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Collection of Poems : By Kokochii ♥

When im my feelings... -__-

❝Over You❞

It's over

don't come crawling back

I spent so much time on you

and you didn't even see how much I...

I think I loved you

But I said how I felt

now it's time to move on

maybe one day lady destiny will be on our side

and we'll see each other again

until then

I'll be trying to get over you


The heart can only hold so much

the memories

the pain

the happy times

the times you wanted back...

but you can only rewind

you can't go back

the pain

oh, the pain

it resides at the back of your head

the subconscious

even if you wish to not think about it

that memory will be there

the heart holds so much emotions

emotions that are hard to forget about

but time heals all..

right now

Im stuck at the bittersweet crossroads

I don't wait to cross them

but I know I need to

to move on

I just need to cross

be free


love wholeheartedly

but you left me with all these beautiful memories

why would I want to forget them?

why would you do this to me?


the heart aches trying to figure it out

but the heart also will come to understand

the heart is stubborn to understand sometimes

just remember

one day you'll be happy

and that happiness will be real this time ♥


[found this one somewhere in teh forums xD]

You are such an idiot,
you put the I to the d,
the i to the o,
the t to the shutthef*ckup,
Your gay,
Nobody likes you,
You're adopted!

o_o ......

❝The Color Pink

Oh, the color pink~
Oh, how I love you
You bring pink-ness to my world
And for that I just wanna hug you!

My eyes just fall in love with you
From the moment I saw you
I knew this was un-secure
For you are a color, and I a blur
A blur because I cannot be with you
And as much as I wish I can, you will
Still always love the color Blue

But maybe one day we can be
Like those people on TV
Happy and colorful~
Oh how I wish we could be~

The color pink,
Will you marry me?

*Next ones are POEMS i wrote in my class xD;
❝Happy~ A Mood Poem❞

I am happy

Not happy like a baby's


Not as happy as a house full

Of clowns

But I am happy

Happy like SpongeBob in the

Jelly fields [xD]

As happy as a grin playing

on my face

❝Meow~ Cinquain❞


Sneaky, cute, shy

On a roof paw-licking

Sleeping late on a roof


❝Crack Is Whack!~ Persona❞ ***FAVE***

I am a chicken,

I run around the farm yard,

Avoiding the dog,

I peck at the ground,

Hoping to catch a worm,

When I see my farmer,

I start to act a maniac,

Pecking at his face,

Because yesterday...

That bitch had the nerve to feed me crack!

..xDDDD My TEACHER read it to the class. LOLOLOL XD Boyyy was that a LOT of laughs xD

❝Dreams~ Tercet❞

The moon outside makes a glisten

Shining down on all of us

With its great aspiration

❝Go Away!~ Tyburn❞






Did I mention Gay?


Blood sucking monsters,

not Vampire,

Never stop until they get you


XDDD My teacher loved that one tooo XP


Like a feather lifts, floating on a breeze,

A pillow rolled behind my back,

Just right,

Windows cracked, a rustling of trees,

I spread my wings to dream of you


❝Moving On~❞

You can shed tears that he is gone,

or you can smile because he has lived,

you can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back,

or you can open your eyes and see all he's left,

your heart can be empty because you cant see him,

or you can be full of the love you shared,

you can turn your back on tomorrow because of yesterday,

you can remember him only that he is gone,

or you can cherish his memory and let it live on,

you can cry and close your mind,

be empty and turn your back...

or you can do what he'd want,


Open your eyes,



Go On

❝Just Forget~❞ *Class Fave :D*

Can you just forget?

just forget the day you saw him,

just forget how it felt when he looked your way,

just forget the day he walked up to you,

just forget how you memorized his walk,

just forget his name,

just forget his smile,

just forget the eyes that you fell in love with,

just forget the times you talked about anything,

just forget the jokes you two made,

just forget the way his embrace felt,

just forget how tall he really was compared to you,

just forget how all you saw was him,

just forget his entwined fingers between yours,

just forget his kiss on your cheek,

just forget how you couldn't stop smiling thinking of him,

just forget how you scribbled his name everywhere,

just forget how hard you fell for him,

just forget it was all a game,

just remember,

there's nothing left to say.


Going through the picture album,

thinking of all the times we shared,

all the experiences we had,

the events that transpired,

that we will never forget,

I turn to the next page,

I still see pictures of me and you,

colorful as could be,

we were happy back then,

this is all I have left to cherish of you,

I still don't understand how this came to be,

I hug the photo album tightly,

right next to my heart,

where it belongs,

a tear slips down my cheek,

I still can't see you



they made me happy,

they made me smile,

they kept me warm,

they made me think,

will this be all it ever could be?


The Spring breeze passes,

the sun becomes cold,

the leaves go on a journey,

the snow falls from oblivion,

I think of you again,

and remember our never ending dreams,

the snow is cold,

very cold,

but it sparkles,

it sparkles in the night.



I walk on thin ice,

my feet are always cold,

it feels as though the sun will never rise,

and in this ice land i will remain,

nothing keeps me comfort except this brain,

that only functions to help me remain sane,

my eyes are open, but i cannot see what's in front of me,

maybe if i had another chance...

another chance to see your face,

I could smile again.
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22 / F / o-o places =3
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I loved movin' on <3
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Gracias Senorita Kinnie C:
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Crak is Whack... XDDD
I'll read the rest later |D
I only read that one because it was pink and jumped out at meh |D
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LOL and Meow too |D
LOL the end of it... |D
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lol and Go Away
I love how you end all of them with some profanity |D
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Awww, Just Forget.
Very good!

LOL I ended up reading them all |D
I love them!
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/31/10
& yeah ''Pussy''
those are the rules for that type of Poem i wrote ~ XD
iforgot wat they were though.. LOL

Profanity ftw<3 my teach didnt even CARE i used it xD

Just Forget~ -sigh- =w= i wrote it wen i wasnt in the best of moods </3 but this chawsome poem came out of it ^-^
Gracias C :
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De nada (hawever you spell it =w=)
awww, was that coming from personal experience then?
"the eyes you fell in love with"
I seem to remember you saying something about SOMEONE'S eyes =w=
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/31/10
Ehhh xD; sort of -ishh.
not ALL of the lines were of HIM.

just forget his entwined fingers between yours,

never held hands wiff em owo
& i never scribbled his name everywhere...
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I THINK I know which one the scrawled name is......
A certain guy who was cute but left and claimed to forget you?

edit : oops, forgot to change the copied color back to mah normal one |D that's Mako's color, SILLY EMBIE
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These poems are beautiful!
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Thankiess ( :
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