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24 / F / ★
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
~*~Name: Sheila
~*~Ability: Waitressing, Making Desserts and Baking
~*~My Phrase: Life is as sweet as a chocolate!
~*~Favorite Snacks: Cookies, Chocolates, Ice Creams, and Cakes!

~*~My Pic:

Posted 6/6/08 , edited 6/6/08
Can I apply?! ^_^
Name-Yoocha-(preferred honorific, even kun...)
Ability- making ice cream!~
Phrase- Hello, how may I serve you with sweet ice cream? ^_^ May I recommend the chocolate? It's my personal favorite! ^_^ Would you like any toppings?
Fav snack- Hm... How 'bout oreo cookies? ^_^
Posted 6/6/08 , edited 6/6/08
Oh yeah, sorry, forgot my pic.

Sometimes I may be clumsy though... ^_^U
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24 / F / y u wanna no?? ST...
Posted 6/18/08 , edited 6/18/08
Name: Karin-chan
Ability: waitressing and baking :]
My Phrase: wat would u like today?
Favorite Snack: icee cweem counts? ;]

This is my picture:
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22 / F / Русский фронт
Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/30/08
Name: Itoe (nickname's Silver)
Ability: Making tea, coffee, cleaning
My Phrase:Have Some Tea And Drink Your Troubles Away
Favorite snack: raspberry tea with rice

This is my pic:
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28 / F / bucharest romania
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
~*~Name: Amy
~*~Ability: Baking all kinda cakes
~*~My Phrase:"i'll do what it takes until i reach the sky..."
~*~Favorite Snacks: tiramisu,chocolate & Vanilla filled cupcakes with a few extras to go around,Seashell-shaped chocolates filled with rich raspberry preserves and French Vanilla-Rum Cakes.

the photo

Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/19/08
Ability:serving dishes
My Phrase:nice to meet you! what would you like today?
Favorite Snack: almost every dessert in the whole world! yum yum!

This is my picture:

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