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♥KHR Stories :D

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Stories complete with my favorite characters ...& maybe more? C:

First up will be my Bell story -big grin- ♥

< ~ Bell's Chiming ~ >

<A. DrEam. FrOm. ThE. pAsT>

“Bel-sama, hasn't anyone taught you to not play with knives?” My voice came from behind him, and there the short Prince was. Leaned against the balcony rail, staring up at the moon.

And the fact still stands, his face was always half covered. You couldn't really call it a face unless you see the persons eyes... And I have never seen Bel-sama's eyes.

His curly blond hair always covered it. He only revealed to himself that smile always plastered on his face, and those white teeth of his, and that dangerous fascination with knifes, not to mention that creepy, creepy laugh that always notified me what a really creepy guy he was, and that I should stop hanging around him all the time.

It's because of him, that I have this strange phobia... of knives.

But as I near closer to him, I lean in with him, our bodies almost inches away from touching. I turn my head to look at his, and he simply laughs at me, his head still up at the moon that shined beautiful light on his face, the tiara on his head glistening.


What was so funny anyway? He would always answer my questions with that laugh of his.

That was his trademark laugh, after all.

<My. AnnOyiNg. TuTor>

I knew that baby with the pink pacifier was right. All those scoldings and lectures she'd given me as her student, they paid off. Though I really didn't like the rigorous training she made me under go, usually life or death. But I knew her tough-ness was just a way to toughen me up, and the fruits of my training will pay off... I think.

Those fruits should be banana's, I like banana's.


My thoughts came to a conclusion just then, and her loud, loud bossy voice made me jolt up and make an 'Eek!' noise. I was being told what to do, everyday, each day, by a baby.

I ran up and down the hill and repeated the process about x73248972934 times. Panting and possibly breathing my last breath, I collapsed to the ground with a tired moan. When I stirred awake, the sun was slowly making its descent, I must have been asleep for a while... because I just came here with the baby in the morning.

Looking up further, I noticed something airborne coming down with incredible force. It was a rock.

A big rock.

“...A-A ROCK?!” I screamed in astonished surprise, rolling through the grass to dodge the big freakin' rock, obliviously forgetting I fell asleep on top of a hill... and I rolled down it, for what seemed the longest minute of my life. While I was still unable to recover from the fall, something jumped up and down on my head repeatably, loudly screaming out, 'Failure! Failure! Failure!' as my head planted into the grass every time.

Meet my "awesome" tutor.

Airlee the annoying Arcobaleno baby.

<YoUr. EnEmy>

When I got home, I ran up the stairs with my soar body, I could not even feel my legs anymore, nor my hands, nor my head that got jumped atop about a hundred times until I yelled out Uncle. Airlee just liked to torture me, I think.

I spent the remaining afternoon hours in my room, hiding away from reality in my studies. I had homework after all, I was a student in Middle school after all, I wasn't just stupid Airlee's play thing.

But I knew I was just lying to myself, how can I pretend to study when my eyes felt so heavy and just wanted to close for an eternity? I was that tired. I couldn't get a break anywhere. Not even in my own home, not even in my room... there was light tapping against by shoulder behind me, I froze. AW, MARSHMALLOWS!... it's her!

I turned my head around just to get a tiny fist an inch from my nose, I screamed, my book that I was trying to read flew up in the air, and I fell back onto the floor. She would always surprise me like this. It wasn't anything new, but I could never get used to it, the random ways she would always pop up from out of no where, inside things... I just couldn't help but to think this baby was mental and out to ruin my life.

With a sigh, Airlee stood over me, her foot up against my cheek, making my head turn the other way, “You get surprised too easily, Nika. It's fun to watch you suffer, but in all seriousness, you need to grow up and realize we're close to a war.”

She was right... I hated when she was right.

“I-I can't be in included in that war... not with the Varia, not with-” She cut in abruptly, I could hear the anger stirring in her baby voice, I could almost imagine her pink pig-tails lift in the air, in anger of course.

“Not with Belphegor?”

I didn't say anything. And in all the silence, she decided to scold me again. “The Varia is our enemy. That includes Belphegor.” She kept her voice stern, and the foot against my cheek disappeared, I sat up, facing my tutor with nothing to say, yet again.

<LaYouT. oF. ThEiR. HQ>

School dragged on as usual, and I couldn't find any comfort in even my Guardians. I didn't want them a part of any of this... And there Airlee was, care-free and sleeping with her eyes open on the net bed when I got home. Stupid baby... how could she sleep at a time of this? Irritated, I left my room without notice of the paper on my bed.

Airlee's sleeping bubble burst, and she looked at the door I disappeared through, oblivious to know she was awake, and I didn't care. Back then, I used to be part of a Mafia family. Besides my own, average, everyday family... I had a Mafia family.

The Varia. With Squalo, Lussuria, Levi , Belphegor, and Xanxus as the leader. How am I, a former member of the Varia, now Vongola X, supposed to battle with my own family? There was no way I could do it. Even though I'm supposed to. Even though it was Vongola IX's wish. Even if it was written in the stars, even if it was my destiny, how could I?

But I knew I had to. I had too many people counting on me, too many people I want to protect. And I know I'm the only one that can do it. My Guardians will also be a part of the war, yes, but I have to be the one to destroy the Prince. Only I know his strengths and weakness.

Just a week from now...

Abruptly stopping my thoughts, a piece of paper was presented in front of my eyes, too close. “NIKA!! You didn't even bother looking at this on your bed-!” Airlee snapped, I winced at her voice, but squinted at the paper.

Layout of the Varia Headquarters...


“...How did you-” Her answer was quick without pause,

“Thank the computer wiz, Giannini.”

“That modification guy?”

“Si.” She nodded, using her Spanish accent.

I sighed mentally, knowing if I did it in front of Airlee, she would suggest it being a sign of hesitation.

“Great.” I said sarcastically, unsure of what to do/think at this point. I didn't deserve being Vongola X with my nagging doubts...

“We will infiltrate their HQ before the war, that way, we can be awesome ninja's before the war even starts.” Airlee smiled, randomly somehow inside a ninja suit that seemed to appear from no where.

<dRuGgEd. To. FiGhT>

I was positive this time.

So positive, that Airlee was out to kill me.

She drugged me. Drugged VONGOLA X.

Therefore, I was loopy and had one goal in mind; destroy, destroy, destroy!

How could she DRUG me? Is it because she knew of my doubts? Probably... but the situation right now, that all lead to falling down the HQ vent system somehow... and everyone falling down into the main room, where the Varia usually hang out.

Now, I'm in this predicament. Every one of my guardians if fighting someone part of the Varia, except Xanxus. Who probably would just watch.

And I was faced with Bel-sama. Drugged and out of it... completely ditzy.

Dodging his knives easily with my chawsome Acrobatic skills, I REALLY deserved that D+ in that class...

Airlee stood in the side-lines, watching our fight to the death. She kept yelling out, “FINISH HIM OFF BEFORE THE DRUG WEARS OFF!”

I was dancing all around the place, dodging like a person on drugs. And I was.

But this time, I heard her voice faintly inside my head. Was the drug wearing off already? My senses were surfacing back...

“Stop moving around too much!”

Was I SUPPOSED to stand still so his knives could cut me? I didn't understand...

It was then after a matter of seconds I realized what Airlee meant.

But as the drug died down, I stood frozen at the spot, wincing at the cuts against my flesh, all that moving around... I finally understood.

Bel-sama's wires... how could I forget?

<WhEn. ThE. BeLLs. ChiMe>

I was trapped in his wires, tumbling down to my knees.

I vaguely remembered Bel-sama and his invisible wires, back then, we used to train together, but only once had he used his wires... and I remember him always winning our little matches, but I also remember gaining a lot. That's why I knew I would be the only one who could take him down.

It just wasn't fair.

I gazed at him, with my head slightly up as strands of hair fell down my face. The Prince had changed since I last saw him. His hair grew more, but those eyes of his were still covered as always, as I remembered. He still had that tiara, but now it was on the side of his head. He was taller now, just by a bit, and he still carried that smile of his, everywhere he went, even at this moment.

“Nice to see your still alive, Uishishishi. But we don't need traitors like you anymore. Byebye~”

I lacked the resolve to fight back, and as his knife came flying directly at me, all I could do was think that it was just as he said in the past. I really hated those knives of his...

He was playing with knives again, out in the yard of our big fancy Varia HQ. I inspected the knives that were deeply embedded in trees, I saw him sit down in the grass from the corner of my eye, I turned to see him hugely grinning at me.

“Wanna play?” he had a knife between his fingers.

I sat down in the grass with him, saying, “No... you know I have a phobia of knives...” my stomach even became queasy at the thought.

“But the Prince is bored!”

“Too bad~”


“W-what?” I stuttered, as my fingers began to play with the grass.

He really was just a spoiled little prince...

“You hear those bells?”

The wind passed us, I blinked, hair flying in front of my face.

I did hear them. They hung on the tree near us, the one Bell stuck knives in. It was something he liked to play with when bored. I adored the sound, really... I just never told him that.

“Next time we play, make sure to give me all you got...”

I clicked back in reality just as the flashback ended, opening my eyes upon hearing a voice. “Next time we play, make sure to give me all you got...”

The knife flew right past my face, cutting deep into my cheek, I was lucky enough to move my head the other direction in time, if I didn't, the knife would have got me square in the face. I ignored the pain as I reached in my pocket, popping a deathperation pill into my mouth.

“Let's play, Bel-sama.”

He just laughed, smiling like he'd always smile.

I was sure both of us heard those bells chiming, we were going to play after all...

The End

well~ end of Bell fanfic/story xD
Next.... uh. NOT marshmallows ><
since i have a newfound hate for him :[ .....-waterfalloftears-
MIGHT JUST MAKE A STORY OF HIM.. with a really..twisted ending... where he ends up dying? ; D *somehow* because of marshmallows? xD

...OMG imma do ittt! <3 xD

Next up is my Byakuran story : D with...obvious hatefulless c: Still wub him~ jus NEVER the same :/

< ~ Your Marshmallows Will Be The Death of You! ~ >

<A Genuine Smile>

She really just hated standing there, watching his fat self eat on and on... I hope you get diabetes or something... I really do.

There he was, clearly pleased with himself, shoveling multicolored and mountain high ice-cream onto a long silver spoon and slowly sliding it between his lips.


How long would it take for him to even digest all of that?

Fat pig.

“Mmmmm~ you sure you don't want any Aida-chan?” He asked once again, with his smooth warm like honey voice, but in actuality, it was like toxic.

Not from you. Pig.

It was simple for Aida to keep her composure, her thoughts would always travel in her head, and she would simply fake a smile in his presence. That easy, she thought.

“U-uh, n-no, I'm fine... thanks...anything else I can get you?” she offered, tucking a lose strand of hair behind her ear upon smiling fakely at him.

The marshmallow boss took in another spoonful, and then replied, “Mm, not for now. I'll call you when I want my marshmallows.”

She sighed mentally, bowing as she turned to take her leave, but before she could do that, his words had stopped her.

“Oh and Aida-chan, next time, please try and give me a more genuine smile.”

She gritted her teeth, trying to calm herself from taking her fist and just launching it at him. Turning half way around, she smiled the worse she possibly could, the nastiest, and outright fakest smile on her face, and he could tell because she heard his chuckle afterward.

The tension between them was apparent, and the marshmallow king was no fool to her illusion smiles.

“Sure thing, boss~”


Tch! Yeah right! Like I'd smile for that bastard. Who is HE to tell ME to smile more genuinely?!

Aida, oblivious to what the bystanders around her were thinking and mumbling, stomped her way back to her room, thoughts raging. Once she was in, she slammed the door shut behind her for some privacy. Sighing as she leaned against her door, gradually sliding down. She hugged her knees, closing her eyes as she thought to herself again.

She really hated it here. She hated being under the same roof as that damned marshmallow, but it was all part of her plan... of course, she was only his marshmallow assistant. Nothing more, nothing less. And she liked it that way.

She didn't attend any meetings; and she was glad for that. She couldn't stand sitting there, amongst everyone around that big table, and especially with her boss there.

Who never shuts up!

She really really just wanted to barge in his office right now, and give him a piece of her mind!

She sighed again. But that would blow her cover... and he'll become suspicious. Saying he already ISN'T...

But marshmallows was no fool... he probably even had information on her. Her eyes narrowed to the floor, he probably has information on me!

A fist pounded against the floor, followed by a murmured curse. She blew a strand of brown hair out of her face, lifting her hands at eye level. I...have to keep my cool around him from now on. I just HAVE to if I were to get my revenge...!

Suddenly, she sunk her head in her hands.

Literally jumping out of her skin at the sound of a knock to her door.

. . .

“Aida-chan? Are you alright in there?”

That voice... The voice washed relief over Aida, and she tried to put on her best face. Standing up, she opened the door to him.

Smiling forcibly she prompted, “I-I'm fine... thanks Ryouta...”

He was the only person she'd made friends with while being here. He was a good person. And he seemed to understand her, maybe even more than she understands herself. There was just something about him... a certain light that was always with him wherever he were to be.


She was fooling him. She was lying to him. About everything.

His eyes remained on hers. “Hm? You sure? I saw you walking on your way here... You looked...-” she finished for him a bit hastily,

“Y-Yes... I was thinking about some things...sorry to worry-” She could suddenly feel heat to her cheeks, she could feel her heart pouncing.

She looked down from her hand to Ryouta's smile, he had never held her hand like that before...


After Ryouta's visit, Aida went back to her state of thoughts. She climbed onto her bed and rested flat on her back, staring up at the ceiling as her thoughts drifted her to sleep.

When she woke up and looked outside her window, the orange glow of the sun told her it was that time. Afternoon. Damn it.

The time to visit her damn marshmallow boss again. The time for her to sweetly ask, “would you like your marshmallows now boss~?”

How the thought alone made her sick to her stomach. She sat up in her bed, climbing down. “Okay, Aida, you can do this! Smile. Smile. Smile... just smile.” She smiled her fail smile, rushing out the door while making a trip to the marshmallow department.

Here comes your genuine smile, bastard!

. . .

Aida held a bag of marshmallows on her way, knocking at the idiots door. No answer. She knocked again...


The door suddenly opened, she recoiled back in shock at the sight of her boss, her boss.

Who looked just so... ordinary.

No uniform.

He wore a simple yet long black jacket, and a white shirt and pants.

He smiled at her own surprised look. “Aida-chan! Just the person I was waiting for.”

She was still a little stunned. Maybe it was the way he said her name so cheerfully? Or maybe the way he looked right this moment? Or maybe it was just...

“I...uh... er, brought your marshmallows....” she looked around nervously, at anything but him. She didn't understand why she was just so flustered.

He chuckled with that honey voice of his, as if what happened that morning was forgotten. “Let's go eat these outside then. Me and you.”

Outside? Outside!? When did she even get to go outside during her stay here? Never. And with HIM!?

She didn't know how to act of his proposal, but just nodded slowly. It wasn't as if she could refuse, because she couldn't. What's the worst that could happen anyway...?

[BAHAHAH... oh my. did i randomly get even a pinch of romance here XD NOOO. DAAAMN. just supposed to be hatefullness XD oh well~ i can work with it i guess =w=]

< Bonding!? >

Every moment with him edged her closer to hell, really, she just wanted to jump off a cliff right this second. Walking beside him in the halls? While, of course, his subordinates stood there in shock, wondering if their boss had gone completely mental.

She was just supposed to his be his damn marshmallow/junk food person. Not his damn friend! She wouldn't even consider him a friend, much less acquaintance! Well... she was his assistant. So that did qualify them be in be in SOME friendly affair.

GAHH!! Why am I thinking so much about it!? Damn-! Aida was having a nervous breakdown in her head, while marshmallow man stayed oblivious. He suddenly stopped walking, and she followed suit. He plopped himself down in the grass just a little distance from HQ, marshmallow bag in his hand, he looked over his shoulder to her and patted his free hand to a spot in the grass near him.

“Sit, Aida-chan~”

She paused, but obeyed. Making sure the distance wasn't too close for comfort.

The sun cast an orange glow to everything, and on her boss' features. Why am I... looking at him like this? she looked away when she realized he looked at her, reaching the bag of marshmallows over to her. He smiled, “Have some. And don't look so reserved.”

How could she not be so up-tight about the whole situation? Just what in the world could he be plotting? She grabbed one marshmallow from the bag, letting it melt in her mouth. Why is he doing this? She couldn't stop thinking. Why is he being so... nice?

While her boss grabbed a handful of marshmallows and stuffed them in his mouth, Aida tried to find the right words to say. “...Byakuran-san...” she hated how she sounded so powerless.

He continued to smile, eyes only half closed as he looked her way. “Hmm~?”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked seriously, bidding him to answer with her gaze.

“What do you mean Aida-chan? I just wanted to spend some quality time with you.”

She didn't know what to think of his reply, and she didn't think of a reply, but as she watched the sunset with her boss, she began to feel a little more comfortable around him.

Were they bonding? Yeah... right...

< Stomachache and Acting? >

For some strange, strange reason, Aida had a stomach ache the moment she woke up.

That afternoon with her boss seemed like a dream... but her stomach said so otherwise.

She only had one marshmallow... right? Maybe... two? But that wouldn't be enough to make her stomach hurt, would it?

Damn marshmallow... she referred to both of them. She was supposed to hate him. H-a-t-e.



Had her reason for being here had been forgotten just because of one stupid afternoon?

No, that quality time meant nothing to her. Nothing. She wouldn't be the fool in his game, he was the fool in her own game.

She was just acting... acting as if she could ever get along with him. Acting as if she enjoyed watching the sunset with him.

Just acting.

Sighing, she got dressed in a slow manner, making herself look presentable in front of the mirror, ignoring her stomach ache.

She would just pretend nothing happened between them, ...because nothing did! go on as his marshmallow assistant and just do her job.

She just had to remember why she was really here. For revenge. For Yuji...

She couldn't forget the hate she still held onto for her boss.

“Nothing happened...I was just acting...”

. . .

On her way to her boss, her emotions went haywire, and she wasn't sure which one to feel. She wasn't sure about anything really. How would she act when she was around him now? Would she still smile? Or would her fake smile cease to exist?

Would she... smile genuinely for him this time around? No. No. No! she shouted in her head, holding her tummy.

Stupid stomach ache...

Or maybe she was just nervous?

Groaning to herself at the thought, she met someone along the way she'd completely forgotten. How could she?

Ryouta. Her only friend here...

< Changed Feelings >

Back then, she remembered her feelings for Ryouta were real.

But now... after seeing him, after saying their good morning's... she didn't feel anything special.

It's as if the feelings disappeared. His light was gone, as if he was just another person in the HQ she payed no heed to. She didn't even blush anymore when she thought of when he held her hand that time, she didn't even... care?

Something was seriously wrong with her.

She was so sure of her feelings for Ryouta... that it scared her that they were leaving her.

Shaking her head from bewilderment, she looked at the reality in front of her. Ryouta. Always asking her if something was wrong. Like always... he cared.

“You look a bit pale... are you alright?”

She shook her head, only able to give him a small smile. “Y-yeah... just... I didn't really get much sleep last night...”


Now this was awkward... the awkward hesitating pause, the way they looked at each other in silence. It felt like... It felt like I don't even know who's standing before me...

Her stomach ache just grew worse, if possible. She somehow managed to convince him she was okay, and before she knew it, he was waving bye to her with his smiling face that shined bright like a beacon in the night, and at the same time, leaving her heart.

Leaving her in a state of confusion, leaving her speechless. She couldn't make the popping conclusions stop...

Stomach ache. No, it was just a nervous stomach. Why? She knew why.

She had feelings for someone else now, that's why.

[...wut. XD
now i gotta totally diff ending in mind D<
where Marshmallows doesn't die. ASDJLSKLFJ D=<
....idk which one to choooose T~T]

< The Truth? >

Aida tried to take Ryouta out of her mind for a moment, she had to see her boss after all.

She would just decide to be the stubborn girl. Stomach ache. All because of his marshmallows. No other reason at all. Yup. That was her lying anyway. That would be her alibi to defend herself.

Today, she blamed her emotions for taking over her voice.

. . .

There he was, reaching in his marshmallow bag(s) and just stuffing his face, as if not noticing her presence. But then he looked up when she fake coughed. She did a lot of faking after all...

“Oh, good morning Aida-chan-”

She sped to his table/desk, slapping her palms onto it.

“I want the truth!”

His expression didn't show any surprise whatsoever in her behavior, but she continued her brave act. “ know what I'm talking about...”

The boss played with a single marshmallow between his forefinger and thumb, looking at her with half closed eyes. “The truth? I don't know what your referring to Aida-chan~”

She tensed, wondering if he could see her hands shaking. She remembered something from the past.“Do you remember when you told me to smile more genuinely?”

“Oh yes, and I think you've done a fine job~” he said with a soft voice, smiling more.

That wasn't it at all... but had she really been smiling, REALLY smiling genuinely? Did it all start that afternoon with him...? Impossible!

“No! That's not it! You told me to smile more genuinely... well... same to you.

Whatever caused it, Aida got a reaction from him. His eyes opened fully, glaring at her playfully. “My smile isn't fake, Aida-chan~ don't say such things to your boss. he popped the marshmallow in his mouth, returning to his calm.

There was a small silence until Aida spoke out again, “...Did you... did you smile like that when you killed Yuji!?

im just prolonging the story here really =w=

< One of the Same >

It's as if everything was back to the good old days. Aida always angry. The air serious and tense between them, like always. Since her first day at the job...

She'd woken up in the morning at her parents house, getting a letter in her mail box from Italy, from the boss himself. Summoning her to become a potential marshmallow servant for him. It was then when she'd learned what happened with her close friend, Yuji.

The Millefiore killed him.

So of course she would blame the boss. And of course she would take initiative, so of course she accepted the order to get closer to him.

Aida, reflecting on the wretched memories of her deceased friend, stared down his killer with all the hate that had been riled up in her. And that was a lot.

He still continued to play with his food, Aida took that as an insult. He wasn't taking her seriously at all.

“You've got your information wrong, Aida-chan~ I never layed a finger on him...”

“DON'T LIE!” She shrieked, panting from anger or whatever it was.

“I had no intention to cause any harm to Yuji-chan-”

DON'T say his name like that!” She could feel it stirring in her, there was no way she'd leave his office this time... not without putting him to justice.

He frowned. And it took Aida off guard for a moment, he stood up, strolling toward his window that over-looked all of Italy.

Aida took that as another insult. DON'T turn your back to me bastard!

“Don't tell me Aida-chan.... your not here just for revenge, are you?”

His question made her slightly gasp, and she bet he was still smiling.

She didn't answer him, that was a question he already knew the answer to.

“That disappoints me, Aida-chan...” that was it. His sweet honey voice was gone, and it was the toxic that was in his undertone this time. But she wasn't going to get scared now, she reached in her pocket slowly, keeping her eyes on his back. ...My box weapon... don't tell me... I left it in my room!?

“Silly Aida-chan~” he turned back around, hands in his pocket with a confident look on his face. “Why do you think I had Ryouta-chan keep an eye on you?”

And then it hit her hard, like a giant weight had just hit her gut. The room suddenly didn't provide any oxygen, she could barely breath. She froze at the spot, a sick feeling in her heart.

So... all this time Ryouta had just been following orders to keep an eye on her? Was he just pretending to be her friend as well? She couldn't believe it.

She did the same. Her reason for being here, was just for revenge. And she'd lie to Ryouta about it, she'd pretend... just like he was. The two of them really were meant for each other.

if your sloow or something or didnt realize XD
marshmallows isnt the one who killed Yuji : D
dotdotdot. . .]

< A Boss' Death >

She needed find out the truth. She needed to hear it from him. That he wasn't responsible for what happened to Yuji...

That her boss had just been lying, that her hate for him should always be there. That she couldn't possibly hate Ryouta.

Because he wasn't the one to blame...

So she looked everywhere for him, in every corner of the HQ. But he was no where to be found. Had he escaped? Did he somehow know she would find out the truth?

But it wasn't! Not until she could ask him face to face.

She left the building, in search for someone she'd lost feelings for. Night fell, and she was somewhere in the streets of Italy. With lots of people around, that moved fast by her, but she was only looking out for one person.

She never did find who she was looking for that night...


Aida came back to the HQ after a while, everyone was suspicious around her. Wondering where she had been all this time. Wondering why she wasn't in the boss' office, giving him all the marshmallows he'd wanted.

But she didn't care, she marched right into his office, and there was his sleeping figure, laying comfortable across the couch. With still that same smirk she'd grown to hate so much.

She examined the bag of marshmallows on his chest, inspecting inside, she found that there was only about five left.

This was her chance. She wouldn't get another, she'd wanted revenge. And she just felt like her boss needed to pay the price.

Would it be that strange for the Millefiore boss, lover of marshmallows, to be done in by his own love?

Could she just simply stuff the remaining marshmallows down his throat, and say... he simply chocked on them?

Yeah... his own marshmallows would become the death of him.

< The Marshmallow Trail of DEATH >

So... the evil scheme of hers didn't work out as great as it sounded in her head.

He sort of woke up before she could stuff the second marshmallow in his mouth, and then he grabbed her arm, saying she really had a sadistic mind...

So she was fired... oh well.

But her hate still drove her to find Ryouta, though she never succeeded, she still felt like she needed to blame Marshmallow man in some way.

Had she gone completely phyco?

Yes. Possibly.

- - - 3 Years Later - - -

Aida still stayed bitter. She would probably carry her hate to her grave. But after three years, would the marshmallow king really still remember her? Or, even suspect her to make a second appearance?

...She had another plot drawn in her head. She even drew it on paper, it seemed just so... so... perfect. Of course she knew his weakness. Marshmallows.

And being his marshmallow assistant, really worked out. She'd been showed around the first day, so she knew the layout of the whole place really. She knew how to sneak in... she knew when he guards would be there, and when not.

The sun was beginning to fall, the darkness would come to her advantage. Once she entered through the window of an old abandoned room, she made her plan come to life.

She set a marshmallow trail near her former boss' room, and knew he would come out eventually, for an occasional pee or something.

She watched on the roof the building, just under his room, using super glue to stay glued to the ceiling. When he came out, he simply followed the trail, just like in her head.

Byakuran came out of his room, at first just looking around, then narrowing his eyes to the floor. His eyes glistened. And he bent down to pick up his death, “Oh, a marshmallow.”

And again.

“Oh, a marshmallow.”

And again...

“Oh, a marshmallow.”

“Oh, a marshmallow.”

“Oh, a marshmallow.”

And again, until the trail lead him to a dead end. He smiled a cheeky smile, picking up the last of the marshmallow. When he did that, a trap set. A box from the ceiling fell down on him, capturing him inside.

Aida could hardly contain her evil laugh, and skipped along the hallway with a grenade in her hand. “Die, marshmallow man!”


And that's how the marshmallow boss of Millefiore died.

The End

Next up random GokuXEmbie story XD

< ~ Explosive Heart ~ >

< Like A Storm >

The girl winced, scraped knees were nothing to her. She would fall all the time after getting pushed around by the upperclassmen, and just stay on the ground. That way, she didn't have to get up again just to be pushed down once more. It was just a sad attempt anyway. She kept her head held down, instead of up.

Everyday, after school she would walk home with at least a cut somewhere on her body, sometimes more than a cut. Maybe a bruise or two.

Nobody really tried making friends with her throughout her life in school.

For reasons;

One: She liked to play with fire.

Two: Because of her passion for fire, kids would often get scared of her.

Three: She had orange hair and eyes.

But she never wanted to change, ever, she didn't care what everyone else thought. So what if she was a pyro? She was proud for that. So she kept silent, and sooner or later, the beatings didn't seem like much; they didn't hurt as much. She thoughts about fire every time pain came to her, and those burning thoughts helped escape her physical pain.

She taught herself that skill; because she had no choice but to get mentally stronger.

She walked limply on her way home from school, holding onto her arm from when she was pushed into the concrete, her eyes were void of any emotions, there was only but a tint of orange still left in them, oblivious, she happened upon the Sawada residence... something, right then and there made her cease all movement, she froze, and listened in on the voices, and that's when she heard his voice. Like a storm.

“Get back here, YOU STUPID COW!”
- - - - - - - -
Gomen... xD;
[or i will try to work on it along with my Hiba story xD TRY ;3]


< Head of the Disciplinary Committee, Kyoya Hibari >

When I first saw him, I didn't know what to think. I didn't know how I was supposed to act around him. I didn't want to become his enemy... I wanted to become his friend, if possible. But everything I seemed to do, (which was nothing) always, somehow, got me in trouble. And he would glare at me, thinking nothing of my presence as he passed by, and I would stare at his retreating form.

But one thing that I couldn't understand... he had never, not once, told me, “Kamikorosu”

` ` `

A new school. A new town. Namimori.

I heard a lot about the shopping district there from a friend.

Maybe after school, she could show me around.

I know for a fact she likes cakes as much as I do.

6:00 am

After I finished my toast and orange juice for breakfast, I grabbed my bookbag before I headed out the door.

6:08 am

I walked along my sidewalk, being shown the school the previous day, I knew it was close to my home.

I took a few turns, and knew my sense of direction was correct.

6:09 am

I saw the school building up ahead, and smiled proudly to myself.

6:10 am

I ran into someone, well, bumped heads. It hurt. I groaned and rubbed my forehead for a few moments, recovering when I opened my eyes, a hand was reached out, I accepted the strangers help and made a new friend.

Her name was Miaka.

6:11 am

I witnessed an athletic looking man running around the track.

At the same time, a girl with orange hair (I could only see her back), stood there and watched him.

A boy with brown hair came running toward them, the girl and the boy seemed like acquaintances, and they greeted each other.

At the same time, a boy was running as fast as a storm, and I heard him loud and clear from where I stood with Miaka, “Good morning, Juidaime!”

Then another boy came with a bat.

Namimori sure was interesting.

6:20 am

I was inside the school with Miaka, she glanced at my schedule and pointed out which class I would be in, and then we stood by her locker until class began.

In a matter of minutes, students filled the hall way, looking for their respective class.

6:25 am

I met Hibari Kyoya.

He walked the hallways like he owned the school, and students seemed to avoid any confrontation.

“That, Saromi, is Hibari Kyoya. He's head of the Disciplinary Committee here. I wouldn't even try to understand him, much less befriend him. As you can tell, everyone's afraid of him.”

Miaka whispered for my ears only, and I stared at this said-to-be scary guy.

He didn't look so scary. Okay, maybe the aura around him was as he made his way toward the two of us, but it just made him all the more mysterious too. And I wanted to figure him out.

His black hair was a little messy, and he wore his coat hanging off his shoulders, I really couldn't read what was on his face, he held no emotion, but I decided that was just part of the mystery.

“You two. Don't just stand there. Get to class.” He didn't look at neither of us particularly, and that confused me. But his order was clear.

Miaka laughed nervously beside me, I looked up at her. “Come no, Saromi! Before we get bitten to death!” She said, and I really didn't know what she meant, but as she grabbed my arm and dragged me away from the mystery guy, I couldn't help but look back at him.

He walked on his own, and for some reason, I could see he was always walking on his own.

And... he just seemed so lonely.

< A Good Part >

My classes were... interesting, indeed.

I was in the same class with that boy with the spiky brown hair, and the one who always wore a suave smile, and the gray/silver haired one. They were a strange bunch.

But they were also the life of the class, I actually talked to one of them. Kind of. I asked to borrow a pencil, but the brown haired one didn't have an extra, so the gray haired one offered me one generously, that is, before he said, “Next time be prepared!”

The brown haired one tried to calm him down, while the other guy just laughed.

Well, I would say the first day was successful enough. Miaka met me after class, and while we were walking home, I met up with a certain peppy friend of mine who was all smiles when she saw me.

“Haru!” I smiled, running toward her for a hug. I missed my childhood cake buddy.

We talked about how my first day was, and I introduced Haru to Miaka. Along the way home, there was an intersection and Miaka waved us off, “See you tomorrow, Saromi! Nice meeting you Haru!”

“Bye bye Miaka~ Nice meeting you too!”

“See you tomorrow, Miaka!”

After that, Haru became the talkative girl I always used to remember. She talked a lot about how much fun we would have now that I transferred to Namimori, and how there was a cake shop in the shopping district, I really wanted to go with her, but...

“S-sorry Haru... my math teacher gave us homework the first day. Can you believe it?!”

"Hagi...! The first day!? Aww, bummer! I wanted to hang out with you."

“Me too... sorry. Maybe the weekend we can all go with Miaka too!”

“Sounds like a plan! I'll bring along someone who loves cake just as much as we do!”

I laughed at her, and she laughed with me.

Haru told me she attended Midori Middle School, one of the toughest elite schools to get into in the area, and her different school uniform was proof of that. I really wanted her to go to Nami Middle, that would make things just a bit more exciting.

When I returned home, I told mom and dad all about my day over dinner.

I met a girl by bumping into her in the morning.

Then I met Tsuna and Gokudera, Yamamoto too.

And I knew my parents knew about Haru, but I mentioned how I saw her as well.

Then I thought about Hibari Kyoya.

He was a good part of my day too, wasn't he?

- - - - -
LOL. IM SORRYYY XD; this is dis-continued as well xD

< Animal >

< Animal & Scum >

So, we didn't exactly get along.

Some might say we were ravenous animals around each other.

Both of us had the same "I'll kill you" aura, the same pissed off facial expression that seemed tattooed on us since birth, sometimes I wonder just how lucky I am to be alive another day in his presence.

“What the fuck are you gawking at? Just set the plate down already!”

Was I fucking staring at you?

With an angry groan, I dropped the plate of food down hard next to his glass of wine with the intent to piss him off. And of course, he was! Yay!

“Your ugly face, Xanxus.” I retorted, un-afraid of him with the smirk I had on my face.

“Get the fuck out. Right. Now. Or else I'll do the same I did to you last night.” He replied with that same animal tone, lounging on the black couch like the lazy bum he was. How the hell did he even become the Varia leader? Those stupid red half-lidded eyes of his... It shows just how much he doesn't give a shit about anything.

God! It must be someones time of the month.

Of course, I couldn't say that out loud, or else I'll have another bloody nose.

This is all Fran's fault... he will die.

Just as I touched the door knob to get the hell out of the animals room, I turned to see him sipping his red wine, glaring at me with those volcano erupted eyes of his.

“That bandaged nose suits you as well, animal. Of course, when he hit me, I hit him back. Shit.

“And you too, scum.


That's it?

Just another mean word?

I was a little surprised by his answer, really... he wasn't going to get up and beat the shit out of me? No bruises for today? Wow... the volcano must of been calm for once. Yeah, right...

I let the volcano burn everything around him, being the tornado and getting the fuck out of there fast.

< Stupid Hat >

That was definitely the last I would want to see him for the rest of the damn day.

He would probably just sleep lazily in his stupid emperor-ish room, hopefully choke on the food I served him, (Well, Lussuria made it).

Speaking of him... and... everyone else. I wondered where the other decent Varia members were?

Probably snacking in the kitchen.

And I was right.

As I stepped in sight, I saw Bel sitting on top one of the counters, kicking his legs in the air while accidentally kicking Fran's back in the process, Fran closed the fridge in front of him, and then Bel just started poking his hat for no real reason while doing his creepy laugh.

Fran looked up at him with his usual dead-pan expression. “Oi, Bel-sampai can you stoooop? If you keep doing that, it'll fall off.”

While they were too busy having fun with each other and not noticing me, I decided to make myself be noticed by the comedy duo. “Hey, Frog boy! Let me have a word with you, alone, without him. I pointed at the creepy Prince, and of course he laughed. Jumping off the counter, he passed me with a pat on the shoulder.

“Uishishishi. I'll just listen through the wall.”

I just rolled my eyes, forgetting that Bel just might listen through a wall. Oh well.

Frog boy just stood there, blinking a few times and lazily starting, “Tsuyu-saaan, I think you know by now how annoying Bel-sempai is to me. That's why your here.”

I launched a fist through his hat, it toppled off then. My fist stayed in the air just above his head. “I don't understand why I have to serve the damn animal like I'm his everyday maid! I'm just like a visitor here ya know... It doesn't mean I'm like, part of this Mafia you know! So why should I cooperate?”

Fran eyes narrowed to his fallen hat, taking a long moment to reply. Then his eyes trailed back to my furious ones. “That's my favorite hat, Tsuyu-saaaan.”

Stupid hat.

I groaned in defeat, throwing my hands in the air and storming out of the kitchen. (Barely noticing Bel's figure attached to the wall) But whatever, I didn't care.

I don't know how long I was staying, I don't know why I didn't just leave already, but it was fun here... better than home. And Fran was my friend, I wouldn't want him around that stupid Prince guy who's always playing knives with Fran. Though he doesn't seem to mind, it doesn't even seem he's hurt by any of his knives.

I sighed loudly, rubbing the bridge of my nose, almost forgetting it was bandaged and almost broken thanks to someone.

“Ouch. That piece of... ughhhhh!” I winced, screamed, punched a wall.

< What's the Shark doing on Land? >

And, that wall was no other than....

He kicked down his own (Idiot!) bedroom door, bursting into a rampage and getting close enough to my face to yank my hair to the side for no apparent reason. Oh, he will surely die now.

“VOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! What the hell do you think your doing punching walls like you own the place, huh!?”

I sent a kick to his gut, but he dodged, but that also made him let go of me. “SHUT UP, Shark! If anyone's making more noise, it's you with your stupid screaming!”

That did it. He started flinging his sword all over the place, and I kept jumping back to dodge his relentless attacking.

“Hey, heyyy you two~ what's all the noise about?”

I noticed that overly gay voice from behind me, holding my shoulders down to prevent any more movement.

Then he started rubbing my shoulders... massaging? Well, I was stressed...

“L-Lussuria! What are you-?”

“You need to calm down, dear. Your so tense.” He spoke all motherly to me, like he always did.

Well, he calmed me down a LITTLE bit.

But then the sharks voice made another vein pop.

“Voiiiiiiiii! Don't hold her back Lussy!” He pointless poked the sword int he air, steaming off or something.

Growling, I turned back to meet with Lussuria's eyes and smiled, “Sorry about this. But I just can't...stand...him!”

He grunted, doubling over after I kicked him in the gut with the back of my shoe. He stepped back and smiled up at me in pain. Did I hear him laugh...?

And then I stared down the shark, “So what's a shark doing on land? Aren't you supposed to be like... in the sea somewhere? Biting peoples heads off!?”

He grinned a psychopath grin, that was different.

“Your really asking for it, aren't you? Scum. He spit at the floor, gross... in his own mansion?!

I frowned at him, knowing he could get me riled up anytime just be calling me that word that really doesn't describe me at all.

“It's Tsuyu you piece of shark shit!”

And then we went at it again. I made it out alive, somehow, with a few cuts here and there, but I didn't mind. By the time we were done, we had both been breathing so hard and staring each other down again. Ready for more... or at least I thought.

And then Levi came out of no where (literally) and picked me up over his shoulder, carrying me somewhere.

“...Levi!? W-what are you doing!? Put me down this instant!” I struggled to break free from his grasp, but he was just too strong and big. He lifted me up so easily... as if I was light as a feather.

Taking me god knows where, he set me down in front of a door in the long hallway. “You need to chill.”

I stared at him. “Heh?”

I opened the door, and it was the bathroom. He had prepared a bath for me there... in the tub... a rubber ducky floating in the waters.

“Levi, what the hell?” I looked at the spot he once was, noticing he had completely disappeared on me.

I sighed, closing the door behind me. I guess a little bath to cool me off would help...

< What happens in the Tub, Stays in the Tub >

After stripping my clothes off, (and locking the door) I stepped into the tub while moving the shower curtain all the way to conceal myself inside. The water was just the right temperature, and my right hand idly played with the rubber ducky and squeezed it a couple times.

It make a squeaky sound and squeezed out water bubbles.

I giggled childishly, smiling at the soap bubbles around me, remembering a time long ago when my mother bathed me.
I sat up momentarily to squeeze the ducky some more, bringing it to my face and making the water splurt in my face. I felt like such a little kid. But it entertained this 18 year old mind.

About 10 minutes passed, and I was still lost in the childish moment. I began to hum happily to myself.

I finally realized... I was alone. No 'Voiiiii' from the shark... no knife dodging from the stupid blond-headed prince, no Varia... It felt good to be away from them this long in a sense, (though I was in their mansion) but it still felt good. I felt the soarness in my muscles wash away, and my cuts from previous fight with the shark heal gradually, too.

And most of all, No Xanxus.

I glared at the bottom silver shower faucet, my toe rubbing against it.

What the hell was with that guy anyway? He didn't even seem his usual pissy self... he didn't throw any expensive wine glasses at me, he didn't even try to get off his couch. That lazy ass. What work does he do anyway? Just sit around is what he does best!


I guess it just sort of creeped me out. It made me suddenly get an impending sense of doom, like, what would happen next? He let me off too easily... he had to have something planned for me.

Without realizing, my own frustrations was taken out on the poor rubber ducky, which was now submerged in the water by my own hand. If it was alive, I probably would of squeezed the life out of it.

I sighed, laying back down and closing my eyes.

And that's when I did it. I squeezed the rubber duck again, and it made a noise.

Is that what made someone known to my presence in the tub?

My super hearing (Yes, my super hearing, I'm no super man but I could hear) lead me to hear someones footfalls just outside the bathroom door, boots... maybe?

Shit. If I didn't already have an appending sense of doom, well now it was way worse.

The (locked) door suddenly opened with a loud bang from a boot to the door, I wasn't as foolish to scream, but I was freaking out in my mind. I could see the figure of someone through the shower curtain, afraid of the worst, I sunk my head deeper, the water touching my lower lip. My wide eyes staying on the dark figure.

“You pathetic scum.” His voice was low and deep, but it roared like an animals.

He laughed right afterward.


Oh. My. God.

His laugh just gave a certain foreboding that he would seriously attack a poor defenseless girl in the tub... seriously, how low can he get?

It was the boss of the Varia all right, and of course, the boss would have a key to all the rooms. I cursed in my head 100 times, now I began assuming things I knew weren't true.

Maybe... he was talking to himself in the mirror? Calling himself scum?

Yeah, right... in my dreams. I really wished this moment right now was in my dreams. Oh how I wished so much for it. But I didn't wake up, not when the situation got way worse... and he loomed closer and closer...

He grabbed a hold of the shower curtain, and my heart just about stopped.

I sunk my head in deeper, deeper... once my head was completely submerged, I held my breath for however long possible.

I might as well drown myself RIGHT NOW...

It would be better than dying by the monsters hands.


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ushishishishi ♥

Bell's chiming --->saw no relation to the short story XD;
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Lol its not finished yet? XD
It'll have like... what.. idk 6-7 chaps? maybe more :DD
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he's not just a creepy D;
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yet you still gotta love him xD;
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Quality bonding time ~
Where one person is relaxing and the other person is mentally freaking out ~ : D
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She likes him >:3
and then he dies on her.
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thats TRAGIC XD;
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