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23 / F / everywhere and no...
Posted 5/29/10 , edited 10/19/10

Make your own chara and transformation!


name- (added first and last name)
character pic- (in spoiler)
chara name-(if you want one)
chara pic-(in spoiler)
transformation name and pic- (in spoiler)

Don't steal ideas or use original names.

Posted 5/29/10 , edited 5/30/10

name- (added first and last name)Haruka Ketsueki

character pic- (in spoiler)

chara name-(if you want one) Yukari

chara pic-(in spoiler)

transformation name and pic- (in spoiler)Cryptic Demon

description- Haruka Is in her first year of junior high. She acts like a goody-two shoes but she's secretly evil and longs to be the Over ruler of the world. Her IQ is 197 and she is a blackbelt in 7 types of martial arts. Because of being one of the most popular girls in school she has lost sight of her true, evil self. She works alone and is a sadist.
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F / Always just out o...
Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/2/10
name- Ally Akatsuki
character pic-

chara name-Misuki
chara pic-

transformation name and pic-Moon Song

description- Ally has always wanted to fit in and express herself but she has never been able to. She's super smart so the teachers don't worry about her looking out the window all the time. She is a good computer hacker, pickpoket and lock picker... She is also kind of a book worm.
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21 / F / Somewhere ...
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/13/10
username: luz123anime

Katsumi Luz is a girl that was born in the US. But then move into Japan. She doesnt speak Japanese well and always wanted too. she is shy and not outgoing. always sittin alone. Luz always wanted to noe about japnese culture and wants to fit in like evryone else

thats wen Yuki was born. Yuki is very outgoing and very girly. That is the traits she lacks. But Luz doesnt like being girly so yuki and luz had a rough time at the start. Yuki speaks Japanese fluently and noes the culture and stuff.

Graceful Summoner Moves:
*Graceful Dance: Dances to heals people and purifies X-eggs
*Slashing Fans: Fans to slash stuff ;;like a boomarang;;
*Uses Staff*
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21 / F / The account PockyPop
Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/15/10
UserName: mikiamuletspade20
Name: Miku Higumiya
Character Pic:

Chara Name: Itsuku
Chara Pic:

Chara Transform: Cat of Midnight

Miku is very cute and outgoing but bad at running and speed. Itsuku was born from her desire to be fast like a cat. She is not popular at school but is also great at music.

Cat of Midnight Attacks:

*Oragami Cranes: She can form an oragami crane and send it at the enemy.
*Moonlite (Its not Moonlight as in the word I wanted the attack to be spelt like that) She can shine moonlight down to cleanse X Eggs.
*She also has the ability to run very fast and is very athletic during Character Change or Transform.
Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/27/10
name- okinawa izumi-chan
character pic-

chara name-ayako
chara pic-

transformation: midnight puppet master

description- the kind of popular girl who is sweet, cute and considerate.
but truly she is the kinds who likes to play with peoples minds and have it
her way and get bothered and annoyed quicky. though she is pretty strong
herself, she doesnt like to deal with it. her transformation of a puppet master
shows how she likes to have control over people instead of dealing it herself.

chara change: has a cute silver ribbon shaped pin with little diamonds, personality, abit aloof.
ability: no decreasing to stamina (doesnt get tired or doesnt loose energy)
and able to control atleast 10 objects and control someone for 10 mins

moonliight performance: where she controls over someone, something,
and is able to limit to controling over 759 things at once.

string cage: where invisible strong string that you cant cut or break imprisons
you and unable to move.

statiobilizan: able to hold herself with string so she doesnt fall in battle
and keeps standing even after being knocked down

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Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/19/10

Make your own chara and transformation!

username- rimachic
name- Kiku Ryota
character pic-
chara name-Ryuu
chara pic-
transformation name and pic-
description- nothing

Don't steal ideas or use original names.

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24 / F / somewhere you're...
Posted 12/29/10 , edited 12/30/10
Username- Chibi-san15

Name- Suki Himamoto

Character pic-

Chara name- Mimi
A sweet as can be person who is bright, loves helping and making people happy. She's often seen carrying a rabbit-like pet, which can time travel, though no one knows what animal it really is. Mimi adores it a lot.

Chara pic-

Transformation, name and pic-

Her Character Transformation makes her look 18.

Special Attacks:
Blade Charmer: A giant scythe, that if ever cut with, disables a person from having any movement whatsoever, depending on how deep a person was with it or how many times. Suki rarely uses this in any of her battles, but wishes to uses on Hayate LOL (read description).
Music Charmer: A flute, that produces a soft, sweet sound whenever Suki plays it. Suki often uses this when purifying X eggs.
Remedy Charm: A purple glow Suki forms in her hands, that once released, becomes millions of purple and white stars, that soothes a person's mind and body. Suki uses this often as well when purifying the X eggs.

Description- Sorry if it's long.
16 year old,Suki Himamoto is a kind-hearted, smart and talented girl. She plays the flute, violin, and piano with dreams of becoming a famous musician. She loves to draw a little and doesn't like people worrying about her too much, though she can't help relying on everyone to help her. She's clueless when it comes to love. She doesn't get mad very easily, but when she does it's usually at her classmate, Hayate Hasuka, a 16-year old boy who's quite known for being athletic, straight A student, and a playboy. Though it may not look it, Suki has a difficult time handling bad situations. It started at the age of 10 when, she, her parents and older brother got into a car accident killing both her parents, and losing her memory. She and her brother then moved in with their aunt and uncle in Tokyo. Her most precious possession she has is a charm bracelet that her parents gave to her when she was just 6 years old. Later on though she discovers just how precious it is...Her family, especially her brother, worry about her constantly, though she wishes they wouldn't. She'll feel like she's preventing them from living regularly. She just wants everyone to live happily like they should be and become stronger than she usually is. Her Guardian Character, Mimi, is then born from those feelings.
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F / below the rain
Posted 1/22/11 , edited 1/25/11
username- nikomitsuky
name- (added first and last name)- Mitsuky Shimizu
character pic- (in spoiler)-

chara name-(if you want one)- Ayumi Tanaka
chara pic-(in spoiler)-

transformation name and pic- (in spoiler)- Unique Blade-

Her special attacks=

Clever Notes = Mitsuky use her transparent Unique Blade to use so many movements, on this one her Blade change to a bright and charming yellow color that means she's using Clever Notes , which are highly potent musical notes! The power is able to control evils movements but if it's a strong opponent, it has to use more power. It's able to purify X eggs.

Charming Draw = Mitsuky's Unique Blade change to a bright and soft while color which use this special attack to prevent evil from moving and create a strong barrier where evil it's being defeated. She needs to use more power and magic to do this attack to strong opponents. It's able to purify X eggs.

Dark Dream = Mitsuky's Unique Blade change to a dark and creepy black color that means she's using Dark Dream which is a strong power to defeat evil. If evil looks deeply to Mitsuky's eyes, it will have an illusion where it's trapped in a dark room watching shadows and red and bright eyes everywhere until in one moment, saw Mitsuky with her head looking down with the Unique Blade in her hand. When evil stares at her deeply, she rise up her face looking and laughing creepy with black eyes at evil until it stops laughing and attacks evil with the Unique Blade until it's defeated or hurt to death. It purify X eggs.

Mystic Soul = Mitsuky's Unique Blade change to a bright and strong purple color which use this Ultimate Special Power to send highly waves of strong power to the enemy and while it's weak, it grabs it's body and use her soul to combine her soul's power to her Unique Blade and create a Huge laser beam coming from her soul and Mitsuky opens her hidden wings to gain extra power and defenses to defeat or purify evil's soul and to Huge Strong Enemies. It also purify X eggs even the stronger ones.

Description- Mitsuky Shimizu is a friendly, kind, and funny girl and she's 15 year's old. She is full of music and she loves to play the piano every moment of her life. She loves to write music and stories and loves to draw often too. She falls in love easily because where she lives, she always saw pretty boys. She lives alone with her dog because her mother died trying to save her from bad guys. Her mother died when she was 7 years old. When her mother died she found a dog naming him Sora. He protects her every time of her life. She lives with her aunt until she was 15 years old like now. Sometimes she plays the piano, she thinks about that horrible moment from her mother's death. She didn't let that memory to beat her in her own life and she got straight A in all her grades. She wants to be stronger for any case in her life. She has a best friend name's Yuki Nakashima who met her in a park when she was little. One day, Mitsuky said "I wish to become stronger" and the other day when she was making breakfast she saw a little black egg on her table. She touched it and it feels warm, until then Mitsuky tries to open it quickly with precaution but she wasn't able to open it and she took it in her hand and she press it too hard and it broke the egg. Ayumi was born and she spend her life with Mitsuky.*sorry it was too long*
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19 / F / Canada
Posted 1/23/11 , edited 1/24/11
Usename - SecretLetter

Name - Chisel Sokiyo

Character Picture -

Chara Name - Natsumi

Chara Pic -

Transformation Name and Picture - Innocence Charm

Special Items & Attacks:

Description - Chisel Sokiyo is a 15 year old girl, who is at an average height. Chisel is very friendly towards others, but can be a little annoying at times. Chisel can be very loud at times and she is quite out-spoken and hyper. Chisel cant play any instruments and finds it quite frustrating that she cant, but most of the time she pushes that aside, since she can sing, maybe not entirely well, but she can still sing. Chisel is almost always full of energy and is always up for any sort of game that involves lots of movement. Chisel lives with her grandmother, Ayuka Sokiyo. Chisel's parents are famous artists, in both painting and music. Chisel rarely sees her parents now adays, since they travel the world painting and playing music. One day, Chisel's grandmother fell very ill and Chisel desperately wanted to help her, but knowing she couldnt help her grandmother's sickness, she decided she wanted to be help by looking over the house the best she could. Chisel couldnt handle it on her own. Chisel had also always wanted to be more quiet and less hyoer-active and out-spoken, she wanted to be able to keep things to herself and be able to stay calm. And so with these frustrating feelings, Natsumi was born. She hatched a few days later when Chisel smashed a plate while doing the dishes in frustration.
( Yeah..Its long)
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19 / F / (The Cold) Finlan...
Posted 2/7/11 , edited 2/7/11
Username - Diamond_Lover

Name - Rin Momotaka

Character Picture -

Chara name - Ren
Even if Ren is an angel, he is really wild and get's easily mad. Ren loves sweets, flying and wants to always be really honest. He's half cat and half angel.
Chara pic -

Character Transformation's Name and Picture

Special Items & Attacks : D :

Momotaka Rin is 11-year old girl, who is really shy and quiet. She also tries to be really honest, but she lies almost all the time. Her family is not the best family you could ever get: her mom is in jail for 10 more years, her dad is a lawyer and she also has a 5-year old baby sister called Momo. Until the day Ren hatched, something horrifying happened: Momo broke her leg because the Rin's school's swing, and her dad also died. She was sent to a foster home where were living also 10 other kids. The day when Ren hatched, she promised that she will always be honest, and will always show her kindness. Two days later, she transformed into "Fullmoon Angel".

Pretty weird description, I know. :'D
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