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Hello there. I noticed that most of the writing posts are for Fanfics. So what about those who write original things with original characters. Well, post and I will read and review. You should give some of my work a read too. There's a link to it on my page.
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Oh please, feel free to do so! Please share!
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Uh, not to sound like a total idiot, but what if what we wrote is kinda long and I can only e-mail it?
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woot-for-sharpies wrote:

Uh, not to sound like a total idiot, but what if what we wrote is kinda long and I can only e-mail it?

my suggestion would should copy paste ie
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Well, it's a pretty long story (I've written over 150 pages and that's only the first five chapters), but I could link you the fanfic version of it, but I only have the 'original' (as in, MINE) version saved but I can only e-mail it however.
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However you want to do it, you're more than welcome to share
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Hello my name is Kagome Shudo. I'm 14 years old and am half way through my last year in junior high. I have two best friends, Kana and Ayame. They’re always there for me. I never realized how much I appreciated them until last year. Friday, September 7 of last year I lost my father in a car accident. He was on his way to work from his lunch break when another car ran a red light. He was the only one I had; my mother had died when I was 10. She became very ill and after a long time she just couldn’t get better. My father was left alone to raise me as a single parent. I can still remember the day of the accident perfectly. It was about 11:00 I believe...third period.

"So class if x=3 then what is the solution to the equation 2x+5-7?" Mrs.Higurashi asked the class. I let out a sigh blowing a piece of hair from my face. Math was not my favorite subject plus I wasn’t very good at it. I rested my cheek on my fist and gazed out the window losing myself in the soft rain outside. I stared across the street, watching the trees sway in the wind. Cherry blossoms floated from the branches landing in puddles on the ground. My eyes drifted to the wall that wrapped around the park on the other side of the road. A person sat on top of it with his back to the school. He looked about my age and I wondered why he wasn't in class. I stared at him thinking of reasons why he would sit in the rain. His hair was white and short. The rain made his hair shine and it clung to his neck. 'I wish I could see his face' I thought to myself. My eyes widened in shock and the hair on my arms stood up. The boy turned his head around and was staring right at me, as if he had heard what I said. His eyes were blank and cold like ice. I was in complete fear and amazement when a paper ball hit me in the back of the head. I turned around and saw Kana mouth ‘read it’. I opened the paper and it said, Can Aya and I come over today after school? I whispered back,
“Sure. As long as you bring snacks.” Just then a man walked into the room. Everyone turned their heads to look at him. He looked at me then said to the teacher,
"I need to speak to miss Shudo." I walked to the front of the class and we stepped out into the hall.
"Miss shudo...Your father has been in a terrible accident. Your being excused to go to the hospital to see him." He said.
"What!?! Is he ok?!" I yelled, a thousand thoughts running through my mind.
"Just follow me." he turned and began to walk away. Before I followed him I looked to the window for one last glimpse of the stranger on the wall. When I did he was nowhere to be seen, so I went to catch up to Mr.Rikotsu. As I trailed behind him my mind began to race with questions. Is my father ok, what happened, will he live? Amongst all these questions there was one that stuck in the back of my mind that I thought shouldn’t be there at the time...Who was that boy?
When we reached the hospital we went too the third floor…the intensive care unit. As I slowly walked towards the door of the intensive unit, I was struggling... I didn’t want to continue moving on... I didn’t want to believe.. my father.. he couldn't have been involved in an accident... he couldn't have. We walked into the waiting room and Mr.Rikotsu said, ”Wait here while I talk to the doctor.” I slumped into a chair and my eyes dropped to the floor. My father and I had had a fight this morning about my room being a mess. I had yelled so loud, with so much anger. I said so many things that I regret now…things my mother never would have said. I kept telling myself that he would be ok. That we would go home together and forget our fight. That we would sing along with the radio and play air guitar and laugh at the faces we made while we rocked out. As many times as I told myself that, I knew it would never be true.
“Miss Shudo, you can see him now. Just prepare yourself, his injuries are very bad. He can’t talk but he can hear you.” I nodded my head once then stood and walked into the room where my father layed. His body was broken and covered in bandages. The skin that was visible was black and blue. I didn’t recognize the man before me. My father was stronger than this, he wouldn’t let a little crash bring him down. I’d always though my dad was like super man, invincible and unbeatable. Looking at him like that finally made me realize that while he acted like a super being, he was only…human. He wasn’t invincible and he had feelings. When my mother passed he stayed strong, and while I cried day and night in his arms he just comforted me, never saying a word. Back then I never thought of how he was feeling or that he had lost someone special to him too. I just cried and cried staining his shirt with my tears not once thinking to offer him my shoulder to cry on.
I dropped my bag on the floor and knelt by his bed side.
“Dad...i’m here. Your not alone anymore.” I whispered to him. I sat in silence for a minute holding back tears.
“I’m sorry. I should have cleaned my room and I shouldn’t have yelled at you an- and I don’t hate you, I never could!” Everything I wanted to say to him just came out at once. I stared at him waiting for a response, even though I knew he couldn’t speak. I put my head down on the bed next to him.
“It’s ok.” My head popped up at the sound of his whisper.
“I was a mess when I was young too. Guess you got that from me.” He laughed gently.
“I love you dad.” I said.
“Love you too kitty.” He hadn’t called me kitty since I was 5. That’s when I couldn’t take it anymore. The tears flowed from my eyes like the rain outside. I grabbed the sleeve of his shirt my head on his bruised shoulder. Then he died. Lightning ripped through the sky and the thunder boomed like my father’s laugh. On that day, even the storm outside couldn’t compare to storm in my heart.

A hand rested on my shoulder but I didn’t turn to see who it belonged to.
“I’m very sorry for your loss. We have an escort waiting for you outside.” The sound of the doctor’s voice faded into the background. What was he asking me to do? Leave my father and return home to what, an empty home? His hand gently began to pull me away from the bed. I clung to my father’s body planning to stay there forever. The tears came heavier and the pain came like a thousand daggers in my heart.
“Can we have a few minutes alone?” a soft voice asked. The hand left my shoulder and footsteps lead to a silent room. Another hand rested on my head.
“MeMe…I’m sorry. We’re here for you and if you ever need any thing we’ll be there.” Ayame’s voice soothed my broken spirit. Quickly I turned around and grabbed her in a hug. She hugged me back and for once today I felt a little better. Not good enough to make the tears stop or the pain go away, but good enough to think that maybe it was possible to carry on without him.
“Kana’s waiting outside. She wanted to come in but she gets squeamish in hospitals. Let us walk you home.” Slowly I pulled away and nodded once. She helped me to my feet and walked to the door. I took one more look at my father’s scarred body then dragged myself to meet her. My tears clouded my vision and Aya’s arm went around my waist to support me. We walked out of the hospital into the pouring rain. Kana sat on a bench soaked to the bone staring blankly into space. I remembered the times my father and I would sit in the park beneath the cherry blossom trees, and the times we ran through the rain jumping from puddle to puddle. Kana walked over and stood at my other side.
“Let’s get you home.” She said. We walked down the road past shops, homes, parks, and schools. Though my head was down the whole time everything we passed sent a precious memory of him running through my mind. Each one like a movie that I never wanted to end, but each one did and my heart hurt a little more every time the credits rolled. Before I knew it I was home, lying alone in my bed. Kana and Aya left so I was alone again. I locked the door, crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep.
Monday morning-

(Beepbeepbeep) I opened my eyes, awakened by my alarm. A picture of my mom and dad sat by my bed.
“Morning guys.” I greeted as I slugged out of bed. Taking my time I dressed then sat down for a small breakfast. ‘What will the other kids think of me being an orphan?’ I wondered picking at my food. I couldn’t eat so I threw out the food then headed on my way to school. Today was a sunny day and it seemed like the beautiful pink petals of the trees glowed. The suns rays warmed my face as if my parents were smiling down on me, wishing me luck on my day at school. Today was the day we got our test scores and I couldn’t wait. I walked up the brick pathway and entered the doors. As I walked down the hallway I could hear the whispered remarks around me. ’look it’s the orphan girl’, ‘She all alone now. All she has are those two freak friends of hers’. All the rumors and laughs chipped away at what was left of my heart. I pretended I couldn’t hear them, keeping my head down to hide the tears. I walked up to the bulletin board to check my scores. I could feel all their eyes on my back, staring…taunting. I heard one boy whisper to his friend,” She’s kinda cute. She may be alone but I could take care of her.” They chuckled. His friend replied,” Go over there and work your magic then.” Suddenly a fist slammed against the wall above my head. Startled I looked to my right only to see the boy from the wall. He leaned over me in a protective position glaring at the two boys who had been laughing at me. The way he stared at them was like he was going to kill them if they took one step toward me. Finally I could get a better look at his face. His hair was silver and his eyes where blue like I had remembered. The only difference was the look in his eyes. No longer were they cold like ice but calm and gentle like a deep lake. His silver hair glistened like the full moon in a dark dreary sky. All together his features were a masterpiece against a porcelain canvas. A tear rolled down my cheek then fell off my chin. The two boys saw his face and ran down the hall like they’d seen a ghost.
He turned his head and faced me with a smile so beautiful my heart skipped a beat. I stared at him in amazement and my cheeks began to get hot. He lifted his finger and wiped a tear from my eye. Quickly, I turned away hiding rosy cheeks behind my hair.
“Th-thank you for helping me.” I whispered still avoiding eye contact.
“It was no problem, I’m always glad to help. I myself am alone, so I won’t stand for you being teased for something that is out of your control.” He laughed a small laugh that reminded me of my dad’s. I looked at him and smiled. “I’m sorry, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m Kagome Shudo, nice to meet you.” He bowed then said, ”The pleasure is all mine Miss.Shudo. My name is Hari Minagawa.” He raised then said, ”Please feel free to ask me for help whenever people are bothering you.” I smiled and nodded. “So are you new here, I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” We began to walk down the hallway. “Yes, I just moved here from…far away. After my parents died I became a nomad, so I’ve been traveling a lot.” A flicker of sadness flashed across his face, why? “You must have seen a lot then, with all your traveling I mean. I’ve never left the state let alone the country. Must be nice.” He smiled at me and we walked to class together. Even though people were still staring at us I couldn’t help but feel…good with Hari around. Suddenly it was a lot easier to smile and the hole in my heart stopped aching for once. I felt warm inside and it lasted all day. It felt good to know that I wasn’t alone anymore, that I had someone to talk to that could relate. I was happy again. That night I went home happy, but the feeling didn’t last. Being alone in an empty house brought the pain and sadness. So I had another night of tears.
The next morning I awoke and continued with my morning routine. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my bag. I walked out the door and was greeted by the sun shining bright. I turned to lock the door and when I turned back I was shocked to see Hari waiting at the front fence. He was staring into the sky watching the clouds pass. A slight breeze made his silver hair flow like the wind that blew it. He smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. I walked to meet him and said, ”Good morning Hari. What brings you here?” He extended his arm and I took it. We started down the street and he said, “I figured I should walk you to school incase someone else decided to mess with you.” My face fell a little. I had hoped it was for a better reason than that. “Well…” he added, “I also like talking to you. You’re nice and I’d like to learn more about you.” I smiled at him. “Thank you. I’d like to learn more about you too.” That’s what I call a perfect morning. He walked me to all of my classes, carried my books and opened every door for me. He’s an absolute gentlemen mom. I think you and dad would like him….just like I do. He’s even invited me to dinner tomorrow night. Don’t worry it’s not at his house, it’s at a fancy restaurant. I can’t wait…well good night.
I have to run, I have to run and save him! The road never ended and I knew I wouldn’t make it but I couldn’t stop running. I had to save him, or at least try.
“Ooow.” I moaned rubbing my head. I had fallen out of bed and hit my head on my dresser. I stood up and looked at my alarm clock. “8:30!!! I’m late for school, oh no!!” I scrambled around my room for my clothes then rushed to the kitchen for breakfast. I swallowed down a granola bar, crumbs flying everywhere. Quickly I grabbed my bag and flew out the door. I took one step and was falling towards the ground. My books scattered around the yard and I landed on something soft. Slowley I opened my eyes and found myself staring into Hari’s beautiful blue eyes. His arms were wrapped around me and I was laying on his chest. He had caught my fall and saved me from…a skinned knee?
“Oh! I’m so sorry, I should have been more careful of were I was going! Are you hurt?!?!” I rambled on as he stood lifting me in his arms. My words stopped when I saw the sun glint off his flawless smile. I could feel myself blushing and I wanted to hide my face, but I couldn’t look away. He stood there smiling at me, cradling me in his arms.
“Uhh…can...can you put me down...please.” I asked.
“Oh, uhm. Yes sorry.” He set me down on my feet and rubbed the back of his head nervously. His cheeks turned rosy and he looked to the ground.
“Oh no, your books are all over the place. Let me help you.” We walked around the yard gathering my books. I put them in my bag and we began down the road to school. We were at least an hour late now.
“Are you sure your ok?” He asked me.
“I’m fine, besides I landed on you remember?...Are you ok?” I asked.
“I’m fine if you are.” I smiled a little.
“You know,” He said, “We’ve already missed first period…let’s skip today.” My eyes widened in shock, I didn’t think Hari was the bad boy type.
“Um, I don’t-“ Before I could finish he grabbed my hand and was leading me away from school. I wanted to pull away, what would mom think of me running off skipping school with some boy. I wanted to protest and go to class, but…my hand fit so perfectly in his…and I couldn’t let go.

We walked down the street, hand in hand. I had no idea where we were going and for some strange reason, I didn’t care. I just followed him, staying by his side…not once did I think to stray away or leave him. I rested my head against his arm and the biggest smile spread across my face. Mom, what am I feeling? Is this…love? No, it can’t be! I’ve only known him a few days, how could it be…?
“We’re here.” He said, snapping me out of my thought. I looked around. We were in an alley, nothing was there but a ladder.
“Why are we here, and where exactly is here?” he let my hand go and walked to the ladder.
“This is where I come, when I want to think.” He began climbing the ladder.
“Ok, so why are we here?” I followed him up. He took my hand and helped me onto the roof.
“You seem like you’ve had a lot on your mind lately. I thought you’d like it here.” He took my hand again and led me around the corner. We walked to the edge of the other side and I gasped in aw. It was like nothing I had ever seen before; the whole city was visible from this place. It was like looking down on the world from heaven, a most beautiful sight. I was lost in the view until Hari stepped onto the ledge.
“What are you doing, your gonna fall!!” He walked the edge putting one foot in front of the other, arms stretched out on each side. I put my hand over my mouth, eyes wide with fear. He looked at me and laughed at my expression.
“Don’t worry. I have great balance and I’ve never fallen before.”
“There’s a first time for everything you know.” I heard a voice say behind me. Hari’s expression of joy turned to one of shock. A blur of color flew past me and grabbed Hari. He reached out his arm then fell over the edge taking the blur with him. I reached out my hand and screamed, “NOOOO!” Before I could get to him he disappeared over the wall. My heart began to race in my chest, I started to sweat. What do I do, what do I do! My mind was swarming with panic, fear, confusion. I could hear the blood running in my ears. Tears began to fill my eyes. I said out loud, “Mom, tell me what to do. Dad, help me please!” In the back of my mind I heard them say, ‘you can do it honey. Go after him kitty, go after him.’ Then, something in me just…snapped. I turned and ran full speed to the ladder. My tears clouded my vision but I continued to run forward. I went down the ladder two rungs at a time. My palms were sweating and my breathing was shallow. I tried to go faster, to do more rungs at once. To push myself to the maximum point of breaking. I did this but not without a price. I was going so fast, I lost my grip. I fell 10 feet to the cold, unforgiving pavement. A shock of pain coursed through my body as I hit the ground. I struggled to pull myself to my feet. My body was scratched and bruised but I pulled myself along. I ran the best I could through the narrow alley way. I still couldn’t see so I followed the light at the mouth of the path. I turned the corner and ran down the side walk. My foot caught a crack in the cement and I fell to the ground again. People around me stared, some offering to help me others watching in fear. One woman came to my side and tried to help me up. I pushed her away and continued to go. My arm began to ache so I looked to see why. I had landed on a shard of glass and it was embedded in my skin. Blood ran down my arm and dripped off my finger tips. I imagine I must have looked pretty bad now because people began to gasp in shock and yell for medics. My head started to spin and my body started to get weaker. My lungs burned, yearning for air. I put my hand to my mouth. A terrible cough came from my chest. I looked at my hand, stained red with blood. The taste of rusty steel entered my mouth. I was almost there, just a few more feet. I turned and leaned on the corner. There Hari stood laughing and talking with a woman that some what resembled…him. How was he alive and well, he had just fallen 40 feet? My head pounded and a painful cough spewed up more of the salty red liquid. ‘He’s okay…he’s oka-‘ I fell to the ground in agony.
“Kagome? KAGOME!” the last thing I saw was Hari running to me. My eyelids grew heavy but I tried to keep them open to see his face. He didn’t have a scratch on him. I knew he was ok now, so I gave up and went into the dark.

“I told you hanging around her was a bad idea. I knew something would happen.” A female voice said.
“Shut up! It’s your fault it happened in the first place. She never would have gotten hurt if you hadn’t shown up.” Hari’s voice sounded angry and worried.
“Wrong!” the voice shouted, “She never would have gotten hurt if YOU hadn’t shown up.” It was silent for a moment. My eyes slowly began to open. I tried to look around to see where I was, but everything was fuzzy. I looked up only to see Hari’s worried face. I was in his arms, yet again.
“What happened…? Where am I?” I struggled to make the words come out.
Hari looked puzzled. “You don’t remember? You fell ten feet then nearly killed yourself trying to-“I cut him off.
“No, I mean what happened to you? I know I fell ten feet and look at me…but you fell forty feet and…you didn’t get a scratch. How is that possible?” I looked at him, confused. He look at whoever was in the room with us then back at me. His expression was a mix of emotions. Anger, confusion, distress, indecision. I couldn’t understand what was going on or why he was having so much trouble telling me. The other person chuckled and said, “I warned you and you didn’t listen. You’re on your own now buddy.” I heard the click of heels and the sound of a door closing. We were alone now. I sat up on his lap and looked at him with a serious face.
“What is going on here? Why can’t you tell me how you did that, how you survived that fall?” He put his face in his hands and sighed. Still hiding his face he said, “I’m so sorry…I should have listened to what she told me before.”
“Listened to who, that woman? Who was she anyway and why was she yelling at you?” He lifted me off his lap then walked to the window. I pulled myself to the end of the bed and all my cuts and bruises ached. Just then I realized I was wearing a silk kimono. “How did I get in these clothes?” I whispered to myself. He answered my question, “She was gracious enough to change your clothes. The others were torn and dirty so.”
“I can’t take it anymore! Who is she and why won’t you answer any of my questions?!” My voice started to escalate. He sighed again.
“She is my sister. The one who fell off the roof with me, she was just joking around you didn’t have to panic.” I looked at him with complete shock.
“Is she mentally insane?! She just goes jumping off of roofs for fun?!” I couldn’t understand what was with this girl. “How could you not expect me to panic when you fell from a forty foot tall building?!” His hands were clutched into fists at his side.
“I can’t tell you...” he said with his head down. I stood and began marching towards him. “What do you mean you can’t te-,“ My leg gave out beneath me. Hari turned around quickly and caught my fall. This was becoming a regular thing. I looked up at his face and gasped in horror. I shrieked then pushed myself away from him, landing on the floor with a thump. I slid myself away from him until my back hit the bed. The perfect face I had come to love had changed, to a terrifying nightmare. His blue eyes were now blood red with black scars under them. His angelic smile was pulled into a snarl flaunting sharp white teeth. The silver crown upon his head slowly faded to the darkest black. His nails grew long and sharp, like daggers waiting to rip through my flesh. His body grew larger and larger. His muscles bulged ripping his shirt. The veins stuck out under his skin, his blood running hot through them.
“THIS!” he pointed to his face. I cringed at his now gravely voice. “THIS IS WHY I COULDN’T TELL YOU!” he shouted. I turned my face away and snapped my eyes shut. The tears broke through my lashes and streamed down my face as I sat there quaking with fear.
“LOOK AT ME…LOOK AT ME!!” I held my position, to afraid to look at him.
He stepped back then fell to his knees. “I’m…I’m a monster.” The sound of sobbing broke the silence between us. What was I doing? I was experiencing my worst fear, hurting someone I loved. The hideous monster in front of me struck fear into my very core, but inside he was still human…he was still Hari. I opened my eyes and stared at him. The day the kids at school rejected me he was there. He stood up for me and stayed by my side. He comforted me in my time of need. Now it was my turn to comfort him. Slowly, I made my way crawling across the distance between us. I reached my hand to him and laid it on his shoulder. The touch of my hand frightened him and he jumped back. Something about him changed from the monster two minutes ago. He wasn’t scared or worried anymore, now he was just mad. A loud roar came from his chest and the door behind me flew open. The women from earlier, his sister burst into the room. She ran behind him and tried to hold him back. Now he was using all his force trying to come at me.
“Get out of here…RUN!” his sister ordered. I scrambled to my feet then made a mad dash for the door. Once in the hallway I stopped and looked back through the door way.
“Why is he doing this?!” I asked the tears flowing more now than ever.
“He can’t control it now go, hurry!” Hari threw his sister across the room then charged for me. Before he could reach the door a huge beast rose from behind him and tackled him to the ground. I ran sobbing down the hallway and out the door. Just then I realized where I was. I was inside of the building that Hari had fallen off of. I turned and rushed down the side walk. Did that really just happen or was it a dream? No, I had see and been through enough to know what a dream was. This was not a dream, but that was how it seemed. The street in front of me stretched on for what seemed like forever, and no matter how fast or long I ran I wasn’t getting any closer to home. Eventually I gave up and slowed to a walk. I looked around and found the reason why home was so far away. I was in such a rush to escape Hari that I had run the opposite direction of my house. I ran for so long that I went almost completely around the town. A few more minutes and I would be home, three hours later. I continued to walk down the sidewalk. I couldn’t get him off of my mind. When I looked up I saw the tall brick wall by my side. The memory of the first day I saw him on this wall came rushing back. Back then he looked so angry and mean, but now I realize he was just lonely. The best I could I tried to climb the wall. My foot slid off of the solid bricks and my nails dug into the cement that held them together. I was never good at climbing thing, why should I start now? I rested my back against the wall and stared up at the sky. I slid down and sat at the base on the ground.
The sky was a swirl of pink, purple, and orange. The clouds circled like someone took a whisk and beat them like eggs. The colors blended so beautifully that it would make you cry and darn near break your heart. That is if it wasn’t already broken, and since I had been crying all day I looked to the ground to stop myself. I stared at the ground for along time. I didn’t think, I didn’t do anything. I just sat and stared, until a pair of stilettos came into my view. I looked up to see Hari’s sister. Her hair was long and pink. It was drawn back into a pony tail tied with a black ribbon. Her eyes were a bright yellow; they glowed like the stars in the darkening sky. She jumped over me onto the wall. She extended her hand to me. I stood and looked at it for a minute. There were no razor sharp claws and no visible veins, it was safe. I took her hand and she hoisted me on top of the wall. She smiled at me and I said, “How did you find me here?” She looked down then said, “I uh…I followed your scent.” I could tell my expression was shocked because she laughed.
“It’s a demon thing.” She said. I looked at her even more shocked.
“D-demon?” Her expression was puzzled. She smacked herself in the head.
“Oh right, he never told you about that.” I shook my head.
“That would explain a lot though.” I looked down and began swinging my legs back and fourth. “So…can you tell me?”
Now she looked surprised.
“You’re the first person who’s asked that. Usually they just run away and never come back.” “Hari and I are demons. We become huge monsters when under a lot of stress, like you saw.”
“Why didn’t he want to tell me?” I asked hurt.
“He was scared. He thought you would leave him, or hate him for being a monster.”
I looked at her. “Does he really think I’m that shallow? I care about him! I would never leave him no matter what he looks like! I like him for who he is!” I paused. Who he was…could I really be friends with a monster? Yes, I could. Mom and dad always told me not to judge…but did this situation count? The sun had set and the city was quiet.
“I have to get home.” I said. I jumped from the wall and began down the road.
“Hey!” she yelled. I turned around to look at her.
“Please, don’t leave him. He can’t take being alone anymore.” I nodded once then went on my way home. Tomorrow was Saturday so I could sleep in as long as I wanted to. When I got home I opened the door and walked into the kitchen. I sat at the table a rested my head for a while. I couldn’t decide what to do. My heart was telling me to walk out now and go comfort him, but my mind said go to bed. Go to bed and forget about him, forever. How could I forget him, he was so unique and kind. I listed off reasons why I couldn’t forget him in my mind, one after another. At the end of the list was the one reason stopping me from listening to my common sense, I was in love with him. I lifted my head and looked at the clock on the wall. I couldn’t go looking for him now it was 10:00 at night. I stood up and walked to my room. Before I could go in I was stopped dead in my tracks. A small envelope was taped to my door. My name was written on the front in a beautiful calligraphy. The ink was silver. I took it off my door and walked into my room. I flopped down on my bed and stared at it for a moment. On the back was a seal with two letters on it, HM. I used my nail to open the back and pull out the letter. The paper was covered in black calligraphy, it read:

Thank you for the wonderful time we spent together.
I am sorry for the things you have seen and for what
I am doing now. I regret that you found out in the
way you did and I’m truly sorry for never telling you
myself. I’m sorry for interfering in your life…but I
am not sorry that I met you. My heart is yours.
Hari Minagawa
He was leaving. I couldn’t let him go, I had to find him. Quickly I changed my clothes to some jeans, an old t-shirt, and a hoodie. I ran out of the house as fast as I could, down the road to the building where I’d seen him last. It was so dark I couldn’t even see my feet hitting the pavement. I ran for about an hour then stopped. It would take me all night to reach him at this rate. I looked around for a short cut of some sort. A small path way between some buildings led to the other side of town. I ran to it then turned the corner. It was darker here than in the street. I extended my arms in front of me to avoid hitting anything, and then walked forward. I shuffled my feet on the ground pushing garbage out of my path. As I walked forward my hands hit something. I thought it was a wall but as I felt it I realized it was soft and somewhat squishy. I began to back away. I was blinded by a light that was shined in my eyes, a flashlight. The light moved from my eyes to the ground.
“Kagome?” My eyes widened. Hari’s voice asked, “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”
I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug ever. “I don’t want you to leave, I don’t care if you’re a monster or not! I love you for who you are.” I said. He dropped the light and hugged me back. He started to chuckle. I looked up at him to see why. His silver hair hung in front of his eyes. His hug got tighter and tighter.
“Hari, your hu-hurting me.” I said, struggling to move. It was becoming harder to breath. Then a voice called from behind me, “Let her go!” My heart skipped a beat and then race at the speed of light. The person who had called was…Hari. If Hari was behind me then who had me in a death grip? I looked up again. The man looked me in the eyes and I nearly fainted. His face was an exact replica of Hari’s except for his burning red eyes and a small scar above his left eyebrow. I struggled to get away but he held onto me like his life depended on it.
“You’ll never get her back, she’s mine!” The man said. I heard Hari step closer and the man jerked back. Hari said, “Just let her go. She didn’t do anything; it’s between you and me.” The man shifted his body so I could see Hari.
“Take a good look at your boyfriend,” he said, “Cause your never gonna see him again.” Hari began to walk towards us with his hands up in front of him. The man’s nail dug into my cheek and slowly moved down to my chin. Blood began to run down my face.
“Come any closer and I’ll really scar your girl for life.” He laughed and Hari backed away. The man dragged me towards the wall. He wrapped one arm around my waist and placed the flat of his other hand on the bricks.
“Hold on tight, we’re going for a little ride.” He smiled at me then pushed himself off the wall. Still holding me he began to bounce from wall to wall, each time gaining more distance from the ground. I looked down and saw Hari standing there, just watching us leave. Then he disappeared out of my view as we landed on the roof of a building. He ran, jumping from building to building carrying me on his side. The whole time I never said a word, I just kept wondering why Hari didn’t come after us.
The motion of him running felt like I was flying. We were up so high it felt like I could reach out and grab one of the stars. The windows on the skyscrapers went by, each one like a mirror showing me my fate. A life away from Hari, with a strange evil look alike. Suddenly our reflection was a blur. My stomach dropped and I realized we were falling. I looked down and saw the dark pavement flying towards us. I let out a shriek of terror then closed my eyes, waiting for the Splat of our bodies on the ground. Instead I heard a gentle thud then silence. I didn’t hear the light pitter patter of feet on the ground, in fact I didn’t feel the wind in my face anymore either. Slowly I opened my left eye, to my surprise the buildings around us were at a stand still. We weren’t moving anymore. I let out a sigh of relief. I shifted my weight and placed my feet on the ground.
“Can you let me go now?” I asked the man. His grip around my waist tightened, pulling me closer to his body.
“Nah, I’m having to much fun.” He said with a smirk. He began to walk forward dragging me at his side. I struggled to keep from walking forward but he was to strong and barley noticed my resistance. Ahead of us was nothing but darkness and I was completely blind. How could he see? We could be walking straight for a wall and I would have no idea.
“Who are you anyway?” I asked.
“The names Red.”
“Well Red, would you mind telling me where we’re going?” I asked. There was no answer. Instinctively I stuck my hands out in front of me to avoid any skin scraping bricks.
“Put your hands down, your not gonna hit anything.” I could sense the annoyance in his voice so I dropped my hands to my side. We walked farther into the dark and I began to get nervous. I fidgeted with my hair and the strings hanging from my hoodie.
“Sit still would ya!” He snapped. I bent my elbow then dropped my arm with a little force. My bone hit his stomach and he shouted, “Ow! Watch where you’re swingin’ those toothpicks of yours!” I turned my head and glared at what I hoped was his face (it was to dark to see).
“Toothpicks?” I repeated with a slight attitude.
“Yeah,” he said, “Those things you call arms.”
I gasped in shock then went in for another swing. Before my arm could reach him a hand caught my wrist. I pulled my hand away immediately. The hand that had stopped me didn’t belong to Red. This hand was much colder. As soon as it came in contact with my skin the hairs on my arm stood up. My hand became numb and I could tell its owner was no good. All of this happened within two seconds, those were the scariest seconds of my life. I tried to back away but reds body blocked my path. My eyes searched the dark in front of me, looking for a pair of eyes staring at me. I felt like I was in a horror movie, and I was the girl who gets eaten by the monster. Red began to push me forward. I dug my heels in the ground to hold my place, but slowly I slid forward. Suddenly a light flickered on in front of us. It hung above a black wood door, framed with steel. My heart pounded with fear, screaming at me, “Run away! Turn back!” I wanted to but couldn’t. Even if I was able to run, where would I go? I couldn’t leap from 10 story buildings and I couldn’t see in the dark.
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