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Why I wished people from northern state would not look to government for hand out.
Posted 6/4/10 , edited 6/5/10

orangeflute wrote:

Tandokude wrote:

If you can't provide for a family, then yes, don't even think of breeding. Shut down your sexuality and suffocate your urges. Coop yourself up and despise the fulfillment you observe in other people. Blame yourself for all your own problems while cursing your fate. Slip into a terrible depression for many years. Slowly rot away and then die.

That's a rather bleak and cynical view of the subject.

Happens to some people. If someone gives it time, they might find more than the numbness at the bottom of a whiskey bottle that chased antidepressants down their throat.
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Posted 6/9/10 , edited 6/10/10

tarakelly wrote:

Is this the normal thing for you moving down here and your hand is out pride ethics honer people from New York city ,Michigan god maybe if have kids to feed them. Or temporary do to set backs unforeseen. Not well i just can not mange my money so give me more. Bring your back bone find your pride and leave your Government take care of me because mommy did back up there. If you think working 40 hour a week is all you can do go back home. you spend more then you bring in get a second job and make sure you don't breed if you can not provide.

I did not understand half of what you said.

Anyway, If the government did not tax people and give it to the poor.
Then there would be a great big gap between the rich and the poor, the economy would by split into millionaires and homeless.

Do you realize how much more money company owners would get If their businesses were not taxed ??
and the money goes back into businesses anyway, this helps the flow of cash and helps the economy

All the government is doing is taking money from the rich and putting down the hierarchy and letting it flow back to the top
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Posted 6/10/10 , edited 6/10/10
Look I am a libertarian ate hart. I do not agree with the progressive tax system all it does is dive jobs out this country. The best way would not to tax business at all it would bring back far more job to this country instead of chasing them out. I am a fare tax supporter; basically the government would send a check to offset the basic cost of living. Anything bought bran new would be tax some at 23 %. Many people do not understand good made here have a 20% imbed tax in goods made and sold here. All your doing is buying a demarcate party B.S. but the way I do not care for republicans much either. If this tax goes threw on chapter s1 companies many will shut down. I have worked for many of these in some case when times were lean the owners put a second mortgaged on their home just to make pay roll. Taxing people like this is will kill many small companies. I don‘t have much love for corporate America banking system if it can be pushed around by politics and activist. But most of that started with Fanny May, Freddy Mac. And activist like acorn. In order to do business they were forced to given home loan to people that would not even be consider for one. But coming down here without a job or the mindset that government will take care of you is silly. And the more people from up north will want more of the same that killed their own economies. I do not want to see that down here. It why were doing better than up north. If you came here to work great to loaf please leave. It is, pretty simple to me. Sorry if I am hard to understand brain damage as a kid one too many punches to the head. Used to be left handed now right mostly. By the way corporation America just passes on the tax to the consumer. My definition of most libertarian is less government more self responsibility, and pretty liberal on social issues. Now New Jersey has shot itself in the foot and companies are moving out. By the way you could give a Million dollars to a hundred so called poor and most would be broke in less than two years. Priorities are messed up for these people and will never get ahead. To me more you give government control over your own life they are in charge of you. There were time in my life I maxed out what I had to pay into social security in the first quarter but bill 3500 hour in a year being at work for 4000 hours and people think they should take it from me so they live of it that just sad. When I give it to what I think needs the money and it will get there.
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