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Bleach Fansubs

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Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10
And as I said before, I don't like the fact that Dattebayo leave so many terms in Japanese. Again, nobody's PERFECT for this, because there are a few cases where the official subtitles and even the official English manga do the same, and I hate it (leaving the names of the six Pain bodies in Japanese is stupid and hard to remember, and they officially left 'Tsuki no Me' intact, rather than translating it to 'Moon's eye').

At the same time, for some of the simpler terms, I do wish they'd leave them in Japanese. 'Konoha' and 'Kyuubi' are so much easier to say that 'Leaf Village' and 'Nine-Tailed Demon Fox'. It's almost like they've got it backwards at times- translate the simple stuff, and leave the complex stuff in Japanese.
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Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10
lol I was just about to say that konoha should be translated as that and not hidden leaf village. when it comes to attacks that sound like "super dooper ultra megatastic slice" then yeah the japanese translation would be better.
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Mahzes i'm not sure if you are a uptight posh priss or if you just work for ofcom.
where in the UK did u grow up? never heard of someone getting DECKED. u need to get in touch with the country you live in and learn some slang.

The majority of people that would watch subtitled animes (95% GIVE ot take another 4%) are not gonna be offended or even phased by the facted that people swearing in these animes. i assume that DB try to stay faithfully to the actually script and or manga which is pretty hardcore when it comes to swearing so i prefer it when they put "shit" instead of "damn", and some subber tone it done even more, which makes it seem more original and doesn't makes me cringe. ("Motherfucker" should be making a appearance according to the manga.) And if DB are just adding there own flair then good for them.

Either way the japanese are just less squeamish then the British, and i blame Mary Whitehouse for that. And as crude as this may be i'm glad shes dead but unfortunately the damage was done and we now have a overly zealous Office of Communication who have so many rules and regulations that noone from there can or will clarify them, (speaking from experience), and can't tell difference between a complaint from a viewer or a competitor. an example of incompetence is they once accused a tv channel of designing their shows to appeal to pedos. the show in question was a Kid dance compitition. my rant about ofcom will end here.

Translation are the main reason that most people don't like CR, i assume that having to pay probably comes second.

I've not seen any CR stuff recently but they try to translate everyting like eg nakama, japanese titles San,kun,chan, nii-sama, and one of the most annoying SAMA which is often translated in to LORD makes me cringe every time i see it, don't translate it make u seem like a amature whos being condescending to the people watching. don't know if CR do this any more but if they do they should stop.
And again largely the majority of people who watch animes who don't know what they mean will search it out.

As for translation of names and attacks, i personlly liked the way that DB did it however it is open to opinion.
Names like Konoha and words they are gonna have to use alot they should just stick to the japanese it's quick and easy and it makes listening to it alot easier.
Words like shinigami and zanpakutou which would turn in to death god and soul slayer would be really lame.
Having small notes every now and again about translations is a good thing, again, in my opinion.
but DB get 200k download a week so they must be doing something right.

And remember your not just waching it your listening, even if you can't understand it. So when you hear a word u recognize it can throw u when the word in the subs is different. Nakama is a prime example of this, its easy to recognize when it's said and when they change the meaning of the word it really throws you.

i would love for the DB staff to do the translation for CR but only on the condition that they where done on DB terms. let the translation be done by people who know how to do them, and doesn't make the viewer cringe.

it's probably why CR are having such a hard time getting a license for bleach.
they also seem to be pretty arrogant, they rejected DB offer of help and advice. i mean DB, the Kings and Queens or fansubbers, and they're not listening to any of the advice that they're offering, these guys stopped subbing naruto for them so they can make money they believe in a legal alternative so i don't get why they aren't on there knees asking for advice, DB shouldn't be going to them, CR should be crawling and begging DB for advice, and they don't even listen to the guys who do pay, Translations has been a problem for CR since the beginning and by now they should have sorted it out.

well this has been a long post

Thanks for reading assuming u got this far.

i got a queston for you guys.

how old is the average age of people who would actually watch anime subs?
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Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10
I personally like that a few of the moves and other things stay in Japanese, because a lot a moves that sound really cool in Japanese really suck in english, case at hand what Pain used to destroy Konoha: "Almighty Push" as to "Shinra Tensei" that to me sounds a lot cooler...
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10
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