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Welcome to Joe's DIGIDEX, where i collect all info about digimon in my Digidex, all terms from the group will be explained, guides and rules for leveling up. Check here for info about this group.

Tamer Level Chart

Normal Tamer (Level 1) - Limit 3 Digimon
Bronze Tamer (Level 10) - Limit 6 Digimon
Silver Tamer (Level 17) - Limit 9 Digimon
Gold Tamer (Level 22) - Limit 12 Digimon
Platinum Tamer (Level 31) - Limit 15 Digimon

Digivolution Chart

In-Training (Level 1) - Limit 3 TECH
Rookie (Level 7) - Limit 6 TECH
Champion (Level 15) - Limit 9 TECH
Ultimate (Level 21) - Limit 12 TECH
Mega (Level 37) - Limit 15 TECH
Super Ultimate (Level 50) - Limit 20 TECH

Simple & Common Questions

1. Are people allowed to have multiple characters?
A: no, a limit of 1.

2. Are multiple people allowed to have the same digimon? like in the group, so many people are requesting to have Gigimon, Koromon etc...
A: In the series there's a lot of doubles, and to put a limit it would be troublesome to keep track, so i would say yes for now.

3. 2 people have a very powerful evil digimon, can both have it ?
A: Super Strong digimons, there's a limit of 1, so the first person who post will get it.

4. Is bio merging, fusion evolution gonna be allowed eventually?
A: Armor, hybird, fusion aren't allowed right now, until the group gets started.

5. What types of images can be uploaded as group payment or for EXP?
A: ONLY DIGIMON related photos will gain EXP.

Digimon that are limited to 1

Cupimon TAKEN


Tamer - humans who control and raise digimon
Digimon - monster who fight with abilities and which you raise as tamer.
EXP - is short for experience points.
TECH - is just another world for attacks.
BIT - is the money currency in the digital world.
DIGI FARM - this is where you store your digimon.
Digivolution - is when your digimon levels up and takes another form.
Items - where you store other objects in your digivice by degeneration into your digivice.
DigiWorld - where digimon are born and live.
Warp Digivolution - is a digivolution process where a Digimon can reach a higher level directly bypassing any intermittent phases. In our case a digimon can digivolve to one stage to any other, only if they have enough EXP to reach that level.
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