Why limited Jdramas?
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Posted 5/24/10 , edited 5/24/10
I couldn't find a thread like this through the search feature, so if this has been asked before, sorry!

I love Jdramas, and I see a lot of recommendations on the drama recommendation thread for them, however there is hardly any Jdramas, and the ones listed are primarily in the horror genre. :/ (and not to mention one isn't even a drama...just some chick...)

I only have the anime membership, even though I love drama, and would get the membership upgraded if there were more Jdramas getting up there, and not in the gore/horror genre , bleh.

I mean, I am not really complaining, just more so suggesting that I think CR would benefit greatly from rolling in more J dramas.

Is there a specific reason why we aren't getting more J dramas? Is there an issue with rights and stuff?

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