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Post Reply Once upon a time..
Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/21/10
Ichigo: -thinks- did he just.... kiss me...?

-The next day, when they're going to Paris-

Andoh: -pops out of nowhere- Are you okay, Ichigo?

Ichigo: I'm --

Kashino: Hey, Andoh. Where's Hanabusa?

-Ichigo turns her head, sees Kashino, blushes and look mad-

Andoh: He's at the kitchen doing something.

Kashino: Oh.. -stares at Ichigo- what?

Ichigo: Why did you do that last night?

Kashino: Do what?

Ichigo: -face as red as a tomato- You know what I'm talking about..! -thinks: the kiss, you devil!-

Kashino: You're so stupid that you don't even know what you're talking about. -sees Andoh staring at them- What? nothing happened.

Andoh: Oh, okay. . . .

-Ichigo gets so angry that she started arguing with Kashino- : Don't call me stupid! . :No you! .(& more)

-Hanabusa comes out of the kitchen with his lugguage-

Hanabusa: Don't yell at Ichigo, Kashino. She's a girl.

Kashino: But she started..!

Hanabusa: -totally ignores Kashino- don't get, milady.

Kashino and Andoh: My LADY?! -mad-

Ichigo: -blushes- uhh......

Hanabusa: -hands Ichigo a delicate chocolate shaped as a rose- this is for you -kisses on the cheek-

(Continue :D)
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Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/22/10
Ichigo: *looks at the chocolate rose and thinks of kashino* th-thanks!! *looks slightly at kashino and sees that he is jealous*

Andou: alright, everyone.. time to board the plane!

*they all say goodbye to everyone*

*andou and hanabusa sit together while kashino and ichigo sit together on the other side*

ichigo: uwaa.. i am so excited but why did we have to wake up so early...? im gonna collapse any second >_<

vanilla: stay awake ichigo! being high up in the air is always so exciting!

chocolat: how would you know that, vanilla? you are way too chubby to even fly a foot off the ground!

vanilla: GRR take that back choco-pig! *they start a fight and scurry off*

ichigo: *starts falling asleep*

kashino: amano, i am-

*ichigo falls sound asleep*
Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/22/10
-While Ichigo is sleeping, Vanilla and Chocolat starts to kick each other, until Vanilla gets mad-

Vanilla: Prepare for the Bruise kick...!

Chocolat: Bruise kick? -snickers- how hilarious. What? You think you're Bruce Lee now?

-Kashino stares at them with a face (-.-'') as they fight. When they fight, they start moving towards Hanabusa and Andoh's side.-

-Kashino looks at Ichigo when she's sleeping-

Kashino *thinks* : Wow.. she's cute when she's asleep.

-Kashino puts his face a bit closer to Ichigo's face-

(CONTINUE -- btw, i like the write stories, hehe ^^")

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F / America in realit...
Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/22/10
(Ichigo Dreaming)

*Ichigo wakes up in a red dress on bed of roses*

*turns and kashino is right infront of her*

Kashino: Good morning princess

Ichigo: Wh-where am I... Kashino???

Kashino: Come with me...

*Kashino Smiles and leads Ichigo to a waterfall made of chocolate*

Ichigo: Ka~kas~Kashino wha~?!?!?!??...

Kashino: I Love you....

Ichigo: I~i i i...

*Ichigo feels something shaking her*

Andou: Ichigo wake up... Ichigo.. were in Paris...
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Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/22/10
ichigo: *wakes up really fast so she is still in the dream* :O EEP WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!

hanabusa: Ichigo-chan, are you ok?! come on, lets get off this plane for now; maybe sitting down for so long as gotten to your head. *takes her hand*

Kashino: pffft.. lets just get off this thing.

andou: why do i get the feeling things are about to get interesting...
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F / America in realit...
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10
(at the apartment)

*ichigo half asleep*

Kashino: Why did I have to carry her all the way from the airport to the apartment?!?!?!?

Andou: Because I was carrying the luggage... and she was sleeping

Kashino: AND WHAT WAS HE DOING?!?!?!?

Hanabusa: Why would something as beautiful as me have to carry anything as heavy as luggage? and besides why would I do something when I could just have you do it????

*Kashino & Hanabusa Fight*

Andou: break it up... BREAK IT UPPP!!!!

(meanwhile in ichigo's mind)

Kashino: My princess, may i have this dance...

Ichigo: *smiles*

(back in reality)



(continues fighting)

Andou: guys... look at ichigo... what is she doing???

*all 3 look at ichigo "sleep dancing" and talking*
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10
Andoh: is she sleepwalking?

Hanabusa: *walks in front of her* Ichigo, wake up.

Ichigo: ....

Kashino: *getting really irritated* Amano!!! wake up!!! *shakes her*

Ichigo: *still in sleep mode* Kashino you're a horrible dancer, you're stepping on my feet.

Kashino: You idiot, i'm not dancing!

Andoh: Kashino calm down, she's sleeping get her to the couch that way she can at least lie down.

Kashino: Ok... *leads her to the couch*

Ichigo: The grass on the hill is so soft. *smiles*

Kashino: Well ummm... sweet dreams...

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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10
*ichigo sleeping on the couch*
andou: well we should go and start buying our supplies

hanabusa: ah yes i know some really beautiful places we could all go to..should we wake up ichigo so she can come along

kashino:dont bother its her loss well just write a note to her that we left and well be back in a while..*looks at ichigo*.. she should stay here knowing her if she goes out by herself shell probably get lost

andou: haha good idea

hanabusa: well then its settled shall we get going

*andou writing the note for ichigo*
*leaves it on the kitchen table*

kashino: ok lets go

vanilla: yay lets go!

chocolat: hey you need to stay here and keep an eye on her what if she sets this place on fire!!

vanilla:hey shes responsible besides we wont take that long and i wanna come too!!

andou: ok ok i guess you can come ichigo can take care of herself

kashino:ok now can we go now

hanabusa: ok everyone follow me

*1 hour later ichigo fully wakes up*

ichigo: (yawns) ahhhh that was a good nap* looks around* hanabusa???kashino??? vanilla?? helloooooo~???

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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10
ichigo: *opens phone* EEP i slept for so long!! where am i??

*walks around the apartment* hellllooooo?

*someone knocks on the door*

ichigo: EEP! *looks through the small looking hole on the door* P-Pardon?

Ricardo: Bonjour, Mademoiselle!

ichigo: s-sorry, i dont speak french very well!

Ricardo: do not fear, i am fluent in japanese! *flips hair xD*

ichigo: *opens door* eto.. hello!

ricardo: hello, amano ichigo-chan! i was sent here to greet you to St. Marie's world prix! are you alone?

Ichigo: um.. yes.. my teammates went to go get ingredients and things while i was asleep i think..

ricardo: oh, then shall we go buy a few things of our own?

ichigo: umm.. well..

[continueee :D]
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10
-before Ichigo even answered, Ricardo grabbed Ichigo by the arm-

Ricardo: Lets go, Ichigo-Chan

Ichigo: But what if--

-ricardo pulls ichigo and runs downstairs, and takes her to a big city full of shops and stores. He takes her to an ice-cream shop-

Ichigo: WAHH~! -sparkly eyes- i can eat one thousand of these!

Ricardo: Your strawberry is melting, Ichigo-chan. There are bits of strawberry ice cream on your chin.

Ichigo: Wha?

-Just as Ricardo gets a napkin and wipes her chin, he stares at her lips-

Ricardo: Your lips are like an angel, Ichigo-chan -winks-

Ichigo: Uhh, thanks.. -eyes like -.-''- (Ichigo thinks: what a weirdo)

-Ricardo's face goes close to ichigo, and Ichigo just stares without a brain. Just then, Kashino, Hanabusa, and Andou walks on the sidewalk and see Ricardo about to kiss Ichigo-

(continue :D)
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
Kashino: Ichigo! what are you doing? *runs over pulls her behind him*

Ichigo: Ka-ka shino where did you come from? >////<

Ricardo: How dare you interupt my day out with this wonderful young lady!

Andou: Who are u?

Ricardo: Shouldn't i be asking you that?

Ichigo: *blushing, still standing behind Kashino* Ummm Andou, Kashino, and Hanabusa this is Ricardo he was umm showing me around.

Ricardo: So i guess these are your irresponsible people who left you alone, I-chi-go- chan.

Hanabusa: We didn't leave her she was sleeping.

Ricardo: A lady must never be without her companion.

Hanabusa: How dare you insult me!

*rose petals and stars fly at each other...*

Kashino: *whispers to Ichigo* This is why you don't open the door to strangers.

Ichigo: Well, u see he (tells him what happened)

Kashino: *trying to show concern, but failing* so are you umm ok?
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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
ichigo: y-yes i'm fine.. thank you, rick- for the ice cream!

ricardo: no problem, ichigo-chan! *looks at his watch* sorry, but i need to go. *holds ichigo's chin and kisses her close to the mouth*


hanabusa and and kashino:

*ichigo blushes*

andou: ...come on everyone, lets go back to the apartment.

andou: alright, its time to cook dinner. what should we make?

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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
Kashino: Looks like we will have to put our competition on hold for now.

Hanabusa: Looks like it. That shameless playboy with no sense of style will go down.

Kashino: Hmph! I agree, that jerk must go down, we'll have an truce for now.

Andou: Uhh... guys, what are you two talking about? (two of them staring at him with death glares) Uhh...nevermind... dinners ready. (inner thought) Why do I have a feeling that something just took a turn for the worst.
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
Ichigo: Mhh. The ice cream was sooo yummy! So what are we going to have for dinner?

Kashino: You're having dinner? No way. You ate wayy too much. Especially for a girl.

Ichigo: -mad- what?! Just because I'm a girl I can't have dinner?!

Kashino: It's because you're not making the dinner. What? You get all the fun while we do the work?

Hanabusa: Kashino -rose petals as his background- Only girls yell at girls, sweetie.

Kashino: -mad- What are you trying to say?! I'm a girl?! And what's with that sweetie word added at the last sentence?!

Andoh: Kashino! Hanabusa! This is no time to argue! Lets go!

-Andoh starts walking, while Kashino and Hanabusa still stays and argues. Ichigo grabs them two by the wrist and walks them-

Kashino: -blushes- What are you doing?

Ichigo: Since you guys don't know how to walk, I'll walk you two dogs.

Kashino: DOGS? Are you calling me a dog?

Ichigo: Yes. You two bark like dogs.

Hanabusa: -giggles- nice one, Ichigo. Kashino is a dog after all.

Kashino: -glares- She called you a dog, too.

Hanabusa: Really?! Ichigo, Really?! -false tears fall out of his eyes- Don't tell me you are! -acting dramatic, and rose petals as his background-

Ichigo: -stares at him with a >.>'' face, and said quietly- Yeah.. I... um... I sorta did..

-Because Ichigo was focusing on Hanabusa, she accidently tripped a rock-

Ichigo: Owww...

Kashino: Oh my god! You're bleeding!

Ichigo: I'm fine..

Kashino: No you're not!

Hanabusa: How about carrying her, Kashino?

(Continue! :DD)
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23 / F / In a Secret Place
Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/23/10
Ichigo:*tries to run away but knee hurts*don't even think about it!

Kashino:You're hurt so you won't be able to walk.So either we leave you right here for 2 hours or-

Ichigo:*interrupts*2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* No!!!!!Oh fine u cn carry me.


Kashino:No let's go*carrying Ichigo like a princess*

Ichigo: ?

Hanabusa :*turns around to see Kashino about to kiss Ichigo* [screams] KASHINO!

Andoh:*Hanabusa's voice making him fly away*

Ichigo:*falls asleep*
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