Post Reply So Wii accesories...hmmm
Posted 5/24/10 , edited 5/24/10
Hell yeah its a gun....and a light saber...and yeah Its pretty sweet!!!
Its really funny how every other system is trying to use the whole motion sensor thing but really? LIGHT SABER!
Its like a sweet rave party in my room while fighting ninjas and robot zombies!!! Plus it makes me feel better when I'm playing Alone in the dark...
So the designs are pretty simple and really just make the games more practical...also they aren't an arm and leg to buy...
So I got the Precision Shot

Which is a great way to play umbrella chronicles...the wii zapper or corsbow work well to but really Its like pistol whipping your zombie pals with an easier and much more practial way. The grip is alright...and its a little heavier than the Wii mote(but not much!) really I think its great but its is completey different from the regular guncons...Looks like the games are much more co-op based and fun that the dumb badly sighted guncons that cost and arm and a leg to have a decent., and then you step on it and your pissed at your little brother or sister and stuff...whew...well anyway most zappers and stuff are pretty cheap and its more personal preference so yeah give it a try and let me know what you think!
and a lightsaber!!!
but ill let yall know more when I test it out and such...probably better for Red Steel but really its just sounds cool! and it changes color!
But I have yet to test it out...
Posted 5/24/10 , edited 5/24/10
a light saber!?! whoaaaaa.....

so what game to where you use itt?
Posted 5/29/10 , edited 5/29/10
lightsaber can be used in
Red Steel 1 and 2
No More Heroes 1 and 2,
wii Sports
and really anything...its makes the game a bit more fun if your into that kinda thing...
Usually a game will say what accesories go or can be used in it...but not having it doesn't restict gameplay...Its completely optional really..
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