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Anahi. 18. White World;crystal tokyo, japan.
candy. pink. kat-tun. akanishi jin. kitty. ribbons. bows. mangos. watermelon.
spiders. darkness. lies. rain. hospitals.

Riddikulus – A spell that makes an item or creature look totally silly. By directing this spell at a boggart, students were able to make the shape-shifting creature so goofy that they laughed it away (POA).

n y o r o n~ hope to make new friends at hogwarts [:
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name: akki (full name: Akkibai)
Lives: Lalaland
Loves: MUSIC, Guitar, electric guitar, drums, the microphone, SINGING, DANCING! <3 >O< , WOOT, rave, friends, laughing, talking, rain, the fresh aroma of rain lingering in the air just before the rain opens fire, animals, PANDAS, the color red, rainbows, DRAWING, writing music, reading writing, the freshest morning dew settling on the pastures, roller coasters, running, people that can laugh at themselves, considerate people, outgoing people ;D, boys, Michael Jackson, DAMON ALBARN, Gerard Way, Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Haley Williams,
Hates: Mean people who direct their anger at random strangers, people who are fake, people who do bad things for attention, Spiders, Bugs in general (except a few ;P), anoyying things/people, haters >:D, work, stench, braggers, heights (ironic since im gonna skydive one day :P), freaky things that pose an actuall threat towards me (i love some scary things though ;D), BEING ALONE.
spell: Expecto Patronum – A spell to counteract the severe draining effects of dementors, and usually mastered only by wizards of advanced skill. A Patronus is a shield-like concentration of energy that stands between the wizard and the dementor. It knocks out the dementor and protects the wizard. Harry uses one to save himself and his friends from the dementors in POA. It is shaped like a stag, the animal James Potter could become as an Animagus.

Yap das it! ;P peace! ^^
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