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Park Jaebum POV

To love and be loved. I never thought me of all people would be baffled and dumbfounded by mere thought of it. Every girl I’ve meet has been the same; pretty faces low IQs and hearts more fragile than glass. I change women on a daily bases like autumn leaves changes colors in the fall. I've had more women in my lap than napkins but; then I meet her. Me the playboy, a heartbreaker, the player became victim of her grace and love. Though her eyes were for someone else I tried again & again to resist what was inside my heart as I slowly became a slave to her love. It was I, the only one looking for her heart, hoping she one day accept mine in return. Again & again I waited for her heart; but instead I stand alone like this only see my silent tears fall. Alone I stand having the words "I love you" linger on my lips only to have them swept away like the gusting wind of a cool winter breeze. Until she's ready to accept my heart I'll be waiting right here. For her for her love. For now her love for me is cold a love like winter.

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Started: Jun 9 2009
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POV Jae Yong

He probably never has thoughts of me even though he crosses through my mind everyday. Completely unaware of it's presence he blows by my invisible heart leaving his cold touch on it like no one else can. Can you really not see it? Me; the only one falling in love all alone; I watch your back turn towards me. Watching you walk far far away off in the distance with someone else in hand, I silence my heart wishing that person was me. Then I feel foolish because you’re heart is the only one I can ever see. The endlessly tears have comeback again to haunt me although I display a fake smile for you. Though the pain tiresome and the suffering a burden to bear I can withstand it as long you smile for me each and everyday. Until you see my heart all I can hope for, all I can say, all I can do is wait for you.

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