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Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/26/10
I really think Hibari and Gokudera are receiving too much love even though they're a-holes. Why is it that almost everybody love them? I don't know. Hot? Cute? I say BS.

IMHO, characters like Yamamoto and Ryohei deserve the same amount of love those other two are receiving. Their personalities are better than those two.

So unfair... T___T
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Posted 6/29/10 , edited 6/29/10
Personally, i like Hibari and Yamamoto.

Gokudera likes to declare himself as Tsuna's right-hand-man so much that it gets tiring sometimes..not to mention that Tsuna obviously are more dependent on Yamamoto. I think that the only reason he DOES get that job was because he's the only one who's after it. No one cares as much LOL!!!

I like Hibari's 'I'm not in your group' attitude and 'I fight alone' stance. He's the one Tsuna can count on to fight anyone and have the ability to win more than the other guardians. He might be rude, aloof and brutal but he does fight to protect Namimori and basically are on the same side as Tsuna and gang!
Another reason why i like him is because Tsuna is himself afraid of him heehee. Imagina a mafia boss being afraid of his guardian (cracks me up). I wonder how Xanxus would handle a guardian like Hibari.....
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Posted 6/29/10 , edited 6/30/10
Personally, all the guardians besides Lambo are overrated.

At least the other 6 guardians are like strong in their own ways, but look at Lambo. He's probably only popular because of his 10/20 year version.

Overall, I like Hibari more than the other guardians. My second favorite guardian would have to be Yamamoto. Hibari has more class and his personality is just amusing to watch. As for Yamamoto, he has such a lively and outgoing personality.

I feel bad for the less non-major characters in the show. They need love too. <3 Xanxus.

But then again, everyone is entitled to their own likes and opinions.
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