madara is obito i`ve finnaly got the mystery im the first one hahaha
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left eye-obito`s sharingan

right eye-madara with a mask and only uses a one eye in his right its obvious isn`t it
obito is still alive but its madara who is ressurected in his body madara`s body i think is dead
and the hair of tobi its so obito`s hair too but madaras hair too long sorry manga writers hahaha
it happens when people think so much it becomes more hard to understand

what do you think guys agreed or not raise your hands if you agree haha?
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Lack of content. ( I don't get a thing on what your trying to say)

- Naruto Shippuden Section
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Wrong section, please recreate this thread in the Naruto Shipuuden Library Forum where the thread comfortable fits.

There seems to be something wrong with the moving command so Immafraid I'll be locking this.

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