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| A Name |
She could not remember much of her past, it was just a mumble to her. It was as if she was drifting in the world, like a leaf from a tree, or the simple breeze. She could not remember ever being truly alive, had she been dead this whole time?
Where was she? What world has she traveled to?

Who was she?

Gradually opening her eyes, she felt her body being carried somewhere, on top of someones back.

A quite gasp of air left her, as if being the first time, in a long time. She dropped her head against the persons back, quietly sobbing.

The feeling felt like a prick of a sword to her heart, and the tears wouldn’t stop running down her cheeks; they met her mouth and tasted of salt. She didn’t know why she was crying, she didn’t have a reason. She couldn’t remember a reason to. She would guess it would be the emptiness in her heart and soul that accompanied her.

Did she even have a heart beat?

There was a tinge of warmth in her pale cheeks as the voice of a male spoke to her, so softly, almost as if his effort alone was to cease her heart from crying. And it worked.

“Hey,” the voice was a polite whisper, “Don’t cry.”

Through still moistured eyes, she noticed the back of his head, male. His hair tall and spiky. An indigo color, the scent of him she breathed in, allowing him to drop her head against something soft under her head, she let her eyes roam curiously around the room, like a newborn, everything was so... otherworldly.

Her eyes caught the males piercing white eyes. And for once, she did not feel the emptiness anymore, it left her be for now.

Their eyes never lost contact, and it was as if they were sharing each others feelings... it was as if she knew him in a past life, yet this was the first time she had met him.

“What is your name?” His voice was full of youth and energy, and his smile reached his eyes in a way that warmed her up.

There was no response from the girl though, but she let her senses take everything in. The sights and sounds of her surroundings, the smell of everything.

And him. She let every flawless feature of him sleep in her mind, telling her it was okay to be here. Knowing that smile of his wasn’t fake, and that it was just for her.

“Do you... not have one?”

At this, she shook her head to answer him, somehow, she knew she would still be accepted by this stranger. He noticed her.

“Hmm. . .” He set his finger to his mouth, she didn’t know what to think of it. His every movement confused her. But at the same time memorized her.


She smiled, a weak smile, but a smile. Megame smiled for the first time. She could not take her eyes off of him, and neither could he off of hers.

The strange girl who had forgotten her past, had just been given a name. She didn’t know what was wrong with her speech, why she couldn’t talk, but one thing was for certain...

She would live on. She would live on with this new name, this new identity. All because she was finally noticed by someone.

Yet, she had a lack of knowledge of this new world, of everything, but she trusted this man to feed her that knowledge, to re-create her memories.

Who was she now? She was Megame.

| One Step At a Time |
She felt a lot of light-heartedness with him around her, she would take frequent naps while he watched her peaceful face for hours upon hours. He loved the moment when her eyes slowly begin to close, and she smiles ever so warmly at him, and he smiles back, and she sees him again, in her pleasant dreams.

It had been a whole week since she had come, and been introduced to his family. They were of royal blood and treated her fairly. It was the job of a King and Queen, to be gracious and care about their people.

Today, when she awakes in the morning, he’ll show her his world. His bountiful land, before the sun would set down and perpetual darkness would fall.

The morning sun was in rise, and Megame opened her eyes in seconds, turning her head to the sun in awe, she smiled at it, and just then, her own sun walked through the door.

“You are awake I see,” He was always so cheerful as he strode to her bedside, every morning, she remembered quite well. “Good morning, Megame. How did you sleep?” He asked her, she smiled at him with all her heart.

Whilst sitting up, her pretty black hair that went down to her back followed her every motion as she tried to climb out of bed.

“Easy does it,” He whispered to her, grabbing her hand gently and being her support, her feet touched the floor, and she stood there motionless for a few moments, by the look on her face, the Prince knew he’d done well.

“There are many more beautiful things for you to experience, Megame. I’ll be here to show you those beautiful things.” He squeezed her hand, and she squeezed back, touched by the Prince’s kind heart.

She took one step at a time, her right foot first, then her left, but she had gotten a little ahead of herself, and ended up loosing balance, gasping and falling into the Prince’s arms, she clung to him for safety, her head just under his chin, he set it there, suddenly embracing her with his arms as he always brought that blush to her cheeks.

In her mind, they stayed forever that way.

| Stronger |
During Prince Celio’s free time, he would take Megame to the library and help her study. He wondered if the English language was a bit too hard for her to grasp, but he knew she could understand things just like any other human. Just couldn’t voice her feelings into words... that made him sad.

He taught her simple words at first, and how to pronounce them. As she tried very hard, he couldn’t help but to look at her specially when her lips moved, but no sound came from her mouth.


He shook his head at her and touched her hand, “It’s alright, no need to rush it.”

She blushed like usual, and he was so glad that she still had her sense of touch, her sense of right. And their relationship was anything but wrong, he was like a teacher to his pupil. A special one.

“Let’s see,” he moved a couple feet away and reached up to grab a certain book from the large book case, “Maybe this would have the answers...” she looked at him for a while, looking through the pages and taking a seat, she followed curiously and watched him still.

It was a blue book, but the syllables in the front confused her a bit. Were they not of the English language anymore?

She blushed once more, the Prince was so intelligent

His every facial feature was in focus in the words of every page, and he looked so determined, like a hero helping a lowly peasant. She thought a lot more about him, and there was when he finally closed the book, resting his hands on it.


She looked at him expectantly, but she wondered if he was mocking her now.

Because he wouldn’t say anything.

And when she saw his mouth move, she panicked unknowingly.

Something inside of her screamed, as if a warning, she inwardly didn’t want to hear what was to be said next... so she hastily took hold of the book under his hands, leaving him in surprise, and opened a random page.

She directed the book to his view and pointed at a word,


It took him a couple of moments to get it, then he simply grinned, “Stronger, eh? You want to become stronger...?”

She nodded enthusiastically, and he ruffled the top of her hair playfully, leaving a funny look on her face. “I believe you will...Megame, I promise you this.”

| A Day With The Prince |
It was an impossible quest...

To not fall in love with the Prince so fast.

But one promise she would make sure to keep for him, was to become stronger.

No matter what cost.

Before the sun would set, he’d taken the girl named Megame around the outside of the Castle’s entirety, making sure to give Megame new memories, and she met a few new people, recorded the walks she took with the Prince, the shops they stopped by, the different experiences she was taught.

It was alright for her to smile back at friendly strangers, he taught her.

It was alright for her to wave back, he taught her.

It was alright for her to pet the stray cat, and pick it up.

Her face turned scarlet when the Prince kneeled down next to her, and pet the cat with her. He smiled at her, who was in a love daze over the kind Prince.

The wonderful day was becoming to an end, and the Prince and girl watched the orange sunset on a hill, hands interlocked.

He told her past stories of how once he was a young one, and loved to watch the sunset from his bedroom window. He would usually be too busy to leave most of the time.

“Ready to go back, Megame?”

The Prince’s soft voice resounded into her heart, and they walked back hand in hand, before perpetual darkness took over their souls.

Once back in the Princes’ castle, Megame was invited to dinner with the rest of his family. The Prince shared the day he experience with the girl, with nothing but a smile on his face the entire time.

It was safe to say, the feelings they shared were definitely mutual.

| Perpetual Night |
Megame was looking out of the window. She was scared. She didn’t know what to think.

Why, when the sun was gone, the skies were a blanket of dark purple and twinkling stars?

Since when did the beautiful memory of her new home turn into perpetual darkness? She was so confused.

...But a faint feeling surfaced in her gut, a familiar feeling those skies brought...

The Prince looked at her in a way to calm her down, “Megame, don’t worry me like that... all you need to do is smile, just smile for me.”

Megame tried to fall into the Princes’ soft request, but found herself unable to stop worrying.

She distinctly knew what was to come. Almost as if she always knew...

The Prince tied his arms around her on the bed, finally melting into his arms. But something felt wrong in his embrace.

And then there was a scream.

The prince instantly let go and looked out the window, “Megame, stay here please...! I’ll be right back...”

Her eyes were shot open, her heart beat dangerously, and her hand reaching for the disappearing Prince had been too late,

he was gone.

And words from her heart finally uttered,

“. . . Don’t. . . go. . .”
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