Idol Worshippers.
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So, I was on Allkpop, browsing some articles, then I come across something about CL's dad and how it told us what he was doing as a job besides being CL's dad. Then I scroll down to the comments and I see a whoooollle bunch of

"Wow! CL's dad is a really great dad!" or

"Man! CL's really lucky to have such a caring dad!" and

"I wish I had a nice dad like CL".

See, now it's great that she's got fans for her and her dad. But, in the article, it did not mention one time that he was there for her, or that he really cared for her, or anything pertaining to loving/caring/supporting CL. I mean, I know we can all assume he's a great dad, but the article was about how he was an author, an engineer or something, and something else. Didn't say anything else about his personality.


So I was wondering how do you guys feel about fans who love their idol a bit too much? There's nothing wrong with being a fan. But please, read the article first.
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I don't 2NE1 but her dad seem pretty nice but i again. I agree people are to wrapped up in they idols.
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Well, it depends if they cross a border line. My fried is really into Vanness Wu and she always talks about him, and gathers info about him :O. But she knows when to back off, when she gets really obsessed. But if it was like an idol that everyone worshiped, and everything out of his/her mouth was thought to be "cool" or w.e. Then I would be pretty annoyed.
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