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A story about romance, tragedy, drama, and comedy .
The following is a work of Fiction.
The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not
represent who the celebrity is in real life.

©KJFanfic 2009 all rights are reserved this group. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of KJFanFic.

Jaebum POV
Regret. Now there’s huge understatement of my life. I've made so many mistakes in my past but none of them can amount nor surpass this one. I can't believe this. I how did this happen? How did I end up here? It was only a few hours ago I was having the time of life with the girl of my dreams; now I'm here in a hospital waiting room. As I leaned my back against the wall I look around the room only see my friends bury their heavy hearts in sorrow. Even my closest boys Taecyeon and Woo young were taking the news hard. One by one I could see the girls begin to shed more tears and then I looked at her. Jae Yong, my heart, my girl cried the hardest and I had no way of comforting her. Instead I only watched her from a distance crying in her best friend Nickhun's arms. It made my ache heart at the fact that I was the reason why she was in so much pain. Do you know how much it hurts to realize you’re the source of the pain to the one you love? Yes that's right I said it. I Park Jaebum the playboy, the player and heartbreaker for the first time ever in my life have fallin in love with only one woman.

"O my god what happened?" I heard a familiar voice say.
I looked up and saw Jae Yong's friends Min Ja and Chan sung sprinting toward us.
"We came as soon as we got your voicemail." Min Ja said to Taecyeon while breathing heavily.

"Yah, hyung what's up?" Chan sung asked Taecyeon with great concern in his voice.
I could tell Taecyeon still couldn't believe the situation himself because he wasn't able to answer back right anyway.

“What happened?" Chan sung looked around the waiting room then saw Jae crying.
As he gazed at her intensely I watched his facial expression turn from concern to sad. I could see out of the corner of my eye he was turning his attention to me. He looked at me with hatred in his eyes.

“Oppa what's going on? Where is he? Is he going to be okay?"
Min Ja began to shake Taecyeon back to reality but he was still unable to answer. Woo Young walked towards Min Ja and Chan sung then took them over to the other side of the room to explain the situation. Chan sung’s eyes widen looking at him as if he couldn’t believe what he just heard.

"What! Andwaeyo! Are you serious?" I heard Min Ja shout from a distance. She started shaking her head from side to side in disbelief as the tears slowly fell from her eyes.


I lifted my head up to see Chan sung walking in my direction. I took my hands out of my pockets then push my back off the wall as he approached closer and closer.
“This is all your fault you f.uckin bastard!" He shouted back then socked the right side of my jaw, forcing me to fall to the floor as everyone around us watched.

Before I could get up he was sitting on top of my chest and choking me by the collar.
"Are you happy now you selfish son of a bi.tch!”He yelled at me once again before punching me in the face three more times.

“I knew I never should've allowed you near her. I knew it was only a matter time before something like this happened".

He pulled his arm back once again to slug me before he could I heard a say voice "Geumanhae."I looked over to my right to see where the voice was coming from. I saw Jae Yong standing next to Min Ja, Taecyeon and Woo Young.

“Chan sung... Geumanhae. Please stop now. "She pleaded him to stop with her soft voice.

“Jae Yong; you can't be serious." He stared back at her. “This low life bastard is the reason you're here right now." He shook me by the collar twice like a lifeless rag doll before dropping me. She said nothing back to him for moment trying to gather the strength to speak again.

"Arayo; but now is not the time to cause a scene. There are more urgent matters to tend to. You shouldn’t lower yourself to his level."

Chan sung closed his eyes briefly then looked back down at me for moment. “Your better than that; he's not even worth your time.” She said in a low voice to calm him down.

“ Jae”. I barely managed to say her name.

“Yah Park Jaebum. She said my name in a cold tone.

"We’re done, ok.” She said to me as she took off the brand new Tiffanies bracelet I give her and tossed it on the floor next to me like it was meaningless then turned her back on me coldly.

“Ja_” I felt a strong fist fly my straight into my gut before I could complete my sentence.

“You’re lucky she's here right now, but I swear to God if I ever see your face around her again I’ll kill you. So stay away from noona. Araso!?" He socked me in the chest one more good time before getting off me.

I watched as Chan sung walked over towards Jae yong grabbing her by the wrist then walked out of the waiting room. I felt completely helpless watching the love of my life turn her back on me and walk out the doors of my heart.

“Hwang Chan sung?” Min Ja called out to him but he didn’t respond back and walked off with Jae.

“Hyung?” Woo Young rushed over to my side to check up on me. “Hyung?”
He continued to try to get my attention but the only thing I could think about was the cold chill Jae Yong gave me when she walked away. I looked at her bracelet tossed on the floor next to me for a moment then scooped it up in my right hand. I closed my eyes and balled my fist tight trying to hold back all my pain in front everyone. I wiped the blood from my lower lip stood up and walked out the hospital.

“Yah Jaebum oppa, where are you going?” I could hear Woo Young's girlfriend Jae Han shout out to me as I continued to walk away.

“Oppa, I’m worried please go check up on him”. Jae Han pleaded with Woo Young.

“Don’t worry we’ll follow him. Hyung kaja.” I could hear Woo Young and Taecyeon footsteps quickly trailing behind mine as I step in and closed the doors to my black Lamborghini then sped off quickly.

♥ ♥ ♥

I had absolutely no idea where I was going I just drove for awhile until suddenly I arrived at my favorite club called No Limit. I hopped out of my car so the valet could park it for me then entered the club. Heading straight for bar I order my usual Soju and a few shots of Hennessey immediately afterwards. Everything around me started spinning out of control but I paid it no mind. I turned around in my bar stool to watch all the women moving their bodies to the beat of the music and took another quick shot of Hennessey. I saw one cute girl wink at me as she continued to dance with the rest of the crowd and I smiled back.

“Hyung?” I heard Woo Young voice echo across the room.

“Hyung where have you been we’ve been looking all over for you? Why are you here when Jae Yong is still at the hospital with everyone else? Are you really just going to let her go like that?”

I rolled my eyes at Taecyeon completely dismissing what he had to say then looked back out towards the dance floor to observe the cute girl I was staring at earlier. “Hyung?” He shoved my shoulder to get my attention again.

“Wae? What do you think I’m doing? I’m going back to the old me.” I said as I took another shot of Hennessey then grab, the other glasses next to the one I just sat down.

“Quit playing around let’s go.” Woo young took the next shot away from me before I could even sip it. He pulled me by the wrist trying to get me out of my seat.

“Who said I was play around?” I said while snatching my hand away from him then, I looked back at them intensely as they fell silent. “What, you don’t believe me? Just watch me then.”

I got up from my stool and headed for the dance floor to find the cute girl who caught my eye. There she is I thought to myself. She smiled at me then tugged on my shirt pulling me closer towards her. I slid behind her then lowered hold my hands to her waist as we started to dance. I pushed my body closer to hers as we began grinning harder and harder on the dance floor with every movement. She turned around stared in my eyes, without thinking I leaned forward and kissed her. Suddenly I felt a strong hand on my shoulder turning me around forcing me to face them.

“Yo what the hell you think you’re doing with my girl?” Someone guy said in a harsh tone demanding my attention.

“What’s does it look like to you dumbass figure it out.” I retorted back angrily.
He threw the first punch but I ducked it then swung back at him sending him to the floor. He got back up at again trying to hit me with two right handed jabs but never managed to make contact. Out of reflex I threw a right hook at him once, then around off spinning kick to the face with my left foot sending him back to the floor. After that I completely blackedout for a few minutes. All I could see were images of Jae’s face flashing in front of me then quickly leaving my mind. The next thing I knew I was top of the guy continuously pounding his face in with my fist.

“Hyung stop. Stop!” Woo young said as him and Taecyeon pulled me off of him then dragged me outside the club.

“Get off of me!” I shouted loudly back at them as if everything was their fault. I snatched my arms away from them.

“Hyung what the hell is your problem!? Why are you acting so stupid?” Taecyeon yelled back at me.

“All we’re trying to do is help.” Woo young said trying to calm me down but instead it only added more fuel to my fire.

“Did I f.uckin ask for your help?!” I barked back at them defensively as they stared back at me with widen eyes. In the 15 years we’ve know each other they’ve never seen me act like this before.

“Why? Why do you care so much about all them uh? Especially you Taecyeon; you linger onto a girl that dumped you for another man and you say I’m the one who is acting stupid?”

“You bastard!” Taecyeon grabbed me by the collar and hit me square in my jaw.

“I’m not like you! When I love someone I want them to be happy now matter what. Whether they’re with me or by someone else’s side, I want the best for her. Jaebum-shi even if you are going to be selfish over the one you love; you should at least take responsibility for your actions like a man until the very end.” He push me back slightly finally releasing his grasp around my collar.

I stepped back away from them utterly drunk barely able to hold myself up. I felt the same cold chill that I felt from Jae yong earlier brush against my spine once again.
“I’m cold.” I said randomly then turned away from them so they wouldn’t see the coming tears in my eyes.

“Uh?” I heard Woo young question my lasted words with confusion.

“Keys please!” I shouted out to the valet as they went to go fetch my car then they handed over my keys.

“What does this crazy punk think he’s doing? He is in no condition to drive right now?” Taecyeon said to Woo young as they both looked at me entering my car and speed away.

“O s.hit we have to follow him again. Let’s go before he does something else stupid.” Taecyeon shook his head in agreement as they both hopped in their cars to catch up with me.

♥ ♥ ♥

I turned the corner like a bat outta hell then continued straight down the street doing 60 with no destination in mind. The car was filled with silence so I decide to play my boy Son Ho Young song I know as I came to a halt at a red light. Leaning my head against the head rest I closed my drunken eyes for moment when suddenly, her face come to mind. I opened my eyes again I was snowflakes gracefully beginning to fall from the sky one by one onto the hood of my car.“ Jae Yong.” I mumbled her name to myself then I took the bracelet out of my pocket and stared at it.

Just then more snowflakes started to fall from the dark sky. I saw the light finally flash green then I hit the gas full speed. I gripped the bracelet tight in my hands continuing to fly down the empty road to my destination of nowhere. My vision began to blur and I felt like everything around me was spinning again.

“ Jae”. I barely managed to say her name.

“Yah Park Jaebum. She said my name in a cold tone.

"We’re done ok.” She said to me as she took off the brand new Tiffanies bracelet I give her and tossed on the floor next to me like it was meaningless then turned her back on me coldly.

Again same chill I felt previously run down my back as I recalled the painful memory. Without realizing it I shed tears for the first time in the past 15 years then suddenly I blacked out again. BAM! My car had smashed into a nearby pole. “Jaebum! Jaebum! Hyung, hyung!!” Though they’re voices we’re barely audible but I heard Woo young and Taecyeon desperately calling out my name.

Everything around me became completely blank, my body was numb. All I could see, all I could hear; all I could think about was Jae yong. Her face was continuously kept flashing in and out of my mind. The memories we shared, the things we sacrificed for each other and the love I had for her replayed over and over in front me. Everything that’s happened to me over the past 7 months it’s all coming back to me now. From the day I meet her till now why? I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs but, there was no air in them. Jae yong I don’t know if you’ll ever forgive me for all the pain I’ve caused you. I’m sorry. To the bottom of my heart; I’m truly sorry. There’s no denying it I love this girl. She is the beat to my soul, the harmony to my melody and plays the tune to my heart. Is love always this cold or is it just hers? For her love for is cold like winter.

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