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Noticing Ichigo's sad face, she guessed that maybe someone had said that to her before....
But pretending not to notice, she said: "A singer, a cook and a designer, huh? You could be all three!"
"I had so many dreams when I was younger.... but being a teacher wasn't one of them, yet, a teacher is what I am." Shes smiled to herself. "I'm this close to lecturing you.... but I won't" she said softly to herself.
She finished the Melon bread and put it in the stove.
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Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10
"I guess I could, huh?" she tried to wipe off the face she was wearing

"But I would be fine as ending up with anything as long as I liked it...." she had finished her melon bread and put it in a cardboard box as well as her cake

"Thanks for the time Megu-sensei, please do lecture me about your dreams next time" she smiled and exited into the math room, as she was walking she looked for the locket wth her and her dad in it.
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She smiled at her as she got ready to go. "Thank you too, Ichigo-chan, for being my student. I'll see you tomorrow!"
As Ichigo left, she noticed that her gaze was a bit distracted, as if looking for something.... and while looking after her she saw her pick up something off the floor in the next room, ans shrugging, Megu-sensei left in the other direction.
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