

If you don't know about this character, check the link here.

If it's Granny Goodness, what she's going to do with Tess? Bring her back to life?

Will this mean for the arrival of Darkseid?

Oliver said to Chloe they are not Kandorians who attacked him. Who are they? Besides in the end, we saw all the Kandorians were transported to another planet. Granny's Minions? Suicide Squad? Checkmate agents?

What will happen to Clark once he fell from the building? He has blue kryptonite pierced in his gut which means he can't fly. Will someone save him? Martian Manhunter? Hawkman? or Clark himself?

Will we see Zod come back to Earth in Season 10?
Posted 5/31/10 , edited 5/31/10
Season 9 doesn't start in the uk till tomorrow nite so haven't seen it yet
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