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Concerning the various theological debates held in this forum-
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Why must all discussion about religion include the word God in its singular form? Shouldn't we consider the posibility of a pantheon of Gods, or must every discussion be about the Abrahamic conception of God?
I think it's due to some individuals' unrealistic expectation of perfection, that inspired them into making the entitlement claim of a single perfect being that rules all. In other words the Abrahamic conception of God is fundamentally self-serving and selfish, IMHO.

Are we still dealing in pseudo-psychological judgments, Dom?

It's a simple fact that the majority of people on this forum believe in a singular god or no god at all. Thus when we discuss theology, it usually centers on the Judeo-Christian deity.
More like I question their belief which seem to based on their concept of God. And what better place for me to start than Rene Descartes, with his "I think therefore I am"?

As a devoted Catholic, when Descartes came up with his proposition of skepticism, he however deliberately left out one single belief of his without a doubt; the concept of the existence of a perfect God through rationalization. Therefore subsequently his philosophical proposition of "Cogito ergo sum" was in actuality a circular statement in defense of creationism. And personally I have a problem with reactionary thinking based on self-preservation; its logic is full of self-contradiction and tends to reject reality.

well...yes, Descartes was famous for rejecting our concept of reality, but what does that have to do with the quesion of the belief of a god?

On Topic: (OP) Most people in this part of the world tend to only know about the major religions, which is why they can only critique the major religions. So Greek gods, Viking gods, African gods,ect. are not well known so they are generally not discussed. But if u know anything about them your welcome to start a thread, i'll be happy to learn more about gods of other cultures. peace over war
It means as an inspiration for creative problem solving, which I personally like to do for fun, the concept of a God that rejects reality is as fail as it is useless.
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The Christian god is most popular since the ''greatest" promise is offered by him.

If I was to be able to chose where to go in death, it would likely be Valhalla, even if I didn't die in battle.
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I do not buy into God or religion if I had a preference for Viking gods would be nice.

Viking Gods are too, I don't know, dreary and fatalistic. I prefer the Greek Gods, they were rather creative in their punishments and their love lives.

I always thought re-doing all the stories of Greek gods and heroes would make a GREAT soap opera.

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