[JDrama-2010] Gakeppuchi no Eri~Konoyo de Ichiban Daijina 'Kane' no Hanashi
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From 9.00 p.m., Fridays, July 2010

TV Asahi

Aihara Eriko was born to a poor family in Kochi, and has lived an unhappy life of domestic abuse and bullying. Eriko, who has loved drawing pictures since young, is accepted by a Tokyo arts institute. At that moment, her stepfather, Shozo, dies in a car accident. With the support of her mother, Mitsuyo, Eriko manages to enrol in the arts institute. However, the poor Eriko cannot buy enough art materials and her professor also does not appreciate her drawings. Deciding that she has to make money by some means or other, Eriko decides to work part-time at a cabaret club. In order to fulfill her dream of making money through her drawings, she faces the succession of difficulties that descend upon her with characteristic pluck.

Yamada Yu as Aihara Eriko

Born in an impoverished family, she grew up in an environment that was far from happy. She has liked drawing since her childhood. In order to realise her dream of making money through her drawings, she comes up to Tokyo and enrols in an arts institute. She tackles her woes with characteristic enthusiasm and spirit, and charges ahead in pursuit of her dream.

Tsukaji Muga as Kamoda Joichi
A former war photographer. He is a resident in the same apartment building as Aihara Eriko. He now provides the adult magazine ‘Shukan Hihou’ with juicy photos.

Koizumi Kotaro as Hirabayashi Masamune
An editor of ‘Shukan Hihou’. He had been transferred from the Human Resources Department to his long-cherished Editorial Department, and is all fired up. Before long, he becomes work partners with Aihara Eriko.

Tanaka Yoji as Himuro Ryuji
Aihara Shozo’s cousin. He ran away with money from Shozo’s company. He is a frivolous person who rips off money from Eriko and Mitsuyo with his excuses.

Osugi Ren as Umemoto Katsuo
The chief editor of ‘Shukan Hihou’. He knows about Kamoda Joichi’s past.

Jinnai Takanori as Aihara Shozo
Aihara Eriko’s stepfather. He is the typical useless father who loves gambling, and constantly quarrels with his wife, Mitsuyo. He has praised Eriko’s drawings since she was a child.

Watanabe Eri as Aihara Mitsuyo

Aihara Eriko’s mother. She is a plucky mother who lives life at at her own pace. She hopes Eriko, who causes her anxiety, will live a life without suffering about money, and supports Eriko’s dr]eam.[/yellow

Credit : JDrama Weblog
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