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Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/12/10

tarakelly wrote:

In America the biggest war crime were in the civil war booth north and south murder prisoners of war. What the Japanese did was even more cruel if I am not mistaken Japan is not looked highly from that war. We never would have entered it but we did have the right to stop shipping to Japan do to their wars and breaking off League of Nations rules. Killing civilian in war time is normal back then and even now. We spend a great deal of money tying to take out just the enemy as of now. Taking whole groups out and slaughtering them well Japan has use beat hands down. Total war came from WW2 destroy everything. People talk about the A-bomb and, do not mention the firebombing which was far more viscous attack. Have the people changed enough to where the military cannot take over the government and can you protect yourselves. Weather you realized or not you still have plenty of bad blood around you personally I wish no harm to Japan. When I see the US A get painted for the possible actions of a few sailors, and you want to kick the whole fleet out it irritating. I sure there is more than this one issue, behind the scene on both side. The town around military base resent the military personnel yet they want the business from them.

I can say i don't personally have any aggression or anything towards the military personals in japan, since my dad was in it and i am a army brat but honestly it might be true that its normal to take out innocent people during a war but it doesn't make it right and i honestly think the whole attack on the us was really a stupid idea but honestly i don't think that either of the fire bombing or the a bomb is more horrible then the other. I mean the a bomb honestly still has affect on japan today because it might not have killed as many people but it sure did leave them with an enormous radiation and it still has affect on those who live in the area where they were drooped. I mean like i said i personally don't have a problem with having the bases its just the amount they wish to have on one island. we don't need like 6 bases on our island we already have like 3 i think and those take up a lot of space. and even if its few sailors that do the bad deed, its not that we blame all of them for it, i mean i experienced it for my self the what a few sailors think they could do while their not in their own country and if they had consequences for their actions then maybe some would not want them out, its just they do a lot of time get away with it. And its kinda like the matter of national sovereignty, states like to have their own rights and sometimes doesn't want the national government to get involved in their affairs i believe japan is feeling the same way they want to have the rights to run themselves just like any other country including the us. For me though i think its ok to have the bases but not too many of them i personally think i base would do since one base is pretty big.

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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/16/10
Well the simple answer to the simple OP should be obvious: Who wants a foreign country's troops based on their own soil like an army of occupation?
Who enjoys the idea that the servicemen and women of that country will not be held accountable to local law but instead again be protected by that occupation force.

I know I wouldn't like it. I'm pretty sure no red-blooded American would put up with the shoe being on the other foot for second.

That's the simple answer.

As to geopolitical and local political reasons why it might be in Japan's interest to remove or keep those bases. And weather 60 year old crimes against humanity or the interests of the Empire of the Day trump an individual nation's interest...

... I'll give it some thought and get back to you.

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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/17/10
It is so funny to here this base closing through the state put towns under same in foreign countries. The generation before mine welcomed use yet the kid’s hated use people my age some for some against. There always a group that feed offs the military and bitch about them being there. Being in the Army I had three choices if I reenlisted, with my MOS Job skills Germany, Korea, and White sands New Mexico. We worked hard and play hard so some of the troops got out of line after long period out in the field. If they fouled up off base enough to be arrested and locked up after civilian courts deal / military courts depending were. Guilty fort Leavenworth at best lose of pay grade and other stuff extra duty. This is when we had over thirty combat divisions in the world Army alone. Some duty station just sucked and you had to deal with it some did not. If you think the Germany attitude toward other has changed with this entire immigrant works they have now. If a Muslim pulls a stupid one there all hell will break out. One reason we still have troops there and I am still uneasy about Germany reunification as a whole, Kids now have very little understanding of WW11 and may repeat the mistakes of the past. It did not happen in my life time so I did not really feel it, happen did it? Mentality> i have seen this kind of thinking it scary to me. just a different look being on the other side of the fence.
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