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Posted 5/31/10 , edited 6/1/10
What i wanna say to them is this:
I hate u so much! If u hate a particular group so much, u dun have to spread it all over the internet or even the world! You have no idea how much people u are hurting out there! If u dont like them, please leave them alone! Jessica from SNSD said how sad she was when she found out there was so many antis. You hurt her feelings

SNSD Taeyeon said her mum was sad because alot of people say Taeyeon had plastic surgery. We're not sure. It can be her growing up (most probably) and losing her fat! You do know u can lose weight right? =_= SNSD even made an official apology. It is really hard to do so, especially if u are a celebrity! The important thing is that they said sorry and i think u should forgive them. They want a brand new start and u shouldnt edit the snsd pictures to make them look ugly. That's just really mean! I'm warning you

I admire SNSD for their natural ability to sing, dance and act! If you cant accept that, then thats ur problem and besides, they are just doing their jobs.. entertaining people...
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Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/6/11
Snsd is the best forever ......
The antis is just stupid people don't know what to do ....
They just hurt people feeling .......
Huh the antis takes snsd members pictures and try to let them looks ugly but my 9 sweet angels still beautiful .......
They're 9 angels
9 cute dolls
9 sexy women
9 friendly persons
9 funny friend
9 have a good heart
They r the real meaning of sweet persons
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