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Post Reply Once upon a time..
Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/23/10
-Kashino's lips were very, very close to Ichigo, and then Ichigo wakes up by an alarmer, which was Hanabusa's trained-voice scream-

Ichigo: -opens eyes- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Kashino: (Face O.O and really red) Um.... -drops Ichigo on the floor with embarrassment- Nothing.

Ichigo: Owwww, Kashino! Why did you drop me?!

Kashino: You're so heavy, that I can't help myself -looks away-

Andoh: Can you walk like this?

Ichigo: -sniffs- my butt hurts.... because of KASHINO. -glares at Kashino-

Hanabusa: Why don't you carry her this time, Andoh? -stares at Kashino- you're no man at all. Trying to kiss sleeping beauty.

Ichigo: -red face- *thinks: he was trying to how come he's always kissing me?! he's such a mean guy... but at times... he's really nice to me... i don't get him at all*

Andoh: -sigh- fine, I'll carry you. -carries her also like a princess-

Kashino: Andoh! It's fine. I can carry again! I promise I won't.... do anything.

Ichigo: Umm... It's fine, Kashino. Andoh can carry me.

Kashino: -mad and jealous- WHAT?! I SAID IT WAS FINE. WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?! -steals Ichigo from Andoh- I CAN CARRY HER.

Ichigo: -red as a beet- I thought you said I was heavy.

Kashino: -blushes- Uhh -- um -- N-No! I never said that!

-Ichigo felt like going to sleeep again, so she tried to put her head on his chest, but instead, her head went swing in the air everytime Kashino took a footstep-

-Andoh unlocks their apartment door, and they go in. Kashino was still holding Ichigo-

-Andoh and Hanabusa looked to see how come Kashino won't let go. When they saw Ichigo hangin' dead, they couldn't hold their laughter-
Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/23/10
Ichigo: I think i'm going to be sick Kashino....

andoh: *inbetween spurts of laughter* please.... put .... ichigo.... on... her... bed.... first aid....

hanabusa: *runs off to get first aid kit*

Kashino: *ready to die, musters all his strength and places ichigo down, and then falls exhausted onto ichigo's bed nxt to her*

Ichigo: KASHINO!!!! >/////<

Kashino: *stares at her for a moment* What? i'm just resting. i just carried you and no offense you're not as light as a feather. *teasing*

Ichigo: You devil!!!! *kicks him off the bed*

Ichigo: Owwwiee!! *thinking to herself , i really shouldn't have kicked him now my foot hurts*
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Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/23/10
kashino: Oi, Ichigo you are so stupid and careless -__-

ichigo: Kashino, if my foot wasnt in a lot of pain, i'd so be-

kashino: *takes her foot and strokes it a bit* can you feel this?

ichigo: *blush* umm.. yes.. i can feel it...

kashino: *holds her knee and massages it* can you feel that?

ichigo: *her face is beet red* y-yes i can feel it a bit..

kashino: *wraps a huge white cloth around her knee*

Ichigo: wow, you're actually good at this...

kashino: well, my family DOES own a hospital... its only necessary that i learn things like this..

ichigo: thinking: oh yea.. his family doesnt support him being a patissier...


kashino: yes?

ichigo: *gives him a big smile* i support you!

Kashino: *slightly blushes* *is in an ":o" face*
Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/24/10
Kashino: T-Thanks.

Ichigo: -grins- of course! You're a good friend. Of course I support you!

Kashino: -angry and fire as his background- *thinks: she only thinks of me as a good friend?! ONLY a good friend?!*

Ichigo: -freaked out- Are y-you okay? -gulps-

Kashino: That's all what you see in me?!

Ichigo: -gives the ^_^ face- yep.

Kashino: -walks off all gloomy, and stops for a while, and looks at Ichigo. You only could see half of his face, and his eyes are covered with his blonde hair- Don't talk to me again...

-Ichigo gets confused, and Kashino goes in the restroom, ready to cover his face with his hands, and cry a bit, but when he opens the door, he sees Hanabusa singing and touching his long, smooth leg (like a girl's leg) in the bath tub-


Hanabusa: -screams from the bathtub- How dare you insult me! Isn't my perfect body the right body for anyone?

Kashino: I've had enough with today... -stares at Ichigo with angry eyes- You! Go to sleep.

Ichigo: Why?! You can't tell me what to do!

Kashino: -chuckles softly- *thinks: why?! it's because I don't want you to see me cry, you idiot..*

Andoh: -asks from the kitchen- What's wrong?

Ichigo: Kashino's acting weird.

Kashino: -blushes and angry- SHUT UP! YOU, SHUT UP!

Ichigo: -points at herself- Me?! -obviously, she was suprised that Kashino yelled at her like this for the first time-

Kashino: Whatever... -goes to the door, and closes it- I'm going to take a walk for a while..

Andoh: Wait! Kashino..!

(Continue :DD. BTW SORRY 4 MAKING IT SO LONG >~<" )

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Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/24/10
*door closes*
andou: i wonder whats gotten into him??

ichigo:ill go after him

andou:are you sure its getting pretty late outside maybe i should come also

ichigo:its ok i think hes mad at me so ill try to see whats bothering him so much

andou:okay... make sure you cell phone is on ok

ichigo: ok *goes after kashino*

*after an hour of searching ichigo takes a break at a park*

ichigo: whats gotten into kashino hes been acting all weird ever since since....*remember the kiss**blushes* wahhhhh whats gotten into ME?!
*ichigo sits down at a bench*

ichigo:this park sure is relaxing*looking around and sees kashino on the other side *
*starts walking his way*

ichigo:finally found you..*sits next to him*

kashino:*silent and keeps looking forward*

ichigo: im not sure why your mad but i dont want you to be mad because i dont want that to be the issue that we loose in the upcoming competition

kashino:*thinks about it**sighs* im not mad at you... its just... its me i dont know anymore


*rick interrupts* rick: ichigooo~! what a lovely day and what a lovely place to see you this must me fate


kashino:*glares at him*

rick:ichigo it seems that you are not comfortable here why dont we take a stroll *grabs her right hand*

kashino:*holds tightly to her left hand*

rick: oh whats this??

Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/24/10
Kashino: Lay off her. -still glaring-

Ichigo: -blushes- Kashino...

Ricardo: What? You want to fight?

Kashino: I'm not going to fight. At least not with a homo like you.

Ricardo: -mad- What did you say? -lets go of Ichigo's hand and pushes Kashino-

Kashino: That's right, you homosexual. -pushes Ricardo back and punches Ricardo on the face-

Ricardo: You..! -tries to punch Kashino on the face, but misses-

Ichigo: Stop it, you guys! Please! -goes between them, and puts her hand on Ricardo's face- Are you ok?

Kashino: -jealous and angry- WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ICHIGO?! -grabs her tightly by her hand-

Ichigo: What do you mean what I'm doing?! You punched him in the face! Why would you do that?!

Kashino: -blushes- well...uh... I...

(Continue :DD)
Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/24/10
Ichigo: well? i think i deserve an explanation.

ricardo: *ahem* i'm still on the ground...

Ichigo: Shhhh... you're not bleeding i need to hear this...

Kashino: Well i really *whispers the next part* like you.

Ichigo: Pardon? You want to bike me, kashino out of all the things you've said to me this

Ricardo: you want to mike her?

Kashino: Do you want another punch?

Ichigo: kashino!!!!

Kashino: Ichigo!!!!

Ichigo: you called me by my first name >////<

Kashino: ichigo i really really like
Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/24/10
Kashino:.. you..

Ichigo: Really?! That's make me so happy to hear it! -flashes a grin-

Kashino: *thinks: Does she get what i even mean?* (face like =.='') I mean --

Ichigo: You're a good friend, like I said in the earlier.. sometimes .

Kashino: Do you even know what I'm talking about?

Ichigo: Sur -- *Kashino puts his lips on Ichigo's lips*

Ricardo: (face like O.O! )

Ichigo: K-Kash-Kashino..? -face red-

-Just right when Kashino finished kissing Ichigo, Andoh came-

Andoh: What took you guys so long? Hanabusa and I already at dinner. You guys can get the leftover.

Ichigo: I-I'm fine.. I'm not hungry.

Kashino: -stops showing his true self, and shows his other self- Okay, then. Don't regret not eating -smirk-

Ichigo: -looks away and blushes- Whatever....

Andoh: Okay, lets go! *thinks: How come Ichigo is acting so differently? And how come Kashino is back to him old self.. (face like o.o) their moods switched... weird...*

-Andoh, Kashino, and Ichigo went back to their room in the apartment. Ricardo was still in shock and on the floor looking all bruised.-

-When they got back, Andoh went to sleep, Kashino ate the leftovers, Hanabusa taking a bath again(he can't stop caring about his perfection, of course), and Ichigo studying for the competition-

Kashino: Oi Ichigo. You sure you don't want some of the dinner?

Ichigo: -blushes a bit, still remembering the coincidence kiss- No.. I don't want any...

Kashino: Sure? You'd better not regret it. I'm about to finish it.

Ichigo: Hey... Kashino...

Kashino: What?

Ichigo: Why.. did you kiss me..?

Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/24/10
Kashino: *10 pound weight hits him, not really* you really don't get it....

Ichigo: What don't i get? *ichigo still in her oblivious mood*

Kashino: i really really like LIKE You.


Kashino: do you want me to repeat it? *not sure what to do*

Ichigo: >////< I got it.... can you umm go now...

Kashino: Ok....

Ichigo *thinking to herself* He really likes me, in that way... what am i going to do?

Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/24/10
Ichigo: *thinks* NO! I can't think about these stuff right now. I mean, I have to prepare for the competition.

-Ichigo stares at her cooking book- Ichigo: *thinks* UGH! I can't concentrate... i feel so happy.. why?*

Hanabusa: I'm finished~! *Hanabusa gets out of the restroom, but not with his clothes on. The towel was wrapped around his body*

Ichigo: -looks at Hanabusa, and gets shocked, and blushes, because she never seen a guy around her age do something like that- H-How come yu don't have your clothes on?!

Hanabusa: Why, do I look handsome? -flashes a big grin, and his teeth are sparkling-

Ichigo: uhhh -stares "O.O" at Hanabusa with the "model" posing picture, and Kashino walks by, and drop off some clothes on Hanabusa's head-

Kashino: Don't stand there naked! Especially when a girl's around! Put on some clothes, weirdo.

Hanabusa: Who's clothes are these? If their yours, then I'm not taking it because they're sure to be filth. If they're mine, make sure they're clean and shiny.

Ichigo: *thinks: What a drama king..*

Kashino: Just go! -pushes Hanabusa-

-Ichigo looks aroudn the room, and sees that there's only two beds-

Ichigo: Umm... Andoh! Here's the problem.. How are we suppose to sleep on two beds when there's four of us..?

Andoh: -yawns- huh..? Oh. that.

Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/24/10
Ichigo: So why can't we just pair up?

Hanabusa: You can't be serious, Ichigo. a lady must be treated with respect, not be forced to share a bed.... *keeps on talking*

Ichigo: Huh?

Andoh and Kashino: *slap their heads* she still doesn't get it....

Ichigo: I don't get it, but well since you guys seem to care so much, you decide. I'll just go look at my cooking book at study. bye! *goes to the kitchen*

Andoh: one of us could sleep on the couch....

Hanabusa: not me! it'll hurt my back, i must be on the peak of per

Kashino: ok so on and so forth u need to look beautiful....

Andoh: i'll sleep on the couch then that way we have two beds....... between three people...

Hanabusa: ok who get's what?
Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/24/10
Andoh: That means, Ichigo, you, Kashino, and you, Hanabusa are going to have to decide where to sleep. It's just for you three to decide and there's two beds.

Hanabusa: I'm sleeping alone, that's that. Sleeping with either Kashino or Ichigo won't give me enough space. Kashino will have to sleep with Ichigo.

Kashino: WHAT?! -blushes- I can't..! It's just.. IT'S JUST... I'M NOT READY FOR IT!

Andoh: Ready for what? -facial expression: o.o-

Hanabusa: Andoh, you don't get it, do you? It'll be like they're getting married. i thought you were brainy, but instead, it seems that you are clueless... At least about woman and man.

Andoh: -thinks: what is he even thinking about =.='' ?- Anyway, Kashino, if you don't want to sleep with Ichigo, do you want to sleep on the floor?

Hanabusa: You can always sleep in the bathtub as another option.

(Continue! What would be Kashino's choice?: Sleep with Ichigo, Sleep on the floor, or Sleep in the bathtub(LOL) ?

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Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/24/10
[ LOL omg you guys are making this interesting xD ]

Andou: Oh.. i get it...

Kashino: hmmm?

Andou: Kashino, how about I sleep with ichig-

kashino: *interrupts him and stands up* NO! YOU CANT.

hanabusa and andou:

Andou: then it's official, you are sleeping with ichigo!

Kashino: >_<''

[later in the night]

Andou: Ichigo, these are the sleeping arrangements *tells her who is sleeping with who*

Ichigo: o-oh ok.
Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/24/10
-When Hanabusa, and Andoh sleeps, Ichigo finds herself still reading-

Kashino: You should sleep. It's not good for your body if you don't have enough sleep for the competition that's coming up soon.

Ichigo: I can't... I have to know how to make this sweet..

Kashino: What is the sweet called?

Ichigo: Kiera Montek (i made it up ^.^")

Kashino: Oh that. It's easy. I'll teach you tomorrow morning, okay?

Ichigo: But --

Kashino: No buts, just go to sleep.

Ichigo: Fine.. -yawns- good night..

-About four hours later, Kashino starts to get a nightmare-

*In Kashino's dream*

Grim Reaper: Who would you chose to die... Ichigo, or your friends, Andoh and Hanabusa. I'll give you 30 seconds to chose.

Kashino: -scared- huh?

Grim Reaper: twenty seconds left You have to chose... if you don't... all of them will die. Now who'll you chose..?

Kashino: Why do I have to chose?

Grim Reaper: In this world, you have to sacrifice someone for the ones you love most..

Kashino: ten seconds left I don't know... -thinks about his past in St. Marie Academy-

(Who will Kashino chose to be with: His good friends: Andoh and Hanabusa, or his crush, Ichigo?)
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Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/24/10
*still in dream*

kashino: @[email protected]

kashino! kashino!

*kashino wakes up from dream*
kashino:wahhhhh*sits up and is face to face with ichigo*

ichigo: ah!!*moves back and falls from bed*are you ok? it seemed like you had a nightmare?...

kashino:ugh.. i guess i did *in his mind(what the heck was that dream all about?!*well ima go back to sleep * puts head down*

ichigo:*stares at kashino**goes to sleep also*


ichigo:*wakes up* huh? wheres kashino?*looks at the time* wahhhhhh i overslept?!
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