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"There's a legend that 40 years ago a assassin was about to be executed here but somehow escaped!!"
"Shut up!!! You're sreeping me out!"
Just so you know, I have no idea who these people are. My name is Kaori and I am 16 years old. I was dragged here as a "field trip", but this is just an empty field...
"Let's go back to the caaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Fine! Let's go, what ever your name is!" I slowly walked behind them but stopped. The sun was hot, and there was somethign shining in my eye. I'm a guy though, heheh. Men like me dont get hurt by that stuff...
Anyways, I went to see what it was.
Haruno, Shi 000045
It was a dog tag. Not of any use, so I put it in my pocket. bad idea.... I went on behind the random people...

Not much happened the rest of the day, except that I was dragged around town by people I dont even know. I managed to escape though, but afterwards, I was chased by them all the way to my house. I made sure that I closed and locked all the windows and doors, though.
I collapsed on the bed. Everything was hot. There isnt an A/C in my room either, and I could here the people yelling right outside by house. The best way to keep cool is to turn off the lights. So, I do.
"Out of all the people in this world, you had to be the one to pick up my dog tag.
"Who's there?!" She turned on the light. Her long, black hair went all the way to her hips. She wore something that looked kind off Chinese and I guess what she calls "comfortable and easy to run around in".
"Shi Haruno." I remembered and went digging in my laundry for the wants that I put the dog tag in. It couldnt be, how could she find me out of all the people in Tokyo?!"
She made me turn around and grabbed my chin to put it closer to her face, "You lost it, didn't you?"
A shiver went down my spine. She must be a agility prodigy or something to get into here with all the doors and windows locked! What if she's the assassin from 40 years ago?! She can't be! She's my age!
Numerous thoughts went through my mind. I was thinking she puts on ALOT of lotion or something like that... She just glared into my eyes like she knew what I was thinking.
"Are you in there?" She shook my head around, "Did you lose the dog tag?!"
"Tell me who you are first!!!"
"I'm Shi Haruno, and I was a assassin 40 years ago until I was I was put into a life saving capsule to be put to work in future wars. That day was supposed to come when someone took the dog tag and I would be tested and go find it. The test wasn't very hard to pass, comparing me to a wimp like you."
"Hey!!!!" I shut up as I saw her reach into a sack that was strapped aorund her leg. What's in there?! Ninja stars?!
"So did you lose it?"
She sighed and backed away," Fine. I'll give you 2 choices to apologize to me. Teach me how modern girls act, or die."
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"Shiiiiiiiiiiii! Are you scaring kids these days again?" As I came in the room
"How in the world did you get in here too?!?!"Kaori said in shock
"Ayy, its a long story. Sorry about that, Shi may caused a bit of trouble...oh by the way, my name is Nani, nice to meet you." As I went on and grabbed Shi making sure she doesnt get closer to Kaori and freak her out.
", uhh my name is...umm.. Kaori....nice to"
"Yeah, this is not the first time we see someone this freaked out." Shi laughed
"YOUR THE CLUMSY ONE THAT KEEPS DROPPING YOUR DOG TAG AND YOUR ALL HERE TO FREAK THEM OUT AND THINK ITS FUNNY?!!?!" I yelled at Shi with such a face that Shi immediately stopped fooling around.
"Well, please dont tell anyone our existence as a 40 year old time traveler! We were both send on missions to this time, but since now you know, would you mind keeping a secret for us?" As i begged Kaori hoping that she doesnt freak out further more after hearing this.
"Oh thanks! Well, is it possible that we can stay with you for a while till our mission's done? Having a modern girl teaching us would be much easier too! " I suggested.
"But then what if others started asking where were we from?" Shi wondered
"Easy, were her long lost distance cousin that she just found out about a few days ago when we visited her!" I blobbered out the simplest reason that i have used to fake up in many of my essays.
"Well, you guys can stay with me here for now, but then later i would have to think of excuses as we go on if that's alright with you guys,..." Kaori said while with a bit of humble in her voice.

(is this alrightt?? LOL!just made it up like right before going to sleep xD well good night guys! )
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(goody!!! I already like this story a lot! That always happens when ur so excited for other people to respond!!!)

"I don't know many girls... I know one but she is really busy so it'll be hard to find her since she doesnt even pick up her phone most of the time." I said as I peeked out the window to see if the stalkers were gone.
"Ah, yes. About cell phones... I'm guessing there's better technology these days," Shi sat down on my bed and sighed.
"How did you get into my room, I have to ask?"
"DONT IGNORE ME OR I WILL SLICE YOU TO PIECES!!!" Shi slapped me.(just noticed, you can make many puns with Shi's name haha)
"Yes!! We now have an Iphone with a touch screen and things like that!!" I slid into a corner but calmed down as she ( ) sat down and sighed again, " I thought you would already have those kind of things since your orginization thingy came up with a life preserver, time capsule or whatever you call it..."
"Oh yes, but that also took a lot of money and having an orginization invent new phones would be useless."
"YOu didn't hear the window break?" Nani said right after she was done talking.
"WHAT?!" Not that my parents would be mad at me or anything, my parents were killed by a criminal that is still on the loose...
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the breeze hit my face and i could feel a shadow crossing over me... going into depression...

"Kaori? Whats wrong, Kaori?" Nani poked my shoulder as i stared at the window.

"Last year, when my parents died, I was given the house to myself. My job is small and I can't pay much. Now I'll have to buy a new window."
"Here's the first lesson then!" Shi got comfortable on the couch and rested her head on her hand ," Nani and I will get the same job as you."
"They aren't hiring."
"Who do u think I am?"
" You'll get arrested if you threaten to stab him."
"Shi's good at a lot of things..." Nani said.
"What's your job?"
"a fast food restaurant."
"Ah, easy things.:
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"You call that easy?"Nani laughed a bit
"What?!! It is easy!"Shi tries to argue back
"Not after you scared all the customers out!"
"That wasnt my fault!"
"You lost your patient waiting for them to decided on what to order and remember what you said?"
"I didnt say anything."
"NO! You said, 'HURRY UP AND DECIDE, OR ELSE IMMA SLICE YOUR HEAD OFF.' as you got out your sword, did you forget?"
"That was the past, that was when i was young, now I gain patience, dont worry Kaori, i would gain you guys a lot of customers."
"Oh geez, i am worried now..."
"Umm...i think ...i will try asking my boss then...but then...i dont guarantee you guys a spot..."Kaori said it slowly, while still shaking from earlier.

the next day
As Shi and Nani woke up and got dressed, they went downstairs and saw Kaori preparing food already. "Ah, Kaori! You know you dont have to do this!! We can prepare it ourselves." Nani said
"No its okay," Kaori smiled, "You guys are guest, how can i ever let my guest do these."
"Ah, then let me help out yeah?"
"Okay, you can help cook some scramble eggs!"
"How about me?"Shi asked
" can set the tables then."as Kaori handed her the eating instruments
"How come she's cooking, and i am only preparing the table?That's unfair! You think i cant cook?"
"No! no...i didnt say that!! She asked first, and you asked later on, so i dont know that other task to give you..."Kaori tries to explain
"Geez, shi, if you want to cook so bad, here you can scramble the eggs, iwill set the table. Goshh." Nani sighed.
"I dont want you to pity me either Nani!'Shi pouted
"Fine. I will. Hump."as shi heads to sit on the chair next to the table.
"Hump." nani turned and continued cooking her scramble eggs.
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