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Ninja Students
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Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/27/10
Here is where you can create your ninja

Things you should know:

Chakra types:
There are 5 main chakra elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Lightning
Every Ninja has a type they are suited for some have even more then one
Your rank determines the amount of types you are allowed to have:
Academy Student: 0
Genin: 1
Chunnin: 2
Jonin and + : 3

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Genkai are special abilities tha ninja is born with
These are the Kekkai Genkai available to you:

Byakugan: Ability to see chakra points as well as 360 degree vision
Sharingan: Ability to anticipate opponents moves ( TO LIMITED EXTENT: NO GODMODDING BY AVOIDING EVER ATTACK)
Shikotsumyaku: Manipulate skeletal structure
Iron Sand: Magnet abilities

You are only allowed one Kekkei Genkai

Custom Kekkei Genkai have to be approved by a mod

Curse Seal

You may also choose to have a curse seal which increases your chakra power and physical power in combat
If you choose this option you will also have to give a picture of your second release form and they type of marking

WARNING: If you have a curse seal you can`t be a Jinchūriki

Finally you can choose to have one of the 9 Tailed Beasts to be sealed inside you
Note that only 9 people can pick this option and no village can have more the 2 tailed-beasts

Current Available ones can be found here

And with that here is the submission form

Chakra Type:
Background: (Something here please)
Additional Details: (Here is where you put your Kekkai Genkai ect.)
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