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Posted 5/30/10 , edited 6/1/10
K so we're starting a monthly newsletter (Yayz!! Go check it out!!) and we want you guys to be a part of it!!!! Yayz!!! Member input!!So if you want to help comment with ideas for it! Here's what we got:
Contest announcements
Featured anime
Featured anime charecter
Fan writing pieces ( sorry no more than 900 charecters but you can submit chapters of a story)
Fan art
Shout outs

Fan art application form:
What is your piece called:
Did you use a computer:
If you did, What program:

Fan writing application Form:
Writing title:
What type of writing is it:

Shout out application form:
What do you want to say:

I can only feature 8 fan pieces and 12 shout outs at a time, so its first come first serve. After those, they will be featured in the next issues in order. Birthdays and important events (i.e. Graduation) are first priority shout outs. We are also looking for reporters to write articles on new animes( I.e. where to watch them, when they come out, what are they about, etc.). There are 5 open reporter spots.

Reporter Application form:
Do you promise to do your job:
What sites to you look for anime on:
Staff intro( for the meet the staff section):

Every reporter must submit at least one article a month. If you don't, you will be fired. They have to be 350 charecters at least.
This sample is 504 charecters long:

Likes: Music, anime,manga,My friends and family, animals, music, bubble tea, asian fasion,asian culture, asian food, most of the books I've read, cute things, big cities rainy days,sunny days, Facebook, roller coasters,rainy days and more. You can probably figure out the rest if you talk to me.

Dislikes: Haters,posers,racism, animal abuse, jerks,backstabbers, Justin beiber, Miley Cyrus, Jonas brothers, math,chain mail and a lot more, I don't like talking about what I don't like
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